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41. Iraq's Decay and Its Remedy [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... people, for the country is very much underpopulated. The Government draws its income mainly from the Iraq Petroleum Development Co. (British, American, French interests), and is as sleepy and as inefficient as only an oriental government with a secure income from royalties can be. This income from oil royalties does not benefit the country or the poor, but only a few rich families closely connected with the Government.*** The military weakness of Iraq was painfully brought to the fore by its war in Palestine. The Syrian and the Iraqi states, so vociferous in the United Nations, proved to be no military match for the new state of Israel, not even for a small part of its force, since the main troops of Israel were engaged by the Transjordan Legion and the Egyptian armies. The military weakness of Iraq is the direct result of the policies of the inefficient government, the retardation and destitution of the Iraqi population, the backwardness of its agriculture, and the absence of industry. The Iraq Petroleum Development Co., aside from ...
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42. Britain's Bitter Fruit [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... of Palestine by five Arab states Transjordan, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq with two more states, Saudi-Arabia and Yemen, contributing.*** The brunt of the fighting on the Arab side was carried by the Transjordan Legion. It was heavily mauled. It is probable that a third of Glubb ? s troops have been killed or wounded. Bevin exhorted Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq to provide more help and to take a greater part in the war. Lebanon lies practically at the mercy of Israel; the Syrian army has not been able to penetrate the Israeli border. The Egyptian army, however, has made headway, entering Gaza in the Arab section of Palestine. The Israelis surrounded part of the Egyptian army near Isdud. Then came the truce, requested by the British to save the army of Glubb Pasha from expending its manpower beyond the limit where it could no longer be a fighting force. The British asked for an extension of the truce. Is it possible that they have become repentant of the injustice they did to Israel ...
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... Armais should rather be identified with Ramesses-Siptah, who became king with the help of Tawosret. Ramesses-Siptah reigned from Tanis in the Delta, whilst Amenmesse, reigning from Thebes, was probably only acknowledged in Upper Egypt and Nubia. However, Siptah wasn't a member of the royal Ramesside family at all. In a forthcoming article, "Isaiah and the Ramessides", I hope to outline the actual sequence in more detail, for this will be very important as far as the link between Dynasties XIX and XX and the identity of the Syrian usurper are concerned. Neither is Clapham right in saying that Amenmesse was the brother of Seti II. Again von Beckerath gives cogent reasons for the fact that Amenmesse was not a member of the royal family, nor was his wife Beket-wer-El (= servant of the great El), nor was his mother, Techa'it, who is mentioned in his tomb in Biban el-Muluk (no. 10). It is clear that the latter is not identical with the Techa'it who is the elder sister of Tawosret because she is never described ...
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44. Appendices [The Age of Velikovsky] [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... , it is not unreasonable to think that she was also known to the Pharaoh. Velikovsky pointed out that there is a word elippe that is frequently encountered in the el-Amarna letters and is translated as "ship'. There are apparently two meanings for the word since sometimes these ships travel overland and enter into conspiracies with people. With only one translation, some places that never dreamed of being a port are said to have ships going there. Velikovsky suggested that Elippe came from the Hebrew word ilpha, which was derived from a Syrian word meaning ship, and the Hebrew word aluph meaning clan leader, family leader, or prince. The elippe that float and carry cargo and people were ships and the elippe that dabbled in the affairs of men are possibly chieftains. if so, it would also explain some apparent exaggerations in the Hebrew record. For example, since "eleph" is "thousand", a wall falling and killing twenty seven thousand people would more likely have been a wall falling on twenty seven "chieftains". The words ilph a ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  29 Mar 2002  -  18k  -  URL:
... check some of these observations with special reference to my new point of view in Egypt itself. In connection with the possible astronomical uses of these temples, I find that when one of the temples has been built, the horizon has always been very carefully left open; there has always been a possibility of vision along the collimating axis prolonged. Lines of sphinxes have been broken to ensure this; [1 at Medīnet-Habū, on the opposite side of the river to Karnak, we have outside this great temple a model of a Syrian fort. If we prolong the line of the temple from the middle of the Naos through the systems of pylons, we find that in the model of the fort an opening was left, so that the vision from the sanctuary of the temple was left absolutely free to command the horizon. It may be said that that cannot be true of Karnak, because we see on the general plan that one of the temples, with an azimuth of 72 N., had its collimating axis blocked by numerous buildings. That is ...
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... gives him an eighth year of reign, and if the rebellion occurred in this year and extended to his death in the year of Egypt's liberation, this would fit in Manetho's figures of a 13-year exile and 20-year reign, allowing for part years. Since Osarsiph's rebellion succeeded, he must have become king, and I would therefore identify him as Siptah. Arzu the Asiatic The Great Harris Papyrus records the "empty years when Arzu an Asiatic was with them as chief", referring to this time. Who was this so-called "Syrian condottiere"? He cannot have been the Egyptian Osarsiph, so he must have been the leader of the shepherds of Jerusalem. Which "chief", i.e. king, ruled Jerusalem at this time, with a 200,000-strong army and a name resembling Arzu? The Bible speaks of him. His name was Azariah, better known as Uzziah, king of Judah. Isaiah's prophecy The startling discovery that Azariah of Judah invaded Merenptah's Egypt and established Siptah as puppet king deals a devastating blow to the orthodox chronology. It ...
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47. A Reply to Mr. Cohen [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... believe Seti II is meant), one of the so-called anti-kings at the end of dynasty XIX, is placed by Velikovsky in the time of Haremhab, the two being identified as brothers.[5 Mr. Cohen would do well to acquaint himself with the full impact of Velikovsky's solution with all its shortcomings before attempting to defend what amounts to a non-solution. The evidence is indeed in preponderance against Velikovsky's reconstruction. Perhaps Mr. Cohen would like to address himself to the specific problems of Thesis 189, the Hittite campaign and the Syrian kingdoms, which must inexplicably reincarnate the same ruling dynasties after conquest by the Assyrians during the interregnum caused by the time separation of dynasties XVIII and XIX. Mr. Cohen should look at the problems of Velikovsky's Hittite/Chaldean identification, which appears to require that kings solely resident at Babylon continued to keep their archives at Boghazköy long after the division of Anatolia between the Lydians and the Medes. Velikovsky's Hittite/Chaldean identification fails to synchronize either internally with itself or externally with his new XIXth dynasty. Simple arithmetic confounds Velikovsky's arguments ...
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48. Matters Arising [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... as being due to a "ruach", or heavenly blast. Dr Velikovsky identified Mars as being the agent of destruction in the time of Sennacherib and Hezekiah. He also noted that cities in Egypt with the cult of the sacred mouse were sacred cities of thunderbolts and meteorites and that one of these was Leto olis.(11) B. Newgrosh has written in to indicate that Apollo was equated with the Phoenician god Resheph, a god of lightning and war,(12) but who was not equivalent to either the Syrian Hadad/Adad or the Hittite Teshub. In Early Bronze Age Ebla this deity was called Rashap and was known as a god of pestilence (cf. Velikovsky on Mars) and war, and was quite a separate entity from Sipish, the sun deity.(13) He noted that at about the same time, Nergal was a god of war in Akad.(14) In summary, we have been given quite a variety of different opinions on the identity of Apollo. Was he the Sun, or was ...
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49. The Hittites in Israel [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Workshop Vol 4 No 1 (Jul 1981) Home¦ Issue Contents The Hittites in Israel Martin Sieff The Book of Kings contains the following account of the end of the seige of Samaria by the Syrian army during the troubled reign of Jehoram, son of Ahab, king of Israel: For the Lord had made the host of the Syrians to hear a noise of chariots, and a noise of horses, even the noise of a great host: and they said one to another, "Lo, the king of Israel hath hired against us the kings of the Hittites, and the kings of the Egyptians, to come upon us." Wherefore they arose and fled in the twilight, and left their tents, and their horses, and their asses, even the camp as it was, and fled for their life (2 Kings 7:6-7). Velikovsky comments, in the light of his Revised Chronology: "We know that the fear of the Syrians at the walls of Samaria was not groundless. The king of ...
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50. How the Security Council May Vote on Palestine [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... Assembly of Nov. 29; because it bears the entire financial budget of the Arab Legion and directs its action through the Defense Board established by the treaty between the United Kingdom and Transjordan in March of this year; because it supplied arms to the armies of the Arab states which invaded Palestine. Since the United Kingdom is a party in the dispute only four out of the Big Five may vote on the Palestine conflict in the Security Council. Not being entitled to vote the United Kingdom cannot exercise its veto power. Also the Syrian delegate in the Security Council has no right to vote on the Palestine conflict. Like the United Kingdom, Syria participates in the fighting in Palestine. ...
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