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41. Chapter I: The Review [The Age of Velikovsky] [The Age of Velikovsky] [Books]
... following will contain a discussion of the initial reaction to the book as well as a review of the ideas presented by Velikovsky. The theory is generally divided into the categories of history and physical science, although the historical observations are the basis for the suggestions related to the physical sciences. Descriptions of the physical events associated with the catastrophes will be given in ... II. Some of the physical events will be correlated to familiar historical events. After medicine and psychoanalysis, Velikovsky's initial investigation was in the field of ancient history. There appears to be very little correlation between certain time periods of the history of Egypt and Hebrew history, though these nations resided side by side and supposedly interacted extensively. It was an investigation ... standard by which to determine the chronological order of other countries. This has caused a number of problems in the historiography of the Ancient Middle East and Greece. By force-fitting the histories of these regions to the assumed history of Egypt, "dark ages" have been created and one country will appear to copy the customs and fads of a neighboring country five ...
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... government. At the head of this movement were the leaders of the Holy Roman Church. Once more, "worthiness" was to emerge as a criterion for sailing west. History for a Divine Empire It can be justly said that the leadership of the Catholic Church played a civilizing role throughout Europe during the turbulent years known as the Dark Ages. Church ... reconstruct the former Roman Empire as a "Divine City," Church authorities attempted to rid Christian society of pagan influence that survived in the form of books, monuments, and historical documents. [12 They burned Roman history books and maps which sanctimonious priests decried as "works of the Devil." Holy bonfires consumed the Classical writings of Seneca, Plato ... traditions that praised the abbot and his mission. As was customary at the time, these manuscripts are embellished with biblical innuendoes and wondrous creatures, making them fair game for skeptical historians. Nevertheless, legends of Brendan's oceanic exploits fueled the passions of numerous followers from the British Isles to Iberia. And they resulted in the naming of a mythical island, " ...
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43. A Personal Reminiscence [Aeon Journal $]
... own imprint. The only people who suffered under this arrangement were Gordon Atwater, then director of the Hayden Planetarium and Chairman of the Astronomy Department of the American Museum of Natural History, and James Putnam, associate editor of Macmillan; they were both summarily dismissed from their positions. Atwater had advised Macmillan to publish the book and had strongly touted and defended ... directly involved in the book's publication but who had praised it warmly. Already in 1946, O'Neill had referred to Velikovsky's manuscript before its publication as "a magnificent piece of scholarly historical research;" Larrabee and Lear wrote articles in Harper's and Collier's announcing Velikovsky's work as a major discovery, ranking with the work of Darwin, Newton, and Einstein, and ... , there occurred a great physical catastrophe, and that such an event could serve in determining the time of the Exodus in Egyptian history or in establishing a synchronical scale for the histories of the peoples concerned. Thus I started Ages in Chaos, a reconstruction of the history of the ancient world from the middle of the second millennium before the present era to ...
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... of tools which are not valid can well result in conclusions which only serve to obscure the truth. It must not be forgotten that the task of historians is not to create history. The events of history have occurred, and there is nothing that can be done to change the time relationships between these events by a single minute. The task is rather ... , a correct chronology of the ancient world will show a discernable harmony at every point where it is possible to check and will certainly be free of major synchronistic failures. Dating Historical Events from Eclipse Data One of the tools which has commonly been employed to assist in arriving at the traditional structure of ancient chronology is the dating of events by means of coincident ... eclipses has been found by calculation to match in unequivocal fashion the series of eclipses visible in this area over the period noted. With the numerous synchronisms between Biblical history and the histories of Egypt and Assyria for this era, the chronology of antiquity after the 8th century B.C. may be regarded as firmly established, the remaining problems having to do largely with ...
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... is currently Chairman.. A previous paper [1 discussed the attempt of the Russian mathematician, A.T. Fomenko, to deny the existence of an entire 687-year period of English history. According to Fomenko, the kings generally believed to have ruled in England from AD 640-1327 were alter egos of Byzantine rulers, some of whom were, in turn, duplicates ... to take this into account, the Roman occupation of Britain ended only 8, not 15, centuries ago. Fomenko's many bizarre claims, based on statistics but unsupported by convincing historical arguments, made it very difficult for readers to take his ideas seriously. This could have disguised the fact that there is a kernel of truth in what he is trying to ... say that 'if it could happen in Byzantium, it might have happened at any other place, too' [2, is hardly adequate, particularly since all the various invented histories would have to be kept consistent with each other at their points of interaction. Dark Age history Although the term 'Dark Age' is often used to describe European history between 500-1000 ...
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46. Velikovsky in America [Aeon Journal $]
... step, then, was to find Egyptian corroboration of the Biblical account. The conventional histories all insisted that Egyptian documents are silent about the Exodus, the central event in the history of Judaism, and either assumed the Old Testament account to be a fabrication or tried, on the basis of circumstantial evidence, to build a case for some tentative Exodus date ... value but to claim additional authority for Israel skywards as well as landwards." In essence, Freud had based his hypothesis on two lines of reasoning: psychological/folkloristic and historical/philological; and Velikovsky saw problems with them both. Freud's psychoanalytic approach to purely legendary stereotypes was invalid in the case of Moses because Freud regarded him as a real person ... with the age of the Earth, only with the age of the Exodus. Velikovsky's next step, then, was to find Egyptian corroboration of the Biblical account. The conventional histories all insisted that Egyptian documents are silent about the Exodus, the central event in the history of Judaism, and either assumed the Old Testament account to be a fabrication or tried ...
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47. The Israelite Conquest of Canaan [Aeon Journal $]
... Thus, the known nations get their strata back, whereas the exciting unknown ones can be recognized for what they are: phantoms created by a misconstrued chronology. Separating Myth from History "There was no real Exodus, there was no real wilderness wandering, and there was no sojourn at Kadesh-Barnea." (1) This statement of the eminent excavator of ... Indo-European Mitanni who were later in contact with the so-called 18th Dynasty of Egypt which followed the Hyksos. On the basis of a new Mesopotamian chronology this author can now apply tentative historical dates for two key sites in Israel always considered in connection with the Exodus: (i) Et-Tell, still held by most experts to be ancient Ai and mentioned in Joshua ... biblical date for Abraham was unthinkable, the inevitable result was an increasing willingness to discover whole new empires-- empires imagined to be so old that not even the most brilliant historians of antiquity had uncovered either a memory or a trace of them. The last century also saw the origins of a study of the Bible based on a critique of the sources ...
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48. Ezra and Nehemiah in Recent Research [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History XIII:2 (July 1991) Home¦ Issue Contents REVIEW ARTICLE Ezra and Nehemiah in Recent Research Herbert A. Storck The purpose for this paper is to highlight some recent Ezra/Nehemiah research. Most of these papers and books either appeared during or after the publication of my own monograph History and Prophecy: A ... and the identity of Darius with Artaxerxes. Faulstich marshals this material to form a very convincing case. In addition he brings to bear several single dated Elephantine Papyri and some indirect historical correlations that also tend to support his reconstruction. Much of Faulstich's argumentation, except for the arguments from the Elephantine papyri, were presented by Martin Anstey about 75 years ago in ... the end of this survey of Ezra and Nehemiah in recent research. Notes 1 Baruch Halpern, "A Historiographic Commentary on Ezra 1-6: Chronological Narrative and Dual Chronology in Israelite Historiography," In The Hebrew Bible and Its Interpreters Biblical and Judaic Studies from the University of California San Diego (Eisenbrauns: Winona Lake, IN) 1990 p. 110. ...
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49. Theses for the Reconstruction of Ancient History [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... THESES FOR THE RECONSTRUCTION OF ANCIENT HISTORY FROM THE END OF THE MIDDLE KINGDOM IN EGYPT TO THE ADVENT OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT BY IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY 1945 INTRODUCTION The written history of the ancient world is composed without correct synchronization of the histories of different peoples of antiquity: a discrepancy of about six hundred years exists between the Hebrew and Egyptian histories as they are ... together in concise form most of the innovations of my work; I present them in the form of theses; the manifold proofs which underlie the Reconstruction and the numerous collations of historical material are reserved for the work itself. New York, June 10, 1945. I 1. Ancient History before the advent of Alexander the Great is written in a chaotic ... END OF THE MIDDLE KINGDOM IN EGYPT TO THE ADVENT OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT BY IMMANUEL VELIKOVSKY 1945 INTRODUCTION The written history of the ancient world is composed without correct synchronization of the histories of different peoples of antiquity: a discrepancy of about six hundred years exists between the Hebrew and Egyptian histories as they are conventionally written; since the histories of other peoples are ...
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... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1989 (Vol XI) Home¦ Issue Contents Essay One: The Historicity of the Homeric Poems and Traditions Essays on Early Greek History in the light of the New Chronology by David Rohl David Rohl is currently studying for his degree in Ancient History and Egyptology at University College, London. The Director of the Institute ... he is an authority on the 'New Chronology'. This series of essays (of which only the first is published here) is intended to introduce the reader to the major historical issues which dominate Early Iron Age Greek history. In particular, discussion centres on the chronological relationship between the Late Bronze Age, the notorious Greek Dark Age and the Archaic Period ... cover either a century or a thousand years, for aught that could be determined in Greek excavations." [1 This rather typical attitude of the 19th century Egyptologists towards the histories of cultures outside Egypt is one of the major causes of the current problems in early Greek history, for it is now taken for granted that Egyptian chronology is fixed and secure ...
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