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161. PREFACE [Dawn of Astronomy (Book)] [Books]
... leisure moments during the past three years to see whether any ideas could be obtained as to the early astronomical views of the Egyptians, from a study of their temples and the mythology connected with the various cults. How I came to take up this inquiry may be gathered from the following statement:-- It chanced that in March, 1890, during ... doing this, the Egyptologist, on his part, must look through the inscriptions with reference to the suggestions which lie on the surface of the inquiry. The astronomical and associated mythological data want bringing together. One part of that work will consist in arranging tables of synonyms like those to which I presently refer in the case of the goddesses. My own ... to be obtained from all these and other sources, including the old Egyptian calendars, and to compare the early Babylonian results with those which are to be gathered from the Egyptian myths and temple-orientations. It will, I think, be clear to anyone who reads this volume that its limits and the present state of our knowledge have only allowed me really to ...
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... other times incorporating modern iconoclastic approaches, but as a rule it has been much more difficult to say what myth is than what it is not. No generally satisfactory explanation of mythology has thus far appeared.... Only by... a rigorous study of the myths of peoples with the most diverse cultures-- can the problems presented by ... The audiences, therefore, were accustomed to perceiving the plays as symbols expressing a universal reality. There was no need for Shakespeare to interpret for his audience: they felt the mythic content of his plays. And though myth may smolder only feebly in the present-day audience, we still respond, despite our intellectual sophistication, to the archetypes in Hamlet.( ... in support will be offered through a comparative study of the play's sources. There appear to be strong lines of connection between Hamlet, its literary and historical antecedents, and certain myths and religious stories, some appearing in cultures widely separated from Shakespeare in place and time. The nature of these connections is the topic of this chapter, for only in certain ...
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163. The River of Ocean [SIS C&C Review $]
... are 'modern sophisticated literary devices'. Not so, however, in the case of the 'ocean encircling the land'. As Boyles himself noted in reply: "In Norse mythology (i.e. that of a sea-oriented people) the great serpent of Midgard was practically synonymous with the encircling ocean." [5 Again, and as we shall see, ... falling 'stars' and darkened 'sun' do not necessarily imply that the clash took place among them but only that 'sun' and 'stars' were affected by it. In a mythological sense, this is quite acceptable). Granted- the cosmic stage of this gotterdammerung can still be inferred through comparison with similar epics from other parts of the world, but ... the 'dweller in the fiery circle' [41. Here the 'fiery' aspect of the serpent is akin to the 'bright' or 'shining' nature of the snake in other myths. The analogy to a bright circle of light can hardly be escaped. To this corresponds the 'fiery circle' within which Ra was said to have dwelled. And does not ...
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164. Chapter XXI: Star-Cults [Dawn of Astronomy (Book)] [Books]
... be made any clearer by the fact that Hathor (and, therefore, Isis) was worshipped under different names in every nome. Lanzoni, in his admirable volumes on Egyptian mythology, gives us, not dealing with the matter from this point of view at all, no less than twenty-four variants for Hathor! In the temple at Edf no less than ... the mythology retains the idea of the cow, the cow gradually appearing from behind the western hills. There is not a doubt; I think, that the basis of this mythological representation was, that the temple which was built to observe the rising of the star at a time perhaps; somewhat later than that given by Biot (3285 B.C.) ... one of the most ordinary forms of Hathor is a hippopotamus. There is evidence that the star we are considering, g Draconis, occupied the place of the head or the mythical headgear. Here, then, in the actual symbolism of Hathor we find g Draconis as distinctly pointed to as by the orientation of the temples. The Cow of Isis The ...
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... while, as a god of war and reaper of dragons he seems to be a personification of the planet Mars.(13) While such duality is not uncommon in world mythology, it arouses our suspicions that the myth of Vahagn may originate in confused folk memories of two catastrophes, i.e., the one caused by the near approach of Venus c ... interpret the birth of Vahagn-Mars-Venus in accordance with the theory of "natural revolution" involving celestial catastrophes as put forth by Immanuel Velikovsky. Have we here, indeed, merely a mythological account of "the miraculous birth of the one universal fire stolen from the sun" as Ananikian suggests, or is it in reality, a description of two great catastrophes blended ... one and rendered in the only terminology which the survivors were able to use? A thorough examination of the mythologies of all nations for similar accounts in reference to the various local gods of war may well provide fruitful supports for Velikovsky's hypotheses in regard to the activities of both Venus and the red planet.(18) REFERENCES AND NOTES 1. M.H. ...
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166. Origins of the Red Dragon Symbol? [SIS Internet Digest $]
... McBeath points out, there is precious little other reason for it to have become such an important symbol otherwise- and it plays a very minor role in the rest of Celtic mythology. It is obvious by the term Pendragon (translated correctly as 'chief-dragon') that this was a term used to describe a powerful, if not the most powerful, warlord ... failures in the following years. This is also the date given generally to the year of birth of the poet Myrddyn (Merlin of Arthurian myth). Admittedly Myrddyn has more mythological importance than historical- but the co-incidence of the dates are revealing. As you know the prophecy of Myrddin is famously concerned with dragons, so the date could have a deeper ... that Alastair McBeath gives the date 537 as referring to a siting of a celestial object (probably a comet) as having a bearing on the origin of some dragon- related myths. In 'Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire', Gibbon (Pelican abridgement, Low. D.M., 1960, p. 580) refers to this very date as ...
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... From: Aeon IV:2 (Aug 1995) Home¦ Issue Contents A General Introduction to Amazon Mythology in the Greco-Roman World Tammy Jo Eckhart INTRODUCTION In dictionaries and encyclopedias, Amazons are described as a race of mythological female warriors. (1) It is amazing that, even in the academic fields of Classics, Classical Studies, and Ancient History ... this seems to be the extent of general knowledge concerning the Amazon mythology of the Greco-Roman World. This is not to say that dissertations on the subject are unavailable. (2) The topic has in fact been broached by various scholars, most of whom seem content to analyze a line or two of text, or argue over whether or not such a ... Greco-Roman world, in order to show the need for examining the sources thoroughly before tackling arguments concerning the possible historical existence of the Amazons and the original frame of reference for the myths. It is the hope of this writer that the present paper will increase the reader's general understanding of the subject while igniting further interest in the research which has consumed the past ...
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... related, and I would suggest that the Minotaur is a mythical caricature of a once great god. The motif of a god assuming bovine form is a common one in Greek mythology, the tale of Zeus' rape of Europa being one famous example. Dionysus was also well-known for his bovine appearance.(5) Thus, in the mystic rites of ... the fundamental protagonists of ancient myth. Thus, according to him, it was the celestial fireworks associated with Athena as the planet Venus that inspired several of the greatest of Greek myths. There can be little doubt that Velikovsky's acumen in this area will one day revolutionize the study of ancient religion and history. I too believe that many ancient myths originated in ... death of the Minotaur, whereupon he wedded Ariadne.(4) Clearly then, the Minotaur and Dionysus are somehow related, and I would suggest that the Minotaur is a mythical caricature of a once great god. The motif of a god assuming bovine form is a common one in Greek mythology, the tale of Zeus' rape of Europa being one ...
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169. Heaven's Mirror [SIS Internet Digest $]
... and below-- two aspects of a single sphere --as I'll attempt to illustrate in later notes. The most common use of the phrase "heaven and earth" in world mythology will concerns the "separation of heaven and earth," but when the myths are examined in context, they are not always saying exactly the same thing, though paradoxically they ... referring to the same events: formation of the cosmic column and the appearance of the crescent on Saturn. In fact, the arrival of the crescent on Saturn, the "separation of heaven and earth, and the beginning of time (that is, time emerging from the timeless epoch) mean the same thing. Two different nuances will typically go together ... so long as the condition prevailed, the movement of the crescent through the daily cycle could only be as depicted. Hence the test of the model are highly specific. Any mythical interpretation of the crescent must reveal the unusual movement of the crescent implied by the model. This includes: direction of movement, relation of the crescent-form to a central orb or ...
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170. Saturn's Sacred Mountain [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... I postulate that Saturn's Polar configuration also included a mountain that was worshiped as God, a concept which became the central organizing principle of social culture and civilization through the agency of mythology. If this postulate is meant to claim priority, as personal correspondence proves, [11 it comes somewhat late. Both Talbott's model and mine incorporated the World or Cosmic Mountain ... Velikovsky's postulate that the planet Venus was ejected from Jupiter. [18 Velikovsky's main evidence for this came from the Greek myth of Athene's birth from the head of Zeus. Other mythological evidence supplied by Velikovsky to support this tenet has already been discounted. [19 The myth of Athene's birth is also contested by alternative Greek beliefs which make of Athene a child ... physical uplift of land or not, cannot be understood as a phenomenon in isolation. The very mechanics which sustained it were directly coupled to the spinning northern body above it. Mythologically, this Saturnian configuration was originally conceived as a single entity, complete and undivisible, male while yet female, dual but one. [17 Later, and to others, ...
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