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131. CHAOS AND CREATION: Bibliography [Quantavolution Website]
... of 1964 (1970), U. S. Government Printing Office, Washington, D. C. Albright, W. F. (1946), Archaeology and the Religion of Israel, 2nd ed., Baltimore.----(1965), 179 Bulletin American Schools of Oriental Research, 41-2. Albritton, Claude C. ( ... . J.---- (1963), Myth and Reality, Harper& Row, New York.---- (1964), Traité d'Histoire des Religions, Payot, Paris.---- (1974), Gods, Goddesses, and Myths of Creation, Harper& Row, New York. Emery, W. ... " in Pauly-Wissowa, XI Real Encyclopädie (also "Planeten.") Gunkel, H. (1895& 1921), Schöpfung und Chaos in Urzeit und Endzeit, Eine Religionsgeschichtliche Untersuchung über Gen. I und Ap. Joh. 12, Vandenhoek und Ruprecht, Göttingen. Goodrich, Luther C. 1957), A Short History of the Chinese People ...
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132. Chapter 5: COPING WITH FEAR [Quantavolution Website]
... . Depending upon his charisma and the degree to which the god's behavior actually has a consistent appearance to others as well as himself, he makes a consensus of believers, a religious sect. To strengthen his own self-restrictive behavior and to bargain for control over others, he transfers his authority to the sect. He finds thereby an accommodation that far exceeds, ... consider the total life-ways of all people in all cultures in all times. One checks off the major portions of life clearly beset by fear: infancy, childhood, dreams, religion, war service, competitive sports, risks of all kinds, old age. Then note the component of fear in all conscious mental illness and normal "neurotic" feelings. ... to minimize the hurt in ways they had known all their lives. In much of the Savannah and desert of Africa, people take drought to be a necessary divine warning that religions and moral standards are slipping and that a revival is due. The harm done to them must actually be received in a sacred mood. It is notable that this report is ...
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... .... Yet from the Exodus event can properly be said to have derived not only the modern Jewish religion but also Christianity and Islam the two heretical offshoots of Jewish religious tradition. Vine Deloria, Jr., God Is Red (Delta Books, New York, 1974), pp. 111, 121, 122, 134.** ... Books, London, 1949), p. 173.... Christianity has always placed a major emphasis on the idea of history. From the very beginning of the religion, it has been the Christian contention that the experiences of mankind could be recorded in a linear fashion, and when this was done the whole purpose of the creation event became ... miracles. There is no question that the book would never have found a major publisher, would never have become a bestseller, had it not had a strong appeal to old-time religionists.... To astronomers and physicists, without exception, Velikovsky's scenario is so crazy that most of them saw no reason why they should waste time even reading him. ...
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134. Sagan's Folly Part 1 [Kronos $]
... most probably originated from the experiences of a group of people surviving a spectacular planetary event. "It seems doubtful that the other theories of the origin of religion, which see religious beliefs and practices beginning as a result of poetic story-telling, can withstand the rigorous methodology of investigation and interpretation Velikovsky utilizes in developing his thought. The burden of proof should be ... . 1003-1004; Cp. F. Katz, The Ancient American Civilizations: 1972, pp. 16-17). And the words of Vine Deloria on myth and the origin of religion: "The conclusion that must be drawn is that religions most probably do not originate from the speculations of generations of poets, no matter how profound. In ancient times a ... many of them most probably originated from the experiences of a group of people surviving a spectacular planetary event. "It seems doubtful that the other theories of the origin of religion, which see religious beliefs and practices beginning as a result of poetic story-telling, can withstand the rigorous methodology of investigation and interpretation Velikovsky utilizes in developing his thought. The burden of ...
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135. The Lord Of Light [Aeon Journal $]
... " (89) A problem may exist with Rosenberg's assumption that the Sakaia was in any way connected with Sirius. It is difficult, if not impossible, to see what religious or astronomical role Sirius could play in either the river-bereft country of Persia or the land of Mesopotamia whose riverine overflows were completely unpredictable and independent of regularized astronomical phenomena. Rather, ... and bore the name Aour which is reminiscent of the god Horus, the son of Isis, or as the Egyptians called him-- Hr. (32) In both religion and art, Horus, too, was something of a prototype of Christ. (33) It should also be recalled that, according to Gospel account, Jesus spent more ... . Introduction Among other things, Worlds in Collision presented-- within the framework of a cosmic catastrophic scenario-- a compelling case for a common astral origin of the world's religions. Later authors-- notably Cardona, Greenberg, Sizemore, D. Talbott, Cochrane, Maccoby, Tresman, and Newgrosh-- have provided additional support for this hypothesis ...
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... Geological Flux. 08. Uniformitarianism. 09. Evolution. 10. Homo Sapiens Sapiens. 11. Increasing Consciousness and Self-awareness. 12. Cultural and Institutional Invention. 13. Religious Sophistication. 14. Macrochronism. 15. Cross-validation of Time and Events. Q-Test Instructions: Propositions 01. Quantavolution. 02. Holospherics. 03. Exoterrestrial Genesis. 04. ... ) Discovery of trends in public awareness of science. c) Discovering relationship between creationist belief and quantavolutionary belief. d) Q-C scores as a function of age, occupation, religion, formal schooling. e) Discovery of trends in ideology of scientists. f) Discovery of deficiencies and contradictions of belief brought on by specialization. g) Enumerating the varieties ... LINKS Chapter 7: SACRIFICE Chapter 8: SKY AND STAGE Chapter 9: TRIPOD CAULDRONS Chapter 10: THE EVIDENCE FROM PLUTARCH Chapter 11: THE PRESOCRATIC PHILOSOPHERS Chapter 12: MYSTERY RELIGIONS Chapter 13: 'KA', AND EGYPTIAN MAGIC Chapter 14: BOLTS FROM THE BLUE Chapter 15: LOOKING LIKE A GOD Chapter 16: HERAKLES AND HEROES Chapter 17: BYWAYS ...
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137. The Saturn Theory [SIS C&C Review $]
... to a comment that some of his pictures of Venus ought to represent Venus after Saturn disappeared, Ev Cochrane said that scholars of religion have often found how incredibly stubborn and conservative religious images have been through the millennia. Venus was represented as an 8 fold star very early on, yet that same image persisted right into Kepler's time. So, yes, ... of the SIS Silver Jubilee Event" Home¦ Issue Contents The Saturn Theory by Ev Cochrane Ev Cochrane is the author of Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion. Together with Dave Talbott and Dwardu Cardona, Ev Cochrane is one of the primary architects of the Saturn theory. His research interests include ancient mythology, archaeoastronomy, and evolutionary ... . 22. E. Cochrane, 'The Stairway to Heaven', Aeon 5:1, 1997, pp. 69-78. 23. H. Bonnet, Reallexikon der agyptischen Religionsgeschichte, Berlin, 1952, p. 277. 24. Spell 769 in the Coffin Texts. 25. See, for example, the numerous rites involving the symbolic ascent of ...
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... Basle. She wrote to Deg on January 23, 1981: Dear Prof. de Grazia, My husband died very recently; as is customary for Jews, even not practising religious commandments, we stay at home at least a week. In this time I went through his many letters and found also yours. I have the impression that you were very ... make new enemies and unwanted new friends. Evidence, examples: Of 1: direct statements; writings; philosophy of psychoanalysis; his theory of "great fear" as bringing religion; belief that Jews were even in Biblical times polytheistic. Of 2: works of his life-- Zionism; gift of income from his property to Israel in June 67 ... his psychological theory what was so obvious in his history and in the reception of his book, that over all of history and today, the vast majority of humans and their religions actually demands that we recognize, denominate, and respond in every sphere of life to the occurrence of ancient catastrophes of fire flood, wind and earthquake. Destructiveness seemed to Deg ...
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... the cataclysmic fear which frightened the unenlightened nations was no longer of concern for the Israelites who in the past, however, did not differ from the other nations in their planetary religion: 'The sun, the moon, and all the host of heaven whom they have loved, and whom they have served, and after whom they have walked, and whom ... Notes and References 1. N .-A. Boulanger, Das durch seine Gebräuche aufgedeckte Altertum. Oder Kritische Untersuchung der vornehmsten Meynungen, Ceremonien und Einrichtungen der verschiedenen Völker des Erdbodens in Religions- und bürgerlichen Sachen (1766), Greifswald: Anton Ferdinand Rösens Buchhandlung, 1767, p. 135. 2. On Boulanger's geology cf. J. Hampton, Nicolas-Antoine ... International Conference Remembering for the Future II, Berlin, March 13 -17, 1994 as well as G. Heinsohn, Ursprung und Niedergang des Opfers und der Götter. Grundlegung der Religionstheorie, University of Bremen, September 1995, chapters IX and X. 32. St. Mark 13: 24f. // St. Luke 21:11. 33. ...
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... pseudoscience or the occult, or later to castigate the Scientific Creationists, they usually deemed it necessary to include Velikovsky in their denunciations-- even though Velikovsky shared their abhorrence for religious fundamentalism. In fact, in the 1960s, when a new, more restive, generation of Americans began taking his ideas seriously and accepting the man himself as a sort of ... revolutionary (or quixotic) astrohistorical findings," but much was made of Velikovsky's reactions to the critical astronomers' fault-finding. Breit quoted Velikovsky as saying: Science today, as religion in the past, has become dogmatic-- in the East as in the West. A scientist must swear loyalty to the established dogmas. The first rule of the scientific ... proposition that closely resembled Velikovsky's assertion that the Venus comet had brought disease-bearing micro-organisms in its wake. Kallen re-entered the lists as Velikovsky's public defender and as a foe of the "religionism of scientists" in the July 28, 1951, issue of Saturday Review of Literature. (27) He complained that the modern tendency to consider "science as in some ...
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