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41. Comets Contagion and Contingency [SIS Internet Digest $]
... in Collision a quarter of a century before, and which, were it to be commonly accepted as true, would require a similar cataclysmic revolution of accepted scientific dogma[2,3,4,5,6. Although Velikovsky and Hoyle and Wickramasinghe have mounted very different attacks on accepted cosmology, in particular the inspiration for the two theories (historical in the case of Velikovsky and astronomical for Hoyle and Wickramasinghe) is quite different, the theories have curious similarities. Both of these extraordinary cosmologies attack accepted theories of evolution and palaeontology, both accept the possibility of extra-terrestrial life (although this has differing degrees of importance for the two theories), both have led the authors to make successful predictions about other members of the solar system (Venus, Jupiter and the moon in the case of Velikovsky, Halley's comet in the case of Hoyle and Wickramasinghe), and both sets of authors have found their predictions explained away after they have been fulfilled[7,8. A final irony, which would not, however, surprise Immanuel Velikovsky, is that ...
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42. Lyall Watson Website [SIS Internet Digest $]
... the feet of an old Zulu who taught me to seize every moment, but also helped me to recognize the ones that are best left alone. I was sent to boarding school in Cape Town to be civilised. It didn't take, but I learned the game well enough to earn a degree in botany and zoology in 1958, before going on to study medicine. That was fun, but I missed the wild- and the luxury of having more than one species in my life. So I switched to an apprenticeship in palaeontology under my anatomy professor, Raymond Dart- the discoverer of Australopithecus, the first African hominid. This led to anthropological studies in Germany and Holland, and I ended up earning a Doctor of Philosophy degree in ethology under the exciting supervision of Desmond Morris at the London Zoo. While involved in archaeological fieldwork in Jordan in 1967, I was invited to direct the rebuilding of a major zoo in Johannesburg. And that led (it's a long story) to my appointment as a presenter and producer of documentary programs for BBC Television ...
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43. Genesis Research & Education Foundation [SIS Internet Digest $]
... (1) Scientific& archaeological research into origins; (2) Education about origins research, examining the philosophical, religious& ethical implications; (3) Humanitarian application of origins research to medical, agricultural& environmental concerns. As well as primary research, we provide multi-media presentations& field expeditions for the public, and educational equipment, training& support for students. Our facilities include a laboratory, museum& computer rooms; multi-media resources, a library& an archive. We have a growing collection of biological, geological, palaeontological& archaeological artifacts. Our current research interests include: (1) The evolution of co-adapted gene complexes, with special reference to the discontinuous nature of both living and fossil taxa. (2) Mathematical theories of the nature of space-time and its relation to matter and energy. (3) The New Chronology of the Third Intermediate Period of Egypt, and its implications for the archaeology of the Levant. Genesis Research& Education Foundation, PO Box 300, London, SE11 5WP Tel: 020-7620 3421, ...
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44. The Book Case [Kronos $]
... Associates. [* !* Image INSERT KII2_114.TIF HERE Coming Soon from Doubleday... Immanuel Velikovsky's PEOPLES OF THE SEA Vol. IV in the Ages in Chaos Series. Ask for it in your local bookstore or library; or write to Doubleday& Co., Garden City, N. Y. 11535. The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs by Adrian J. Desmond. Available from The Dial Press, New York, N. Y.; 238 pages plus index. In hard cover only. $12.95. "A Revolution in Palaeontology"-- highly recommended. The Sirius Mystery by Robert K. G. Temple. Available from St. Martin's Press, Inc.,175 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 10010. In hard cover only.$ 10.95. The latest and one of the best of the many books to deal with the question: Has the Earth, some time in the past, been visited by intelligent beings from another world. In this case, the region of the star Sirius comes under scrutiny. ...
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45. The Book Case [Kronos $]
... "... provides an engrossing account of the momentous disasters in our history as it pinpoints much of the current research on their prevention, prediction and impact." Velikovsky Reconsidered by the Editors of Pensee. Available in soft cover from Warner Books, N. Y., N. Y. $2.25. The Hot-Blooded Dinosaurs by Adrian J. Desmond. Available from The Dial Press, New York, N. Y.; 238 pages plus index. In hard cover only. $12.95. "A Revolution in Palaeontology"-- highly recommended. The Sirius Mystery by Robert K. G. Temple. Available from St. Martin's Press, Inc., 175 Fifth Ave., New York, N. Y. 10010. In hard cover only. $10.95. The latest and one of the best of the many books to deal with the question: Has the Earth, some time in the past, been visited by intelligent beings from another world. In this case, the region of the star Sirius comes under scrutiny. ...
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46. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... but some progress is evident. The work is translated from the German edition published in 1965, so it is not fully up-to-date and there is a shortage of English material in the bibliography; nevertheless it is recommended as a popular account of the subject. GROWTH RHYTHMS AND THE HISTORY OF THE EARTH'S ROTATION edited by G. D. Rosenberg and S. K. Runcorn Wiley 1975. Using the history of the Earth's rotation as a unifying theme, the editors present a collection of papers spanning various aspects of geophysics, astronomy, palaeontology and biology which survey methods of measuring the Earth's rotation, past and present. The direct techniques comprise biological growth increment measurement and ancient and modern astronomical observations, while the indirect methods involve theoretical calculations based on geophysical assumptions such as tidal friction, planetary expansion, decay of gravity and convection within the Earth. A useful- and interdisciplinary- handbook for those interested in Earth history. \cdrom\pubs\journals\review\v0105\20books.htm ...
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... methods may be unsound. (Based on Talk given to SIS Meeting in 1982) Moe M. Mandelkehr: An Integrated Model for an Earthwide Event at 2300 BC, Part II: Climatology 34 The second of his series of articles detailing the evidence for a major disruptive event at around 2300 BC, Moe Mandelkehr presents here very considerable climatological evidence to the effect that world climate altered dramatically at that time. Trevor Palmer: The Cautious Revolutionary 34 A portrait of the colourful Stephen J. Gould: Dr Palmer shows how this famous palaeontologist is really a catastrophist at heart. Cover photograph: Squatting statue of the architect, Senenmut, nurturing the child of Queen Hatshepsut (from the Egyptian Museum) -David Rohl (c) Copyright: Society for Interdisciplinary Studies 1987 ISSN 0953-0053 Editor: Bernard Newgrosh Editorial Address: C/o Derek Shelley-Pearce, 29 Cudham Lane North, Orpington, Kent BR6 6BX UK Editorial Consultants: David Rohl (ancient history) Michael Reade (observational astronomy) Production Assistant: Ditas Rohl Illustrations: Jill Abery Peter van der Veen Photography: David ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  01 Sep 2004  -  4k  -  URL:
... The swing in the early nineteenth century by geologists to concepts of uniformity and geological ages influenced the palaeoecological interpretation of Spirorbis. Obviously the "bog theory" of coal formation cannot accommodate the abundant presence of a marine organism. Through the years this small annelid has been declared a salt-water worm throughout the geologic column except in the coal measures, where the supposed evidences for the in situ origin of coal made difficult the interpretation of Spirorbis at its face value [9. Consequently, seemingly without much question on the part of geologists and palaeontologists through the decades, this worm when found in coal and coal-bearing rocks has been designated a fresh-water dweller. This position has been taken despite the facts: (a) that Spirorbis today is completely limited to the marine environment. (b) that it reproduces by means of a trochophore larva, which, though characteristic of several marine phyla, is unknown for any fresh water invertebrates, and (c) that it is associated with obviously marine organisms throughout the geologic column, including the Carboniferous period. This highly questionable interpretation ...
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49. Briefings [SIS C&C Review $]
... of these paper boats of theories is not solely in the hands of their constructors: they can't ensure that they will stay afloat if the evidence turns out to be against them. Indeed, their immediate job is not so much to argue that their theories are correct as to persuade other people that they are sufficiently interesting to be taken seriously and then tested. Nobody at this stage can tell whether the theory the Alvarezes have launched will stay afloat or eventually sink. But if they can capture the interest of others- geologists and palaeontologists in particular- there is no doubt that a lot more will be known about the details of the Cretaceous- Tertiary extinction. To travel, so to speak, is in itself worthwhile, even if it might be better to arrive." We wonder: Does Maddox know all the "rules of the game"?- R. M. L. \cdrom\pubs\journals\review\v0402to3\72brief.htm ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  05 Mar 2003  -  15k  -  URL:
50. Horizons [SIS C&C Review $]
... Home¦ Issue Contents Horizons FORTEAN TIMES, The Journal of Strange Phenomena, c/o D.T.W.A.G.E., 9-12 St Anne's Court, London, W. 1. One year (four issues):£4.00/$10.00(airmail $17.50). Continues its work as the leading Fortean journal, and is settling down into its improved format. Issue No. 31 (Spring 1980) includes a report on China's elusive hominoid or "Wildman", by YUAN ZHENXIN and HUANG WANPO of the Institute of Palaeoanthropology and Vertebrate Palaeontology, Chinese Academy of Sciences; "Gateways to Mystery" by DAVID FIDELER, which ties together Fortean phenomena, electromagnetic anomalies and legendary material; and "The Touch of Death" by MICHAEL GOSS, reviewing the evidence for quasi-paranormal martial arts skills. The issue is rounded off with a wide-ranging selection of intriguing notes on ball lightning, mystery cats, name coincidences, UFOs, homunculi and other "damned" phenomena, letters, book reviews and some entertaining cartoons. In Issue 32, for Summer 1980: major articles on ...
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