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... the planets, this making Jupiter the King and Saturn the retired king. Too they might thus have perceived the rings of Saturn and bands of Jupiter. They might then for religious reasons, and because humans are anxious animals, have created a body of legends ascribing to the heavenly bodies the various adventures, including approaches to the Earth, that the revolutionaries ... hints of arrogance as he warns of the dire fate awaiting the theses of Darwin and Newton (less unseemly today than in 1950, however). There are no appeals to religion, only rare confusions of "ought" and "must" with the factual "is". A certain repetitiveness occurs that may be impossible to avoid, but which nevertheless ... study, but I notice the frequency of these statements, prefaced by something like: "more has happened to change the world by catastrophe than by gradual evolution." "Religions are obsessed with primeval disasters." "Mankind has always been fearful of the skies, such that terrible events must have happened there." "Venus is hellishly hot and ...
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... ingestion (cannibalism) with the sexual (especially the sexually aberrant). One does not elaborate a major connection here, but only a typical overlapping and transacting of cultural and religious displacements, according to what should be understood as the omnipresent holistic character of culture and religion. We leave it to psychiatrists to search in their practice for the suggested connections and ... to believe in human control, it may be necessary to believe that humans can bring the world to an end! Considering that the first psychic and social formations, such as religion, were put together under most unfavorable internal and external conditions, the basic mentation of humans is quite understandable. The formation of the logical person was a pragmatic process and still ... is unqualified by risk and the shadow of fear which action casts.'' [17 We would add that homo schizo normally wants to escape his perils and invented first historical religions, then theology, then philosophy, moving outwards into abstractions to develop the sense of certainty that would relieve his anxieties. But each further stage of abstraction displaces him farther, ...
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... and saga, cannot be dismissed lightly as fantastic, or worse, meaningless fabrications. It is particularly proper to avoid this pitfall when dealing with serious reports, especially those of religious nature such as those that occur in large number in the Old Testament. He applied this general theory to the interpretations of the ancient texts that deal with the Battle of the ... and that this information was derived from Mesopotamian scientific astronomy was presented in the context of a book entitled Die große Taüschung; The title 'The Great Fraud' refers to Old Testament religion. This book stirred a furor in Jewish and Christian religious groups and aroused all sorts of suspicion in less committed circles. Delitzsch even felt compelled to write an article in the ... to the Great Pyramid, published as Appendix to Peter Tompkins, Secrets of the Great Pyramid (New York, 1971). 14. In Bannkreis Babels: Panbabylonistische Konstructionen und religionsgeschichtliche Tatsachen (Munster, 1910). 15. Handbuch der babylonischen Astronomie, Vol. I (Leipzig, 1915). 16. 'Mein Lebenslauf,' Reclams Universum, 36 ...
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... in the collective memory of the group as the basis for suggestions of improvement in technique and organization, and in the origination of new acceptable behavior and utensils. Q 13. Religious Sophistication. From primitive fear and ignorance, gods were imagined, and afforded sacrifices, but eventually higher religions, with a benign, single god and simple rites, prevailed. ... is: lacking command over himself, his fellows, and his environment, the early human grasped for support at whatever seemed more powerful and possibly helpful, gods who at first imitated his savage qualities but later on gods and finally one God who were culturally advanced in their offerings and demands of humans, to the point of being a large factor, for ... proceeded through all successive major gods and families of gods. Practically all religions, although some exceptional persons will claim the opposite, are in the line of descent from the primordial religiousness. With the illusory establishment of the first gods and of delusory devices to control them, the basic elements of religious practices from then until now were fixed: appeasement, obsessive ...
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155. Thanatos and Anastasis [Aeon Journal $]
... the overall picture. Easter Sunday As previously noted, the date of Jesus' resurrection has also been assigned to the 25th of March, (9) thereby superimposing another Christian religious belief upon a pagan stratum. Osiris, Attis, Mithras, and Dionysus were all purported to have been resurrected on this very same date; (10) however, " ... Rahner, op. cit., p. 112. 33. T.W. Doane, op. cit., p. 222. 34. S.A.B. Mercer, The Religion of Ancient Egypt (London, 1949), p. 99 and note 2. 35. E.A.S. Butterworth, The Tree at the Navel of the Earth (Berlin, ... the Bible," Journal of Biblical Literature, LXXXIV (Sept. 1965), p. 290. 9. T.W. Doane, Bible Myths and Their Parallels in Other Religions (N.Y., 1882), pp. 225, note 7, 226. The Montanists, who are called Pepuzites and Phrygians, may have held that Jesus died on ...
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156. Darkness and the Deep [Aeon Journal $]
... ancient sources, John Allegro could recognize that the Word was something seen as well as heard: This idea of the creative Word of God came to have a profound philosophical and religious importance and was, and still is, the subject of much metaphysical debate. But originally it was not an abstract notion; you could see the 'Word of God'. ... . cit., p.84. 53. Again, I am indebted to David Lorton for this revelation, but see also A.B. Cook, Zeus: A Study in Ancient Religion, Vol.II, Part II (N.Y., 1965), p.1038. 54. A. Heidel, op. cit., p.86. 55. D. Cardona, ... , Myths and Man (London, 1949 revised edition), p.150. 46. L. Delaporte, loc. cit. 47. W.W. Baudissin, Studien zur Semitischen Religiongeschichte (Leipzig, 1876), pp. i, 11ff, 195. 48. G. Maspero, The Struggle of the Nations (London, 1896), p.168. ...
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157. Velikovsky in America [Aeon Journal $]
... be difficult finding a sensible publisher who would take the risk of such a heavy setback upon himself. (44) Soon afterwards, Shulamith (perhaps becoming disenchanted with her father's religious backsliding) left Columbia to pursue biophysical research at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. That summer, Velikovsky asked the two astronomers Shapley had recommended to inform him of any evidence for hydrocarbons ... the heretical Pharaoh Akhnaton; and that his followers, "a throng of culturally inferior immigrants", (1) did not even create the distinctive rites and practices of their religion but merely adapted the forms used by the Midianites of Arabia to worship their volcano god. Velikovsky first read Freud's early chapters on this theme in Imago in the summer of 1937 ... the repressed memories of a world gone mad are part of the psychic makeup of the human race, a root cause of our psychoses, wars, institutions, literatures, and religions and a possible agent of nuclear self-destruction as well. It is probably no accident, as Martin Sieff has already pointed out, that Velikovsky developed his catastrophic world-view between April and ...
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158. Chapter 1: THE NORMALLY INSANE [Quantavolution Website]
... some other species. One after another, the "unique" traits of homo sapiens are washed away. Chimpanzees talk, flatworms reason, seagulls adapt, the devoted dog performs religious rites before his god, the ordinary biological cell contains the human code of life. The best that can be said of man is that he does more of everything and does ... a young farm lad who behaved so would think him rather mad. An atheist regards similar behavior in a working priest as a typical and appropriate feature of the great delusion of religion. It verges on the delusory, the megalomanic, the impractical, the hallucinatory. Abandoning the living to identify with the dead; treating words as voices; speaking to several ... called Schizophrenia [30. There he labeled schizophrenia as everything and nothing, a myth, a practical fiction for the elaboration of new prisons, of new professions, of new religions, of new crimes against liberty and creativity, of non-science calling itself social science. With sympathy for Szasz and for all the victims of unfeeling, unwise, and self-serving therapy ...
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... moved around the seasons. The association with the planet Venus The 260 day calendar is clearly identified as a sacred complement to the 365 day civil calendar and dictates the timing of religious rituals at the end of each calendar round. What is striking is that wherever the 260 day calendar is in use, the planet Venus, in various local guises, plays ... major part in the religion of the people and always in a violent role. 'In Mesoamerican thought, Venus was an exceptionally malevolent heavenly body...' [5 whose prime manifestation was as a plumed or feathered serpent. Examples can be traced throughout the centuries of occupation of Central America. The outstanding monument of the second phase (0-350AD) of ... different orbit for Venus The evidence for a possible change in the orbit of Venus rests in part on the fact that Venus is held in great awe in most of the early religions of the world. We have already seen that Venus plays a major part in the Mayan theology, and this is mirrored in many other civilisations. Venus appears in various guises ...
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160. Thoth Vol. VI, No. 7 Oct 31, 2002 [Thoth Website]
... life-giving and destructive aspects. But if scholars do not recognize the "serpent of creation," the reason is that a misperception of vast historic consequence is shared today by orthodox religious teachers and secular experts alike. All have failed to see the true meaning of the creation theme, whose origins predate most modern religious traditions by thousands of years. The first ... is not accidental: Serpent mythology arose from a common human experience. Though this conclusion is logically inescapable, it is neither recognized nor acknowledged by mainstream historians of ancient myth and religion. While specialists propose countless "explanations" for the different regional variations, we are really dealing with a single mystery here, but one having wide-ranging textures and subplots. Moreover ... art and storytelling. These reflections are, in fact, the core images of the ancient world, recorded on papyrus and stone, mirrored in the sacred symbols of the great religions, reenacted in mystery plays, and embodied in monumental construction on every habitable continent. Once recognized, the images leap out from every page of world mythology. SERPENTS IN THE ...
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