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... the Homeric epics, and early empires of the Near East. Johnson has done the same, in a less analytic manner, and the present author has concentrated especially upon the psychology of Moses and the Exodus [9. To Jaynes, the whole of these ancient cultures, perhaps from the dawn of mankind and certainly for the millennia before the eighth century ... schizophrenia, and has settled upon the brain-hemisphere split as the locus for the schizoid mental phenomena that we are discussing. In his view, iconoclastic and solitary in contemporary philosophical and psychological discussion, the human mind was behaving 'properly' in what may be recognized as 'the Golden Age of Saturn;' but then it was sent, even literally, upon the ... brought on by natural disasters. Nevertheless, one must consider the possibility that present and historical experiences of hell are part of the self-induced and socially induced mentation of schizophrenics. Most psychologists believe it probable (perhaps without considering actual prototypical experiences) that the idea of hell is manufactured and processed within the mind. There can be no question that large-scale disasters of ...
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... do so badly enough. The fact that our contemporary world is so extreme a chaos of wills and wants obscures the enormous potential that this age-old idea possesses when harnessed to modern psychology. "We demand a character for which our emotions and active propensities shall be a match. Small as we are, minute as is the point by which the cosmos impinges ... . He thought that it was an illusion of solar light playing upon a hole in the thick cloud canopy covering the Earth. That is, it was based on reality and psychologically perceived as an eye, and it is in keeping with the universal association fallacy: "like" means "same." Homeopathic magic, superstition, homeopathic medicine, and ... evils he perceives and whatever he likes as the cause of the good. Guilt and blame are displaced liberally upon his negatively construed objects. Everyday thought exhibits an abundance of what psychologists term "erratic cognition." Some Hindus say that "The Sun and the Moon rise and set only because the brahmin recites the Jayatri." The Aztecs, who were ...
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33. Home Ancestral [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... woman, who at first concealed that she had grown-up children in Tel-Aviv. The death of my mother coincided with my beginning to work in psychiatry. I was reading books on psychology and occupied myself with the problems of memory, subconscious mnemes, automatic actions, and telepathy. The books that I read about spiritualism though written by the detective mind of Sir ... it contained, discussed the themata with me at his home in Kuessnacht, close to Zurich, on Zurichsee, and invited me also to follow him to Lucerne, where a psychological convention was to take place. There we met again and he wrote a preface to my paper. In it he said that my work serves science by opening for discussion a ... creator of Sherlock Holmes, and quoting as confirmed spiritualists such authorities as Crookes and Oliver Lodge the physicists, Flammarion the astronomer, Richet the physiologist, or Weber or Fechner the psychologists did not convince me in the least: the messages of the deceased were just not worth dispatching, and the only feeling left was that from immemorial times from the days of ...
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34. No title [Mythopedia Website]
... voordoen: door ze logisch en systematisch te benaderen. Deze bewering sluit in zich dat de rol die het geloof in een maatschappij speelt in direct verband staat met verschillende sociologische en psychologische facetten van de maatschappij op dat moment, omdat ook die door de contemporaine logica gegenereerd worden. De logica oftewel de wijze van denken en dus de wereldbeschouwing heeft consequenties voor de ... moderne vorm van religie, die ook nog altijd in ontwikkeling is. Dat het doen van een schuldbelijdenis en de overgave aan God tot heil leiden valt wl te rijmen met de psychologie. Het gaat mij er nu om dat we de Bijbel op grote schaal onrecht aandoen als we hem verifieerbaar gezag op het terrein van de astronomie of natuurwetenschap toekennen. Nooit hoeven ... kunnen we over hem alleen maar spreken in bewoordingen van abstractie- alsof hij een kracht en een macht is- f in bewoordingen die de mens eigen zijn. Omdat nu het psychologisch vertroostende element in de omgang met God in het traditionele geloof te waardevol is om tot een onpersoonlijke entiteit gedegradeerd te worden, kiest men met de mensen uit de Bijbeltijd voor de ...
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35. Velikovsky's Dreamwork [Aeon Journal $]
... passion for the promotion of Judaism was much more central to his concerns than was the question of the collective unconscious, even though the problem of group mind would later dominate the psychological component of his catastrophism. He suggested that: the high incidence of word-plays in Hebrew-- is probably connected with the manner of thinking of the Jewish race; the tendency ... that he would later assume that seemingly concordant myths from widely separated peoples were either eye-witness accounts of global catastrophes or else extremely accurate racial memories of those events transmitted both socially and psychologically to the descendants of the witnesses. He never referred to his own work which cast doubt upon the assumption that commonalty of observation implies both similarity of experience and accuracy of reportage ... of free association to the dreamer after awakening in order to understand the dream. (1) He added that there was another point of view expressed, "which an experienced psychologist might also agree to: the interpretation of dreams could be suggestions which lead the actions and emotions of a person toward the interpreted direction." He failed, however, to ...
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36. Velikovsky in America [Aeon Journal $]
... letter of February 29, I like to give here an idea about my book "The Hatred" by attaching 1. a short resume of my paper read at the International psychology Congress, Paris, July 1937, and by adjoining 2. A chapter about jealousy (the only chapter printed). The book about the hatred is a new approach to ... It had little other value but to claim additional authority for Israel skywards as well as landwards." In essence, Freud had based his hypothesis on two lines of reasoning: psychological/folkloristic and historical/philological; and Velikovsky saw problems with them both. Freud's psychoanalytic approach to purely legendary stereotypes was invalid in the case of Moses because Freud regarded him ... Arabia to worship their volcano god. Velikovsky first read Freud's early chapters on this theme in Imago in the summer of 1937 while he was in Paris for the International Congress of Psychologists, but apparently he paid them little mind, being absorbed in his Introgenesis project (2) and his medical career; he was still the only practicing psychoanalyst in Palestine. ...
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37. Quantalism: The Big Picture [Aeon Journal $]
... the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities. Second, he was inter-disciplinary. He worked productively in the interface between sciences. Since psychiatry is the interface between psychology and medicine, he had to be thoroughly conversant (as he was) with both fields in order to build serviceable bridges between them. And third, he was trans-disciplinary. ... sedentary insects, ants as well as termites, numbering in the tens of millions, are so dense as to verge on the pathological. Pathology, of course, can be psychological as well as social-- that is, internal to the individual as well as external, occurring between individuals within a group. Among mammals, one of the conditions most ... , for dogs, is usually a human master). It characteristically takes the form of cringing or otherwise exhibiting a "hang-dog" attitude. The chief reason why some comparative psychologists deny the pathology of this behavior is that human conscience is widely regarded as an asset, and human loyalty as a virtue. But I concur with Arthur Koestler and others in ...
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... as the material conditions of study become more difficult and less amenable to continuous ordinary sense observation. We cannot go here into the progressive discoveries of the intervention of anthropo-sociology and especially psychology in the workings of natural science, citing the works of P. W. Bridgman and others, but we can, without fear of rebuttal, warn of the inevitable effects ... experimenters and researchers of their psychological as well as physical presence amidst the supposedly materially and logically observer-- proof conditions of scientific work. Already, then we have to be on the alert, in all that passes as science-applying-scientific-method so as to detect the interest that inspires the work and to discern the sometimes exceedingly subtle intervention of the mind in the process ... be a strong interest of the public. Nor are many astrophysicists preoccupied with voyages of a duration greater than a few seconds of a light-year. Nor are many political scientists or psychologists devoted to the attainment of utopias. That is, one can conceive of a flourishing science of theology that concerns itself hardly at all with proving hypotheses on the existence of the ...
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... , and the hope for the single critical test. In all of them we discover the intolerance of ambiguity which is a strong trait of the well-researched "authoritarian character" in psychology, and Deg alludes to the research in several of his early writings. There is, too, in all of them, an aversion to the close proximity of others, ... president and [an old friend, had accepted Prince's offer of $150,000 from an anonymous donor, as well as Prince's services as professor and director of a new psychological clinic that opened in 1927. Prince had insisted that it be attached to the College's Department of Psychology, perhaps as tangible fulfillment of his hope to include psychopathology within that discipline ... , would, like Dreyfuss and his family, have begged his supporters to retire from the scene. When he was writing Homo Schizo, Deg came upon the essays of the psychologist Morton Prince, edited by Nathan G. Hale, Jr., where material on multiple personality is contained. What Deg marked in the margin of the Introduction as "terrible ...
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40. Freud and Velikovsky Part I [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... 3 Moreover he had been willing to suppress it in order not to offend the Catholic church of his beloved home town-- the church of Adolf Hitler's lifelong devotion. Analytic psychology has suggested that the motive for Freud's last testament was a desire to instruct his disciples how to preserve the essentials of his doctrine after posterity had done its conventional philistine labors to ... did not shrink from defending him by contradicting him. Freud confessed how far his work ranged from the realm of science and the sanctity of truth, being "based only on psychological probabilities and lacking objective proof." 3 Moreover he had been willing to suppress it in order not to offend the Catholic church of his beloved home town-- the church ... , which his old friend Immanuel Velikovsky regarded as the greatest of our duties. The Passover Marvels was Dr. Feldman's first publication along this trail. He is married to a psychologist and father of three sons. Copyright© 1975by KRONOS Press, a division of Cosmos and Chronos. ...
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