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... Freud, seems to refer only twice to Empedocles. These brief references are on pages 245 and 317 of Worlds in Collision; both have to do with cosmology rather than with psychology. Thus Freud sees Empedocles as having anticipated mainly the distinction between Eros and Thanatos; and Velikovsky refers to Empedocles only in connection with catastrophic themes, not in connection with psychological ... acknowledged by Freud as having anticipated Freud's own concepts of Eros and Thanatos.)____ There seem to be only two places in The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud (ed. Strachey) where Freud refers to character Aristophanes Empedocles by name. Both of these references are from the last few years of Freud's life, ... questionable whether Empedocles believed in "the transmigration of souls". I see nothing "primitive" about Empedocles. He seems to me to have been far more of a Freudian psychologist than a source of "kosmische Phantasie", as Freud puts it. I would even deny that Empedocles ever recognized a time of complete domination of Love over Strife or another ...
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... scene, I spent my days in reading, in research, in thinking and in writing. I came to this country as the prospective author of a book on history and psychology. My vocation was psychiatry and psycho-analysis, my avocation history. In the preface to my first book. Worlds in Collision I said that the methods I had learned to apply ... of a race, and, like the traumatic experience of a single person, so are the traumatic experiences of the human kind. Three times in the book I revealed my psychological approach in the preface, then in the section called ? Collective Amnesia ? and finally in the epilogue. In the section on collective amnesia I said that the memory of the ... what causes him to act as he does. I mentioned religion, how irrational he is there, I could mention international politics, how irrational he is there. As a psychologist I undertook the task of trying to analyze the entire human race. It made me transgress into so many fields. The human race in the state of amnesia, playing with ...
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... see that certain early cosmological conceptions shared by culturally and historically diverse peoples were pre-determined by the environment to emerge as formal knowledge. Research on the processes of sensation and perception in psychology has generated a mass of experimental data. These results quantitatively define the range and sensitivity of the sense organs and describe consistent principles by which perceptual processes organize our sensations into the ... difference since time-measurement long since has been standardized to the Greenwich Meridian and stellar navigation largely has been turned over to electronics. But it is difficult to assess the price, in psychological terms, of blinding a major portion of the human population to a view which, in the past, has inspired the great poets of the race and taxed the limits of ... currently unanswerable by objective means. Yet, again, the probability of its occurrence in our early ancestors requires no greater stretch of reason than that not only physically, but also psychologically and emotionally, human beings always have been basically the same. It we could see into remote prehistory, we would not be surprised then, to find certain individuals within the ...
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... of Jewish history.... But a cellar is also the foundation of the house... ." (10) What David Bakan, a University of Missouri psychology professor, has done is add a new wing to the house that Scholem built. As Bakan viewed the matter,(11) the contributions of Freud are to be understood ... , the most profound Messianic figure of Judaism and the image of all other Messiahs, already be Gentile.... By converting Moses into a Gentile, Freud committed his psychological act of apostasy. Bakan shrank from stating baldly that Freud was a secret adept of some esoteric sect. "An image of him poring over Kabbalistic books in the dead of ... From: Kronos Vol. XI No. 1 (Fall 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents The Case of the Turkish Turn Coat Duane Vorhees The twentieth century was born, psychologically speaking, with the 1900 publication of The Interpretation of Dreams. Conceived by Sigmund Freud, psychoanalysis quickly matured into a bold, contentious philosophy, ready and able to challenge the ...
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65. A Holographic World [Kronos $]
... "What we are looking for is what is looking." Lecturing one night at a symposium in Minnesota, Pribram mused that the answer might lie in the realm of gestalt psychology, a theory that maintains that what we perceive "out there" is the same as-- isomorphic with-- brain processes. Suddenly he blurted out, "Maybe ... " thinking while reductionists and those whose left brains are paranoid of their right brains are reacting threateningly. According to David Bohm, "If mankind is to survive, some fundamental psychological change is needed and [this book will help give impetus to such a change."-- CLE Some scientific discoveries are premature, molecular geneticist Gunther Stent observed in 1972 ... the image-- why events are affected by what we imagine, what we visualize. An image held in a transcendental state may be made real. Keith Floyd, a psychologist at Virginia Intermont College, said of the holographic possibility, "Contrary to what everyone knows is so, it may not be the brain that produces consciousness-- but rather ...
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... , he may, out of outrage, become fanatic in his embrace of the opposite position. From the most critical scientific work of the thinking researcher, the facts of human psychology are pretty well understandable. Man must cope with a socio-political milieu in which each human is imbedded. Man develops ways and means totally unknown to himself in order to pursue his ... Copernicus. He refused to go along with the unanalyzed epistemological foundations upon which the theory rested. Bruno made the full deduction and rendered a cosmological model that was divested of human psychological habits. In our own time, Einstein made a Copernican-like shift in Ms recognition of an observer. His observer was anathematized by the physical disciplines and became a space-time co-ordinate. ... the findings of the special sciences (such as the findings about "stones and bones"). His work has submitted that human scholarship done by human beings will be polluted psychologically. Perhaps the necessary connection between matters of fact is the shivering flesh, as constant conjoining may be based upon organismic conservation. When we fully understand the role of myth in ...
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... (worldwide), geology, fossil paleontology, soil chemistry, electromagnetics, astrophysics, sociology of sex, ecology, climatology, oceanography, theology, chemical and fossil dating, psychology of infancy and of stress, epistemology, the history of science, and political science for the origins of theocracy, bureaucratic system and collective violence. The problem of approaching the ... , essays, and notes. The Divine Succession was taken up; its central theory, that all gods are of the same family, was put forward; an anthropological and psychological discussion of the major aspects of religion followed. Then, as Deg stood back, gazing anxiously and unproud into the manuscript, there came to him the idea of adding two ... I think you may find the attached copy of interest and perhaps amusing. With kind regards. Sincerely yours, L. H. Farinholt Vice President Sloan Foundation To all medical psychologists: what is the vagus nerve syndrome that make a man "draw a long, deep breath"? Re Harrison Brown and the "woman astronomer" with a hyphenated name ...
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68. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... way, for in conclusion Hoffman writes: "Today nuclear weapons threaten to annihilate the human race. Mankind in Amnesia is a disgusting book because it infuses this threat with crack-pot psychology." The intelligent reader should conclude from this that a different kind of threat exists, a threat that followers of Velikovsky can do harm to the cause of nuclear disarmament. ... , of course, very much less of a mental shock than a cosmic catastrophe, but it is at least experimental proof (apparently the first!) of amnesia induced by psychological trauma. Continents in Collision source: Scientific American November 1982, p. 50 Normal tectonic theory posits continents growing slowly and steadily by the addition of sedimentary or crustal plate material ... and links in the message of Mankind in Amnesia. He relates the Freudian and Jungian basis for Velikovsky's ideas and states: "Unless one is prepared to write off both these psychologists and to discount the lemming-like syndrome urging humanity towards its doom, with the West and Russia cooperating in this suicidal purpose, his theories seem to deserve some attention." And ...
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... change from a grouping of three to a grouping of four is particularly satisfying because it includes the missing element for the first time in an integrated relationship. In terms of Jungian psychology, it is an archetypal move to fullness or wholeness, a reconciliation, and, in this case, a restoration of a beneficent previous order. This holds true in all ... , which I prefer to call aesthetic involvement. Virtually all literary criticism must restrict itself to this, as it has done since Aristotle. It is only with the advent of psychological and anthropological criticism that we have considered looking beneath the surface, beneath the conscious, to try to discover whether there are subterranean reasons why man creates art, and why his ... plays themselves and look at some of the larger implications of what I have just said. First, let us explore the relation between individual and collective human nature. Not all psychologists accept the idea of a subconscious or unconscious, but, for the sake of this paper, I will assume that it exists. if we go further and accept Jung's concept ...
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... is the governance of behavior by rules for preferring and achieving certain human and natural relations and states of being. Unfortunately the simplest, most general rules crack under the stress of psychology and anthropology. "Don't drive while drunk" is a reasonable rule. It should readily illustrate what Emmanuel Kant meant when he propounded his famous dictum: "Act only on ... philosophized. In the sequence of events, 1) to 12) it will be noticed that all processes are explained in natural terms, as instances of well known and common psychological and social dynamics. The supernatural is involved on the level of such fictions, concepts, perceptions, and illusions as are usually encountered in human psychic and social transactions. Moral ... and gain confidence and make predictions on the basis of their beliefs. Knowing that a person is an astrologist or, on the other hand, a fascist, enables the social psychologist to assert and predict with high probability that each will possess certain attitudes. The fascist believes in his leader as the possessor of semi- divine qualities, a superman. He ...
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