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... should go to the Museum and look at the series of horses. I said, 'But professor, they are not a family tree; they are just a collection of sizes.' He said, 'I forgot that.' (14) Is it deception or is it blindness that fosters the perpetuation of this scheme? Why can its adherents not recognize that they cannot offer a single shred of observational evidence in its defense? To the contrary, there is ample evidence to refute it. And in any discipline not hamstrung by uniformitarianism, such myths would have been laid to rest decades ago. Grasse implies that it is perhaps both deception and blindness: Through the use and abuse of hidden postulates, of bold, often ill-founded extrapolations, a pseudoscience has been created. It is taking root in the very heart of biology and is leading astray many biochemists and biologists, who sincerely believe that the accuracy of fundamental concepts has been demonstrated, which is not the case... (15) The explanatory doctrines of biological evolution [natural selection do not ...
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... to the general public. After all, young Darwin was no stranger to cataclysms. Reflecting on America's geology he wondered: 'What, then, has exterminated so many species and whole genera? The mind at first is irresistibly hurried into the belief of some great catastrophe; but thus to destroy animals, both large and small, in Southern Patagonia, in Brazil, on the Cordillera of Peru, in North America up to Bering's Straits, we must shake the entire framework of the globe' [9. All in all, uniformitarianism had not started its strangling grip on science which, in the end, managed to eliminate serious research for one and a half centuries (c.1830- 1980). Boulanger saw no difficulty whatsoever in identifying the roots of apocalyptic thought because he had no doubt about the veracity of past cataclysms like the Deluge: '" What, you believe in the deluge?" today is yelled by some crowd; and this crowd is pretty numerous. The eye of an investigator of nature has discovered the undeniable monuments of these ancient changes ...
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183. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... this book claims that biblical and other records describe catastrophic interplanetary collisions that have occurred within historical times (thus making comparison with Velikovsky inevitable), it must be emphasised that these authors differ radically from Velikovsky in their orientation, in their scope of inquiry, and in their conclusions. Unlike Velikovsky, they tend to rely solely on the Bible, and to exclude other historical sources (which they consider "inferior"); also, they frequently introduce religious and political viewpoints into what should be a more neutral inquiry. They oppose uniformitarianism because they see it as leading to statism, high taxes, loose marital bonds, rationalism, atheism, socialism, and communism. They are attracted to catastrophism because they see it as favouring providence, creationism, freedom, marital bonds, private enterprise, and nationalism. Their sort of catastrophism seems to be inseparable from their Christian (Baptist) orientation: "We advocate understanding catastrophism with deux (sic) ex machina. In fact we observe design in catastrophism.... Design suggests a designer. This magnificence of ...
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184. Mars in Upheaval [Aeon Journal $]
... their extreme youth, compared to the rest of the planet's surface. Over an area of almost 1 million square kilometers no fresh craters are visible. Whether craters are being buried or eroded, high obliteration rates must be operating." (46) The southern hemisphere appears to have experienced plenty of erosion. In order for a dust storm to obscure an entire planet's surface, winds must blow over that entire surface. Powerful winds blowing everywhere, but eroding selectively only where uniformitarian theory claims, is not good science or even logical uniformitarianism. To unravel this Gordian Knot, evidence must be cast aside and sophistry substituted. On Mars' surface are also observed what can only be described as the dried up beds of river systems. Interestingly, in some of these channels sandbars still exist. These "sandbars are found in the smaller (and narrower) flow channels, as is commonly found in (desert) arroyos on the earth." (47) According to Carr and Gary D. Clow-- The networks are open, the individual drainage basins ...
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185. Thoth Vol. II, No. 9 May 31, 1998 [Thoth Website]
... works on arc welding you find it is more an art than a science. Once again, the phenomenology of plasma arc scarring must be undertaken in the lab, not sitting in front of a computer fiddling with some unrealistic model. Then we have the evidence amassed by the Saturnists for prehistoric interplanetary discharges which reportedly took on the plasmoid shape, only recently rediscovered in plasma labs. Not only that, but a marked change in appearance of Mars ensued from one such strike. Back to Baker again: "Concepts as basic as uniformitarianism must be seriously questioned....The relatively recent discovery of alien landscapes poses many disturbing questions for a science grown complacent with the study of the familiar." Tharsis Tholus is classified as a Martian volcano, 150 kilometres across and 8 kilometres high. It is also dubbed a geological puzzle because it requires explosive and effusive eruption followed by collapse and faulting in an attempt to explain its weird features. Not only that but the faulting has to be almost vertical in every instance. Such a succession of ad-hoc requirements stretches credibility beyond ...
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186. Thoth Vol. IV, No 9 May 31, 2000 [Thoth Website]
... SYSTEM Much of the emphasis of this book will be on the dynamic and unpredictable roles of planets and moons, when they moved through highly active electrical fields. Planetary motions observed today are not a reliable guide to solar system history. But it seems that over many centuries observational science came increasingly under the spell of a predictable and uneventful planetary arrangement, and now certain questions are rarely if ever asked. How stable is the solar system? Have the planets always moved on their present courses? For many years, a principle called uniformitarianism has ruled the sciences. The principle says that evolutionary processes occurring in the past can be deduced from processes observed now. It is assumed, for example, that by noting uniform natural processes today, an observer can deduce how long it took the crust of the earth to shift and mountains to rise, for wind and water erosion to occur, and for lava flows and regional floods to sculpt the Earth's unique surface features. With the arrival of the space age, the same principles were applied to the natural events shaping ...
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187. How I Arrived at My Concepts [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... by Balaam in the days of the conquest by Joshuah. For the next ten years I worked simultaneously on Ages in Chaos (a reconstruction of ancient political and cultural history) and Worlds in Collision (a reconstruction of natural events). Early in my work I became convinced that not only is the cosmology of the solar system very different from what is thought, but also the celestial mechanics that claims that only inertia and gravitation participate in the spheres above will need re-examination and so also the Darwinian evolution based on the principle of uniformitarianism or gradualism. Soon I became aware that I had precursors one was William Whiston, successor to Newton at Cambridge, who at the end of the 17th century claimed that the Deluge had been caused by a comet that was seen in 1680. The ? miracle of Joshuah ? however, Whiston dismissed as a worthless piece of folk fantasy. He considered that prior to the Deluge the Earth ? s axis of rotation had been perpendicular to the ecliptic, and therefore there were no seasons and that the year had exactly 360 days ...
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188. Discussion [Aeon Journal $]
... probable truth of the ancients' testimony. The evidence strongly suggests an ancient CO2 content well above 4000 ppm and an oxygen content exceeding 36%! The creation of the heat engine by incoming super cold snow, the depletion of the CO2, and the resulting flash fire once world humidity declined gave us our present environment. This was no gradual development. Again, I commend Mr. Field for an excellent article but lament his effort to throw sufficient bone material to the scientific community to gain acceptance into their circle of faith. Uniformitarianism cannot be married to catastrophism any more than my wife can be "a little bit pregnant". The Sauropod Dilemma SPEAKER: Ted Holden The study of large dinosaurs involves a terrible dilemma which modern scientists have either forgotten or are conveniently choosing to ignore. Scientists of the last century, working from simple calculations, believed that even the brontosaurs and the sauropods known in their day, far smaller and less effected by the square-cube problem than the ultrasaur and breviparipus which we now know, lived in water, since they could not ...
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189. On Mankind in Amnesia [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... wrote me recently, that the mammoths perished because of slowly-approaching ice. Well this ice that advanced and retreated over tens of thousands of years, as the present-day Ice Age theory has it not the glacial theory of its originators, like Louis Agassiz, but how it was re-worked in terms of uniformitariansm cannot possibly account for the sudden death, most likely by asphyxiation, of the vast mammoth herds that roamed the Siberian plains at a time when the climate differred radically from what it is today. Such facts are a stumbling block for uniformitarianism, which means the theory that nothing happened in the past that we do not observe happening in our own age. But this is not a philosophical, or even a logical approach, that nothing could have happened in the past that does not happen today. This is an escape. This is what in psychoanalysis is called repression not to see, explain away, not to know. What I tried to do by presenting some passages from my manuscript was to show that the two men who till today are supposed to dominate ...
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... undertaken, in an unsettled situation and in the face of a stubborn or even hostile bureaucracy, he was always able to make the necessary arrangements. And, as it would soon become clear, he was not timid in approaching even the highest authorities in search of information that would undermine their very systems of knowledge. But, while yet in his twenties he still lacked any clear vision of his own unique prophetic nature, which would not lie in the realm of narrowly Jewish concerns but would rather embrace a universalist counterrevolution against modern uniformitarianism. References 1. The following article is the first in a series of installments excerpted from Dr. Vorhees' biography of Velikovsky, entitled The Jewish Science of Immanuel Velikovsky: Culture and Biography as Ideational Determinants, submitted as a doctoral dissertation to Bowling Green State University in 1990. 2. See, for example, W. Brewer& G. Nakamura, "The Nature and Functions of Schemas," in R. Wyer& T. Strull, Handbook of Social Cognition (Hillsdale, 1984). 3. D ...
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