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... once was much more religious than now. Geology and archaeology can demonstrate (with much more research than they are inclined to provide) the actual basis for enhanced early religion. Psychology and the history of religion can show how the religious mind has expectedly peaked in these actual stress periods and subsided when the strains relaxed. Practically all historians of religions of religion ... PART I. THEOMACHY: by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER SEVEN MAN'S DIVINE MIRROR No god is the same to any two people, nor to any two sects. This is a psychological fact, akin to saying that no two people share the same experience. It would be a more definitive statement if the gods existed in no other realm except the minds of ... if the surface of the Earth had not been blasted into metals and by metals from the skies. If this is a fact, then mankind would be historically as well as psychologically blessed by the gods. Fountains and springs of water erupted, too, in many places, even where the pre-existing waters had been diverted or buried, so that the gods ...
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... "A Collective Amnesia" he put forth a series of speculative and highly controversial psychological hypotheses, some of the implications of which I want to look at with you today. Psychology, and psychoanalysis in particular, can contribute in a number of ways to the study of Dr. Velikovsky's work. His theories, if they are looked at seriously, raise ... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS RECOLLECTIONS OF A FALLEN SKY VELIKOVSKY AND CULTURAL AMNESIA CHAPTER THREE PSYCHOLOGICAL ASPECTS OF THE WORK OF IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY John M. MacGregor Lecturer in Art and Psychiatry Ontario College of Art In that all of us come from different academic disciplines it seems necessary for me to identify myself and to explain my interest in Dr ... his speculative forays into the fields of anthropology and pre-history. In short, that the idea of inherited racial memory is the creation of Freud the novelist, rather than Freud the psychologist. Careful reading of all Freud's psychological oeuvre would quickly dispel this notion. The concept of phylogenetically inherited material is found everywhere in Freud and this despite the fact that he had ...
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... p. 383, W in C). Thus, the long awaited publication of Mankind in Amnesia was a welcome opportunity for those concerned to explore specific details of Velikovsky's new psychology. In this sense the book is clearly a disappointment. Unlike the volumes devoted to theory by his colleagues and immediate predecessors, Freud and Jung, Mankind in Amnesia is an ... aside: so too his many years of psychoanalytic practice and theoretical contributions which Freud published; likewise his seminal works in other psychoanalytic literature. The immediate connection between his cosmology and psychological science is not so compelling, perhaps, as the reconstructed scenario of interplanetary disasters. In his cardinal work, Worlds in Collision, Velikovsky himself only hints at the possibilities for ... common elements of imagery and emotion that characterize the human psyche. Velikovsky's contention that commonly experienced global catastrophes laid down the primary structure of the collective psyche offers a revolutionary insight to psychologists. Its importance is independent of the new perspectives required in science and history, and ultimately is more significant. Though acquired through conscious, historical experience, the memories underwent rapid ...
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24. Homo Schizo II: Foreword [Quantavolution Website]
... social experiments might ultimately reveal the limits of what humans could achieve and tolerate; we hope that they have not yet done so. Some 16,000 articles and reports in psychology were noted in Psychological Abstracts in 1979. None was grouped under the heading of "human nature." There was no such heading. In the area of information storage and ... , what is not indexed tends not to exist. Researchers usually follow marked paths. Lionel Tiger and Robin Fox presented a book on The Imperial Animal recently with nary a peep or growl about human nature, although, if I read it aright, that is precisely the subject. My teachers at the University of Chicago, a fashion leader in matters intellectual ... human race consists of those who are dangerously insane and those who aren't." Humans, that is, are naturally somewhat crazy, by all definitions of that term among practicing psychologists. A book on human nature, especially if it contains a theory of instincts, needs an apology. The International Encyclopedia of Social Sciences of 1968 carried no article on human ...
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... From: Kronos Vol. I No. 1 (Spring 1975) Home¦ Issue Contents Cosmology And Psychology Lewis M. Greenberg and Warner B. Sizemore Copyright© April, 1975 by Lewis M. Greenberg and Warner B. Sizemore "A Nameless fear grips all mankind..."- H. Focillon, The Year 1000 (1969) ... . Huxley, The Doors of Perception (1954) "Man's greatest instrument, his psyche, is little thought of, and it is often mistrusted and despised. 'It's only psychological' too often means: It is nothing."- C. G. Jung, Man and His Symbols (1964) "Like the early memory of a single man ... Cosmology And PsychologyY ...
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26. Casanova?s Eternal Chase [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... (even to himself) escape attempt using an officer ? s horse. The escape seems quite Irrational because it can only complicate his situation. However, we shall understand the psychology of this when we realize that it is a flight from marriage, from the commitment of oneself to one woman, from women altogether and from his dark impulses. In a ... woman or, worse still, you will imagine that I myself can change my sex.? This girl who speaks here through Casanova ? s pen is balking about some deeply psychological subjects here. The origins of paranoid insanity are also sketched here with an unsuspecting hand. And he also answers: ? If everything were as you say it is, then ... that which I told you I was, and cannot resolve to prove my disgrace to you, especially since I would risk to be pursued by your worthy self." Something psychologically revealing lies in her words. But he makes a few more passes at Bellino and draws back in fear. It seems that he recognizes the man. Then he allows Bellino ...
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... see the sources (explicit or implicit) of his more philosophical views. Too often his work is treated not as a genuine philosophy at all, but rather as an outmoded psychology which "lapses" now and again into metapsychology with philosophical overtones.(1) The latter has been especially the view of contemporary academic psychologists, and constitutes a rather perjorative ... in a letter to Fliess (Jan. 1, 1896) Freud wrote: I see that you are using the circuitous route of medicine to attain your first ideal, the psychological understanding of man, while I secretly nurse the hope of arriving by the same route at my own original objective philosophy. For that was my original ambition, before I knew ... , but rather as an outmoded psychology which "lapses" now and again into metapsychology with philosophical overtones.(1) The latter has been especially the view of contemporary academic psychologists, and constitutes a rather perjorative dismissal of Freud. No doubt the same would be said of Aristotle, Hegel or Nietzsche, were they the titular founders of the modern discipline ...
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... ammonia which are on Jupiter. By electrical discharges, hydrocarbons of heavy molecular weight can be created. NICHOL: Why such an emotional reaction? What do you think is the psychology behind the reaction, basically? VELIKOVSKY: There are a few things. One psychology behind this reaction: In the first place, you have to realize that a theory of ... how he can deal with this. How is he going to deal with this? VELIKOVSKY: First, you establish that traumatic experience, whether of a physical or of a psychological kind, very often leads to amnesia and that the task of the analysis is to bring the trauma back into the conscious mind. Later in his life, Freud came to ... only possibly be right on both those counts, but have additional theories about the Moon, about Saturn, Jupiter, ancient history, psychology or religion. He's overwhelmed by this psychologically. ROSE: Perhaps the first person to put his finger on this was Harlow Shapley when he said "that if Velikovsky is right the rest of us are crazy." ...
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... most famous heroes of antiquity. Nor are they of the so numerous type of military heroes. They are the active substances of the raging intellect, flourishing amongst squirmy snakes of psychology and religion. Should the temporal sequence be right, then the book would be valid, that Moses preceded Akhnaton and Akhnaton came before Oedipus. The legendary, historical, psychological ... archaeological evidence marched in brilliant composition and concordance on behalf of V .'s thesis. That Moses had come first follows from V .'s book, Ages in Chaos, already a decade old, which was to be read and to convince Deg in a matter of weeks. That the Oedipus legend developed after the history of Akhnaton was established in the book itself to ... about him, he would have replied that he had never heard of him. This may appear strange, considering that Deg was to be numbered, by whatever scales a social psychologist might invent to distinguish the "informed and involved" from the "ignorant and apathetic," as a high-scorer on information and involvement. He had enough children in the Princeton ...
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... seasons were reversed? According to Velikovsky, it was precisely events of that magnitude, all happening globally, which have impressed their nature into human affairs, human mythology, human psychology: One of the most terrifying events in the past of mankind was the conflagration of the world, accompanied by awful apparitions in the sky, quaking of the earth, vomiting ... re-ordered in terms of unique orientation or goal.(19) REFERENCES 1. Sigmund Freud, Moses and Monotheism, in Vol. XXIII of The Standard Edition of the Complete Psychological Works of Sigmund Freud, ed. James Strachey (London, 1964), p.80. 2. Sigmund Freud, Totem and Taboo: Some Points of Agreement Between the Mental ... styles, archaeological artifacts, philosophical discourses, songs, histories, and philologies. His researches led him to challenge the basic assumptions of astronomers, geologists, physicists, biologists, psychologists, historians, and other specialists. As William Mullen has pointed out, although Velikovsky's work was inter-disciplinary in the widest sense, his methodology was essentially historiographical.(18) ...
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