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71. A Reply to Stiebing [Pensee]
... premature to pronounce a verdict, apart from the fact that the historical and literary evidence employed in volume I of Ages in Chaos was sufficient to start an unbiased student of ancient history on the way to questioning the stability of the conventional scheme of things. SOME PARALLEL TEXTS Exodus 7:21...there was blood throughout all the land of Egypt. Papyrus ... in Chaos and the stratigraphical record In issue #5 of the Pensee series dedicated to the reexamination of my theses, W. H. Stiebing arrived at the conclusion that the historical reconstruction of Ages in Chaos "cannot be reconciled with the stratigraphical evidence of archaeology." By stratigraphical evidence are usually meant mute artifacts, mostly pottery. The effort in my ... almost in every year-while the conventionally written history is lacking a single contact between these two chronologies on the long expanse of many centuries. And as with those two lands and their histories, the entire Ancient East is emerging in the reconstruction free from innumerable problems and confusion which I elucidate in Ages in Chaos. With this the challenge by Dr. Stiebing is ...
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... the 'New Chronology' which has been offered as a replacement for Velikovsky's now generally discarded 'Revised Chronology', itself put together twixt 1944 and 1978. Many new theories for the history of the ancient world are emerging, inspired by notions that Velikovsky lost the plot in at least his last two books [2 and some claim glaring inconsistencies in his first [ ... New Kingdom. Unfortunately, his important 1977-1978 submissions stood alongside a flagrantly erroneous idea (without which his original arguments could have been developed very nicely). Velikovsky's notion of a historical 'alter ego and duplicated dynasties' package was plainly wrong. Regrettably, instead of stimulating a healthy debate, at this point unusual factors combined to have the baby thrown out with ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1999:1 (Jul 1999) Home¦ Issue Contents Another Velikovsky Affray: the Histories by Dale F. Murphie Introduction My critique of David Rohl's A Test of Time [1 presented objections to the 'New Chronology' which has been offered as a replacement for Velikovsky's now generally discarded 'Revised Chronology', itself put ...
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73. From Myth to a Physical Model [Aeon Journal $]
... collective memory of man as he strove to align himself with the experienced powers, to be true to the gods. For modern science, this is an utterly unknown dimension of history, and it is therefore necessary to temporarily hold in suspension all prior beliefs about the past. Not in the sense that we abandon reason or ignore physical principles once and for ... is the discussion of elaborate physical models based on a few mythical fragments. This kind of discussion is not only generally useless but easily leads to self-deception: it implies that complex historical questions can be answered by abstract logic, or by mathematical or physical demonstration. But there are a thousand abstract possibilities, and that doesn't make any of them true. Moreover ... case of the Egyptian Ra, the prototype of the good king, or Shu or Horus, prototypes of the hero Hercules, you can see this transformation clearly in the classical histories of Egypt. Similarly, all of the personalities and motifs associated with the great queens and princesses of folk tale will be found in the images of the Egyptian Nut, Isis ...
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... 330 BC)? Nobody could satisfactorily answer this question. The excavators resorted to the assumption of that they were heirlooms. Thus some strata 1,500 years earlier in Hazor's history would contain the mass of Old-Babylonian tablets from which the few found had mysteriously filtered to the tell's Persian period level. The excavators were not happy with this ad hoc hypothesis. ... well preserved in the Median ('Mitannian') strata of Scythopolis=Beth Shean [35. Because of all this evidence I utterly disagree with the conventional conviction that 'we have no historical evidence to associate the fourteenth-century Amarna letters and the 'apiru mentioned in them with the origins of Israel' [36. This 'fourteenth-century' date is derived from pseudo-astronomical chronology schemes of ... the Old-Akkadians (-2350), are dated by Egyptology's Sothic scheme. From the outset this pseudo-astronomical dating method did not convince trained astronomers (e.g. Neugebauer [13) or astronomy-minded historians [14, 15, 16, 17, 18. Old-Akkadians (-2350 to -2200) and Old-Babylonians (-2000 to -1700), on the other hand, are dated by Bible fundamentalism ...
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75. The Holy Land [The Saturn Myth] [Books]
... Land' par excellence, prototype (75) of all other 'Holy Lands,' the spiritual centre to which all other centres are subordinated." Through identification, the sacred history of the race or nation merges with the history of the gods, for each organized community viewed itself as a duplication of the celestial "race." Each line of historical ... leads back to a first king who is not a man, but Saturn, the supreme power of heaven; in the same way, the race as a whole traces its ancestry to a generation of gods or semidivine beings who inhabited the "earth" raised in the creation. By this universal tendency, Saturn's paradise becomes the ancestral land, the place ... kingdom and the celestial prototype was a natural result of the inseparable bond between the two. The local habitation inherited the mythical character of the celestial, so that the divergent actual histories of ancient nations lead back to one universal history. It is in this sense that one must understand the legends of the first kings and primeval generations. Many Egyptian texts, ...
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76. The Thirteenth Theory of the Hyksos [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... justify annoying the public with a thirteenth theory on the identity of the Hyksos? Would it not be more appropriate to accept the fact 'that a solution to this enigma of world history lies beyond the scope' (Beckerath, 1964, p. 113) of scholarship? Yet, the author felt encouraged to approach the problem afresh because the classical tools of ... world is usually not confronted with the above stratigraphic evidence in the ground but is offered excavation reports that add periods to the strata actually found. This stretching of the sites' historical duration is done to satisfy the textbook chronology ideas that the excavators have in their minds before their work begins. Instead of testing the chronographers' ideas by their own archaeological results ... , palaeography, glyptic, pottery, weaponry, architecture (Kaplan, 1975) and many other technologies point to the contemporaneity of Hyksos and Old-Akkadians. Yet, it is Old-Akkadian historiography which provides the decisive clue for the identity of the two nations. Manetho claimed that the Hyksos were the earliest Asians to occupy Egypt. Who were the earliest Asians to claim ...
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... quantavolutionary paradigm. To take a seemingly removed case, political science, in both its historical and contemporary materials, must consider many aspects of quantavolution-- legends, distortions of history, movements generated by the belief in the immediacy of catastrophe, the behavior of not only politicians but also seemingly far-removed scientists who are consciously and unconsciously influenced by catastrophic ideas in ... imagination, every scientific and humanistic discipline has many concerns to take from and give to the quantavolutionary paradigm. To take a seemingly removed case, political science, in both its historical and contemporary materials, must consider many aspects of quantavolution-- legends, distortions of history, movements generated by the belief in the immediacy of catastrophe, the behavior of not ... Thomas Jefferys, Harrold Jehovah Jehovah's Witnesses Jeremiah Jerico Jeroboam Jerome, Saint Jerusalem Jesus (Christ) jet-rain jet-stream, atmospheric jewelry jewelry, celestial jewelry, motifs jewelry, uses Jewish historiography Jewish history Jewish legends Jewish, calendars and festivals Jewish, cosmic philosopy Jewish, mysticism Jews Jews, early wandering Job Job, Book of Johanson, Donald O. John, ...
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78. The Mosaic Calendar [Aeon Journal $]
... other than this one sect, no one has ever read the text this way, and Aitchison should at the very least attempt to defend the premise against the entire weight of history which opposes it. He might even succeed, but I think it is very inappropriate to write an article of this sort and simply ignore the way the text has been understood ... this argument." [10 That being the case-- since he makes no attempt to support the claim, and since modern practice negates the claim, and since no historical sources exist that would indicate that his claim was ever true-- he has refuted his own hypothesis very nicely. Aitchison further claims that: "Abib 10, 14 and ... even awe, for this remarkable and distinctive aspect of ancient Judaism. Indeed, it will soon be reasonably well known that my writings on chronological matters strongly and consistently support the historicity of the Old Testament account. If this current article, through brevity and consequent paucity of some detail (there were 18 references in the 3 pages offered) gives a different ...
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... cities continued to rise for many days after the event.(181) 14. The Sources Did the catastrophe really occur? Edward Robertson once stated: "The element of history in the narrative of the 'cities of the plain' is as difficult to assess as the sites are to determine." (182) As Isaac Asimov pointed out: " ... sea bottom revealed no signs of habitation. The conclusion was reached that "The south end (of the Dead Sea) could not have contained cities at any time during the historical period, at least from 3000 B.C. onwards."(211) "This area would have been not only an improbable, but also an impossible area in which to ... also known as The Jewish Antiquities), I, 11, 4. 169. Philo, Moses, II, 53 ff. 170. P. Cornelius Tacitus, The Histories, V, 7. 171. Flavius Josephus, loc. cit. 172. Genesis 19:15-23. (NOTE: For Zoar or Bela as Segor, see Douay ...
Terms matched: 6  -  Score: 2661  -  05 Mar 2003  -  38k  -  URL:
... religious goals of their custodians. Myth and legends, not so regarded, or whose line of custodians died out, were left like abandoned children to wander through time as casual history and unconstrained imagination, until caught up by scientific mythological studies. Giambattista Vico was the first modern scholar to perceive this process when, two centuries ago, he wrote: " ... Many ancient scholars believed the story. Most Romans accepted it as true. The actual beginnings of the legend occur before Virgil, who related it in his epic poetry. If historical, the legend should go back to the also legendary beginnings of Rome, in the Eighth Century B. C. Then it was that Romulus and Remus, grandsons of Aeneas ... more than a conjecture. The conjecture, however, allows us to make a point about legend and scripture. To the studious non-believer, sacred scripture is forever the source of historiography and the analysis of myth and legend. Scripture may be dissected from as many perspectives and in as many ways as the creative and scientific mind can imagine and instrument. On ...
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