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291. Beliefs Connected with the Cross and the Swastika [Migration of Symbols (Book)] [Books]
... the doctrine of fungshuicannot be understood without reference to the beliefs regarding the cardinal points. De Groot gives the following arbitrary Chinese connexions: East: The Blue (or green) Dragon god; Spring; wood; planet Jupiter; liver and gall. South: The Red Bird god; Summer; fire; the sun; planet Mars; heart and large intestines. West: The White Tiger god; Autumn; wind; metal planet Venus; lungs and small intestines. North: The Black Tortoise god; Winter; cold; ... points. Indeed, the yang and yin ideas and the doctrine of fungshuicannot be understood without reference to the beliefs regarding the cardinal points. De Groot gives the following arbitrary Chinese connexions: East: The Blue (or green) Dragon god; Spring; wood; planet Jupiter; liver and gall. South: The Red Bird god; Summer; fire; the sun; planet Mars; heart and large intestines. West: The White Tiger god; Autumn; wind; metal planet Venus; lungs and small intestines. North ...
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... visited. But this dark layer gave way when the airbags were retracted revealing a deep maroon layer underneath. Steve Squyres [principal investigator for rover science described the competing theories as either 3we have soil with two distinct components of coarse, grey grains on top of fine red soil --or we have aggregates that are grey but when squished, the red comes out.2 THORNHILL COMMENTS: Since orbital images of the landing area shows three distinct color gradations, a first guess is that once outside this crater, the view will suddenly change to what ... by analogy that the Martian layers could have formed in water. Drifting volcanic ash or wind-borne sediments also could have built up the thin layers. However, the great depths of layered material (up to 9 km in Valles Marineris) found on Mars, a desert planet with little atmosphere, must call into question conventional ideas about the origin of sedimentary material and its metamorphism into layered rock. The Moon and some asteroids, where wind and water never existed, also show evidence of layering. Back on Earth, many mineral deposits ...
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... one of the most significant discoveries of the entire Galileo imaging experiment." Galileo took three dozen images of the rings and small moons during three orbits of Jupiter in 1996 and 1997. The four moons display "bizarre surfaces of undetermined composition that appear very dark, red and heavily cratered from meteoroid impacts," Veverka said. The rings contain very tiny particles resembling dark, reddish soot. Unlike Saturn's rings, there are no signs of ice in Jupiter's rings. Scientists believe that dust is kicked off the small moons when they ... planetary alignment so fundamental to the theory. But then, as we saw, there is a unique principle of collinear equilibrium that radically alters the dynamic challenge. Put planets in line, and in sufficiently close proximity to each other, and there will be for each planet a mathematical equilibrium position along that line, at which each will have the same period as all the others. The planets stay in line until perturbed. But mathematical equilibrium does not mean that a collinear configuration would endure for more than a briefest moment, since ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 467  -  21 Mar 2007  -  31k  -  URL:
... VII:2, p. 88. Although reversing Earth's rotation is as economical as a tippe top inversion, a reversed rotation is much less plausible on dynamical grounds and no physical evidence exists for Earth's rotation ever having stopped. Furthermore, Senmut's ceiling is probably a red herring in these discussions and therefore irrelevant to cosmic catastrophism. Velikovsky accepted Pogo's 1930 opinion that the ceiling is a map of the sky. However, by 1932 Pogo interpreted the panels as a calendar and, later, as a diagonal star clock- discounting them ... be chagrined at the speculation that fills the void. Although the main point of this letter will concern resonances, I would also like to comment briefly on ejections, inversions, and the mytho-historical record. Regarding ejections, Cardona proposes that "the possible ejection of the planet Venus from Saturn must have cropped up among Velikovskian scholars prior to the publication of [his 'Child of Saturn'". Nevertheless, while this may be true, Cardona, to his credit, was the first person to my knowledge to advance a non-Jovian origin ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 467  -  05 Mar 2003  -  70k  -  URL:
295. Pendulums and Sunspots [Aeon Journal $]
... circularization is far from solved. Ellenberger's "subtle changes" should greatly circularize the orbits of all these binary stars but, for some inexplicable reason, they do not. Furthermore, according to Abt, when binary stars with periods of less than 100 days reach the red giant stage, having meanwhile lost most of their electromagnetic energy, "the periods and other orbital elements will change." This, again, supports the electromagnetic concept we have proposed. As for James Warwick's calculation of gravity vs. magnetism with respect to magnetic ... were for some reason to stop all over the world, the earth's electric field would fall to near zero in less than an hour. This is an unlikely happenstance. A common estimate is that there are from fifteen hundred to three thousand thunderstorms in progress on the planet at any given moment. (39) One of the first clues to this global circuit was recognized more than fifty years ago. It was then noticed that the daily variation in the intensity of the fair-weather electric field is not tied to local, but to ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 467  -  05 Mar 2003  -  53k  -  URL:
... . Unfortunately, this is one of the primary reasons for its continued acceptance and the reluctance by some scientists to ponder its possible incorrectness. The Hubble constant is unlike other physical constants. It cannot be measured under laboratory conditions, but depends on a circular argument (red shifted stellar spectral lines predominated, which some interpreted as indicating an expanding universe. As the expanding universe concept grew in acceptance, this led to further acceptance of the Hubble constant's use). It is proposed here that small induced dipole forces acting on photons can ... planet's fluid core. With the realization that charged bodies exist in space, and that the Moon, Mercury and other celestial bodies wander from Keplerian orbits, the following generalizations can be stated. The basic assumption is that the magnetic fields are induced by the star or planet spinning inside a slightly charged orbiting body (note: comets generally exhibit side effects which suggest that they are highly charged compared to bodies in circular orbits. Therefore, the effects of a highly charged comet, passing by a star or planet, will be to ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 467  -  05 Mar 2003  -  35k  -  URL:
... thoroughly investigated Velikovsky's background; however, 'it is quite possible that only this "Worlds in Collision" episode is intellectually fraudulent.' This second letter apparently struck close to home for Macmillan president George Brett, for he personally answered Shapley to thank him for 'waving the red flag.' Brett promised to submit the book to three impartial censors and to abide the majority verdict of the three. Apparently the majority again voted thumbs up; the book was published on schedule. The identities of the last-minute censors were never officially revealed, ... manna upon which the Israelites fed is similarly accounted for as carbohydrates from the same source. This comet is supposed to have collided with Mars... and, as the result of the collision, to have lost its tail and to have become transformed into the planet Venus... Further catastrophes... ensued... Mars was shifted nearer to the earth so that in the year 687 B. C.... Mars nearly collided with the earth. These various encounters are supposed to have been responsible ...
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298. No title [Aeon Journal $]
... historical anomaly lies in Ptolemy's knowledge of the existence of Greenland. The 1979 edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 7, Page 1037, informs us that Irish colonists first reached Iceland about 670 AD, followed by Norsemen in 870 AD. The saga of Eric the Red (Eiriks saga rauda), a Norwegian, tells of the discovery of Greenland in 982 AD. Even the names "Engronelani" and "Groneladia" (transliteration by ICJ uncertain) that appear on Ptolemy's Map of the North are anachronistic, given the tradition ... -- sets a very poor example in this regard. Simply put, Conversing With The Planets is a disappointing book. Its underlying theme is intriguing enough: A comparison of images associated with the various planets since the dawn of history, with special emphasis upon the planet Venus. Beginning with the earliest speculations of Sumerian skywatchers, Aveni traces the evolution of planetary-images from the first astronomical impulses in Babylon, through the Greeks and the rise of astrology, to Galileo and the invention of the telescope, to the revelations of Venera and ...
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299. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... to be universal. Other investigators have managed to create minute shells on a synthetic beach which grow in just the sort of mathematical shapes that real sea shells do. A reader suggests that the stability of an oscillon within an otherwise unstable dynamic system could explain the Great Red Spot on Jupiter. Astronomy Establishment unshifted Sourcebook Project Anomaly register No. 3, Oct. 97, p. 1 We have mentioned the work of H. Arp before, in his fight to show that the sacred celestial yardstick of redshifts is somehow flawed. ... . They are still 'groping for an explanation.' A small magnetic field has now been detected on Mars but it appears to be fading. One way-out theory for the origin of Mars is that it is the surviving, but battered, moon of the hypothetical missing planet from the asteroid belt. If this exploded the facing side of its moon would have been heavily cratered- and Mars is heavily cratered on one side. For those interested in the possibility of ancient life on Mars it would seem that this must have been merely ...
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... as follows: The worst is happening... just as feared!... all sacrifices failed... here it is... annihilator... oracles... monster-body... war... death sun... red dogs, blood... Aphrodite... sex... moon... darkness... thunder... trumpets... golden... Ares... Zeus... sword... stretched fireballs. ... shall feel better afterwards. That is because otherwise we might be compelled to confront the true story, which is rather like what follows, although we cannot be sure that it is more than a terribly realistic dream." THE HIDDEN STORY Ares and Aphrodite are the planet Mars and the Moon. The Planet Mars is ruddy and far away now, but was then close to the Moon who was bathed in her golden aura. Hephaestus is the planet Venus. He is not married to Aphrodite. He approached her on various occasions ...
Terms matched: 2  -  Score: 467  -  03 Apr 2004  -  21k  -  URL:
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