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... "Proceedings of the 1993 Cambridge Conference" Home¦ Issue Contents Bronze Age Multi-Site Destructions (A Preliminary Review) Robert M. Porter Introduction I shall consider the events at or near the ends of the Early Bronze, Middle Bronze and Late Bronze Ages, attempting to update Claude Schaeffer's major work [1. The full title, in English, of Professor ... link is the use at both sites of a type of pottery called 'Khirbet Kerak ware', which is an attractive but poorly fired red and black burnished ware probably originating in eastern Anatolia and found all the way south to Palestine. However, further excavation reports have appeared, more pottery comparisons have been made and it is now usual to equate the first ... of the rebuilt cities, perhaps using the old population as slave labour. This phenomenon is well documented at Ebla, for example [17, and is found at various sites eastwards across northern Syria and northern Mesopotamia, and southwards at places such as Qatna, Hazor and Yavneh Yam in SW Palestine. I believe the largest is at Qatna and is about ...
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92. Deportations in the Neo-Assyrian Empire [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... the manner in which deportations were executed. Deportation of captured peoples was not an invention attributed to the Neo-Assyrian period. There are other documented cases of this activity in the Ancient Near East. The first time this practice was described in Mesopotamia was during the reign of the Akkadian king, Rimus, where he wrote that he conquered several Babylonian cities and deported ... ." iNkS, 32 (1973), 70-95. A detailed discussion of the position and treatment of early Mesopotamian deportees. 6.1. B. Pritchard, The Ancient Near Eastern Texts. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1955, 204. 7. Deuteronomy 28:58. 8.A. K. Grayson, Assyriatz Royal Inscriptions. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz, ... to maintain their huge empire and therefore greatly benefited from their conquered peoples. REENA ZEIDMAN has just completed her Honours B.A. at the University of Toronto in Judajc Studies and Near Easteriz Studies. She spent one year studying at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and plans to enter a Master 's program in September 1985 ...
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... highly pressurised chemical compounds of the kind reappearing in more familiar modified forms in the crust. A discontinuity occurs where the Mantle's upper surface and the crust's underside meet (actually very near the Earth's surface [4): the 'Mohorovicic Discontinuity', often referred to as the 'Moho' line. It shows evidence of viscosity which, under extreme stress, could ... . Generally coeval analogous effects also separated northern Australia from the island of New Guinea [48, 49, 50, while the slightly earlier drowning of the territory now submerged between eastern New Guinea and Melanesia (Bismarck Archipelago and the Solomon Islands) and extending northwards to neighbouring Micronesia (now mostly represented by the Caroline Islands) is part of the same story ... inner core, the surface of which is probably not completely smooth [12. Although the outer core rotates more slowly than the inner one [13, both rotate in an eastwards direction and together form the 'geodynamo' [14. This rotational differential and also that between the Mantle and the Core as a whole, generate Earth's magnetic field [15, ...
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94. Mass Movements in Level Areas [Catastrophism Geology $]
... ) investigated this problem at the eastern edge of the area shown in fig. 4, and states that similar buried brook valleys also exist in the Province of Noord Brabant, near the boundary with Belgium.. He found that the 'hidden' parts of the valleys were buried below so-called 'old arable land'. This, in our model, would indicate ... with the estero formation described in an earlier paper (Goosen, 1972) is drawn. These esteros are shallow, wide and flat-bottomed valleys developed in the level Orinoco plains of eastern Colombia. I have forwarded the hypothesis that they were formed through successive liquefaction and soil flow that sculptured them out of the land. Both the soil properties with regard to susceptibility ... younger units have a local, autochtonous, origin. But the mineralogical composition shows a clear differentiation into three groups from north to south; the boundaries between these groups are oriented east-west (Crommelin, p. 144). The hypothesis favouring a local origin also clashes with the general morphology of the terrain. If the Coversands were 1 of local origin, ...
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... would we say that this curmudgeonly old rebel had a cause after all?" In setting-up this debunking, Rowan-Robinson committed his most serious gaffe by referring to a comet passing "near the Earth in classical times causing chaos." Since classical times post date the 7th century B. C., when the last Velikovskian catastrophe occurred, the frame of reference ... the same time, ZS began a dialogue on Velikovsky which continued into issue No. 5 (December 1979). Address: Dr. Marcello Truzzi, Department of Sociology, Eastern Michigan University, Ypsilanti, MI 48197. 106. Skeptical Inquirer, Vol. III, No. 2 (Winter 1979), pp. 68-70. 107. Physics Today ... Velikovsky; obviously, many will deny this. Analog declined to print any letters commenting on this paean. The January 1980 issue contains a brief review of Broca's Brain by Tom Easton.(96) The ease with which he accepts Sagan's dismissal of Velikovsky is a distinct contrast to the objective set out in the issue's editorial. There, Stanley Schmidt wrote ...
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96. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... rather than the conventional tens of millions of years from red giant to dense dwarf) and at last a most plausible explanation is arrived at. Dendrochronology Reaffirmed source: JOURNAL OF NEAR EASTERN STUDIES 44:4 (October 1985), pp.295-317 If there have been doubts as to the accuracy and validity of carbon-14 dating, and in particular to the application of ... calibration curves to correct the secular variation in carbon-14, these must surely have been dispelled. In a superbly presented and highly readable paper (surprising for such a technical subject), Ian M.E. Shaw of the University of Cambridge presents the conclusions of comparing the recent Irish Oak calibration to the older sequoia and bristlecone pine ones. It is clear from these ... in the equatorial region of Mars. Likewise, a study of grazing impacts (e.g. due to satellites in decaying orbits) show two distinct patterns, with recent trajectories being east-west and old ones north-south. The conclusion, remarkable indeed, is that the entire lithosphere must have shifted in relation to the spin axis. Schultz notes that polar wandering is known ...
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... , provided it can be shown that Iron Age III B began much later than 720 BC; we must show, in fact, that it was a very short period beginning near the end of the following century. At the beginning of Iron Age III B there appears in Palestine a type of pottery known as Assyrian Palace Ware. Until recently, this ... time in the conventional scheme are rather poor [32 In the revised scheme, we may attribute to Solomon the impressive stone terrace system of LBA date excavated by Kenyon on the eastern ridge [33. In fact, this is probably the "Millo" which Solomon is said to have built (I Kings 9:15, 24; II:27 ... north-east as Tiphsah, which is probably to be identified with Thapsacus, "an important crossing in the west bank of the Middle Euphrates... placed strategically on a great east-west trade route" [26. The Bible adds extra detail concerning Gezer: namely, that Solomon rebuilt it after it had been captured and burnt by the Pharaoh, who had ...
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... object". Like others before him, he merely asserted that the ark still rested on the mountain: "In Armenia there is a noble city called Ani... Near it is Mount Ararat, where Noah's ark rests, and at the foot of that mountain is the first city which Noah built, called Laudume." (12) According ... Ararat. The expedition's aim, of course, was a new attempt to convince the world that the remains of Noah's ark were still lodged upon Ararat's slopes in what is now eastern Turkey. This particular venture was headed by former U. S. astronaut James Irwin. Unfortunately, Irwin fell from an ice ridge while approaching the summit up its north side ... later, it "looked more like a flat bottomed barge" than anything else.(35) Elfred Lee, one of the ark researchers who interviewed the aged Hagopian in Easton, Maryland, in 1970, drew a sketch of the ark as described by the Armenian. This sketch has since been published in "several magazines".(36) ...
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99. Pot Pourri [SIS C&C Review $]
... America by Columbus and early Spanish explorers with pre-Atlantic-Slave-Trade Africans [13. These straws in the wind fail to accord with the traditional diffusionist school, which sees civilisation radiating from the Near East, west to Africa and Europe, east across the Pacific which, however, proves an impassable obstacle from the opposite direction [14. Eden in the East Further exploration ... if any) must have been sterile. 80% of Europeans are descended from the Palaeolithic pre-agricultural population; only 20% can be related to 'waves of migration' of Middle Eastern Neolithic agriculturalists displacing pre-existing populations. Y-chromosone tracking confirms this is as true for patriarchal as for matriarchal descent. Blood grouping proves the Basques to be the oldest surviving European group: ... Asia, not China' and much earlier than formerly believed, while his 'analysis of folklore links- building on [Sir James Frazer' s pioneering work- confirms a prehistoric East-West connection and provides a logical basis for the original meaning of much Western myth and folklore'. The 263 pages of Part II cover flood myths from around the world, then ...
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... , having been originally ejected from Jupiter, came to interfere with the orbit of Mars on February 26, 747 B. C. According to astrophysics, if there was a near collision, the present orbits, retrojected to the assumed time of the near collision, should indicate proximity. Kugler had his doubts about the meaning of the era of Nabonassar, ... the earth was hit by the tail of a comet on April 13. According to Kugler, the crisis described as the Battle of the Stars began with the appearance in the eastern sky of a body as bright as the sun and similar in apparent diameter to the sun and the moon. The light of the sun was replaced by long streams of flame ... But many years of experience with the decipherment of cuneiform documents that concern the astronomical and astromythological conceptions of the Babylonians have taught me that, in the system of ideas of the Easterners and of the ancient Orientals in particular, there is much that seems nonsensical to us Occidentals, but is in reality within the realm of factual foundations and sound logic. When ...
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