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... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1994 No 2 (Dec 1994) Home¦ Issue Contents Early History of the Israelite People by TL Thompson (EJ Brill, New York, 1992) TL Thompson has caused something of a stir with the publication of this extensive work, nay- a controversy. Heads have rolled- the head of TL Thompson ... pet schemes- where ever they rely on biblical chronology which he claims is based on number symbolism. Thompson makes the point that the dynasty of Omri and Ahab is a known historical fact by reason it is recorded by the Assyrians. It was also specifically associated with the city of Samaria- there is no evidence it was ever known as Israel (? ... of the Assyrian empire. At that moment in time the northern kingdom came to an end. Rees it seems to me has shone a torch into some obscure areas of biblical historicity which seem to require some kind of interpretation. I am not quite sure what it means but there is a possibility that the inclusion of Saul and Ishbaal in the list of ...
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32. Sagan's Folly Part 1 [Kronos $]
... .. "There is nothing absurd in the possibility of cosmic collisions.... What then is all the furor about?... In the 4.5 billion year history of the solar system, many collisions must have occurred. But have there been major collisions in the last 3500 years, and can the study of ancient writings demonstrate such collisions ... linguistical affinities, Padden, in taking no less than Cyrus Gordon to task, noted that "competent linguists simply do not compare isolated words of unrelated languages in order to demonstrate historical relationships. No one has yet established a continuity of linguistic families between the hemispheres in the pre-Columbian period" (Padden, "On Diffusionism and Historicity," American Historical Review ... 78, 4: Oct. 1973, pp. 996-997). Sagan's brief discussion (pp. 10-11) of the Nahuatl word "Teo" as "a clear cognate of the common Indoeuropean root for god, preserved, among other places, in the words 'deity' and 'theology'" turns out to be a most inept diffusionist argument against the ...
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... Patten Introduction After having read with care the Old Testament and Velikovsky's first and greatest work, Worlds in Collision, (1) a certain amount of knowledge of ancient Near Eastern history became imprinted in my mind. In addition, I had achieved a degree in geography from a major university, and that geographical viewpoint influenced every observation, every question, every ... The result should be that catastrophes could not fall on anniversaries; they would always be in different months of the year for sequential flybys. My rejoinder was based on the straight-forward historical recounting from the Old Testament, Josephus and Ginzberg. "But they were on anniversaries," I said, citing Exodus 14:41: And it came to pass at ... a new 365-day year. Their methods of adjustment were several. The Chinese accepted a 366-day year, and along with that, changed their circle to 366 degrees. Uniformitarian minded historians and scientists must ignore this great case Velikovsky had created. If they do not ignore it, and since the data is sound, they would have to face the issue that ...
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... those who are neurotically reenacting their repressed traumatic experiences from a subconscious compulsion involves anamnesis- a recalling to mind on the conscious level those events which are buried in an individual's psychic history. In Velikovskian terms, those events were both traumatic and real; early man's suffering was caused by "disorders in the solar system of a purely mechanical nature. Early man ... Mankind's thought. But he, too, apparently restricts his ideas to uniformitarian precepts seemingly unconcerned with catastrophic factors. The observation of celestial phenomena and the concept of their relationships with historical events and with human life have always been of fundamental importance for religious concepts, for philosophy, and for the actions of individuals and of societies... astronomy and astrology ... miles per second "and if it had been at a slightly lower altitude, the damage would have been very extensive."(90) Prognostication In endeavoring to establish the historicity of "the words of Isaiah and of other seers... of the Old Testament," Velikovsky criticized the exegetes Maimonides and Spinoza for their insistent metaphorical conversion of Biblical ...
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35. The Hermes Connection [Aeon Journal $]
... own democracy. Alcibiades was perhaps the first and only precursor of Alexander the Great in attempts to unify Greece under one rule. However, as it is with most accidents of history, unification was not to be. Whereas Alexanda was born with the proverbial silver spoon, Alcibiades was an orphan whose patron, Pericles, died while he was still a young ... hermetic legends in Egypt was brought to full fruition by Seti the Great of the Tanitic Dynasty-- in the second half of the 7th century B.C., according to the historical reconstruction of Velikovsky. Seti's royal name was taken from the dark god Set, another Saturnian image or avatar, whom Wallis Budge claimed was equated with Hermes/Mercury, ( ... op. cit., p. 245. Thucydides, op. cit., (Penguin: Baltimore, 1965), p. 383. 42. Herodotus, The Histories (Penguin: New York, 1982), p. 150. 43. Michael Grant, Eros in Pompeii (Bonanza Books: New York, 1975), containing numerous ...
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... of chronology. If it can be documented empirically that the prophecies of the Scriptures can be trusted, one would have reasons to accept the promise of an unhindered development of the history of mankind to its final fulfillment in the Kingdom of Christ on Earth. Newton's studies of prophecy are an essential element in his astronomical thought, and it is a crime against ... From: Kronos Vol. X No. 1 (Fall 1984) Home¦ Issue Contents Newton And Historical Science Livio C. Stecchini Copyright (c) 1984 by Dorothea Stecchini Newton maintained that, by Divine Providence, comets are prevented from disrupting the beautiful order of planetary motions which cause the Earth to be a particularly fit abode for man; thus ... Newton's studies of prophecy are an essential element in his astronomical thought, and it is a crime against sound scholarship to ignore them, as it has been done unanimously by all historians of science. Since Newton intended to reconcile Christian theology with empirical evidence, it was even more important to him to prove that comets had not brought about catastrophes on Earth within ...
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... Velikovsky and Historical Anti-Naturism Duane Vorhees The world is full of origin myths, and all are factually false. The world is full, also, of great traditional books tracing the history of man (but focused narrowly on the local group) from the age of mythical beginnings, through periods of increasing plausibility, to a time almost within memory, when the ... From: Kronos Vol. X No. 3 (Summer 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents Velikovsky and Historical Anti-Naturism Duane Vorhees The world is full of origin myths, and all are factually false. The world is full, also, of great traditional books tracing the history of man (but focused narrowly on the local group) from the age of ... decade in the library at Columbia University. He evaluated the myths of many diverse peoples, a multitude of artistic and architectural styles, archaeological artifacts, philosophical discourses, songs, histories, and philologies. His researches led him to challenge the basic assumptions of astronomers, geologists, physicists, biologists, psychologists, historians, and other specialists. As William Mullen ...
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38. Index of Titles [Uncategorised]
... of the Secrets of Enoch Ancient Astronomy and Celestial Divination Ancient Calendars Ancient Celtic Water Cult: Its Significance in British Prehistory, An Ancient Giants and Gods Ancient Greeks in America Ancient History Revisions: the Last 25 years- a Perspective Ancient History Study Group, September 1993 Ancient History Study Group Report on meeting of 6th March 1999 Ancient Knowledge of Jupiter's Bands and ... A Brief Note And it Came to Pass, in the Days of Amraphel King of Shine'ar: Biblical Veracity and Non-biblical Chronology Andrew Collins: The Truth of the Past- Finding Historical Reality in the Alternative Field of Research Andrew Collins Website, The Angel& Catastrophism Part II Angels& Catastrophism- Some Theological Implications- Part I Anhydride Theory: A New Theory ... Eocene Polar Forests Part Two Anomalous Occurrence of Crocodilia in Eocene Polar Forests Another Look at Velikovsky's Ages in Chaos Another Pot Plant Reply Another Pot Plant Reply Another Velikovsky Affray: the Histories Answer to "The Danunians and the Velikovsky Revision", An Answer to Clapham's Question: Revise!, The Answer to Hickman, An Answer to Jonsson Answer to the Critics ...
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39. Forum Part Two [SIS C&C Review $]
... civilisation emerged and the first Greek poets and philosophers developed what was to become European enlightenment [17. Historically and culturally, this is by far the most crucial period of human history, since all major intellectual and religious concepts of mankind were formed or reformed during this time. Consequently, scientists have named this age of global revolution the 'axial period' [ ... Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1994 (Vol XVI) (Oct 1995) Home¦ Issue Contents Forum Part Two Was the Cambridge Conference a Flop? (Evidence for multiple catastrophes in historical times) the challenge, set by Benny J. Peiser "But the derivative from an impact will give you many local causes which are detectable. The trouble has been that ... layers [28, Bob Porter, on the other hand, links the final destruction of Late Bronze III to the so-called Sea Peoples who used to be held responsible by mainstream historians for the collapse of the Bronze Age civilisations in the Near East [29. Within the SIS, Geoffrey Gammon was the first who formulated the anti-catastrophe idea that the Late Bronze ...
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40. The Dating of Hammurabi [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Proceedings of The Third Seminar of Catastrophism and Ancient History (1986) Home¦ Issue Contents The Dating of Hammurabi D. Hickman Several years ago an article expressed the idea that Hammurabi, king of the first dynasty of Babylon, was a contemporary of David, king of Israel. This conclusion was based upon quotations from the Mari letters cited ... Werner Keller in his book, The Bible as History. Keller explained that the years of the kings of Mari were dated and identified by reference to a notable historical event. In particular, he cited three date-formulas which mention the Benjaminites or Benjamites: [1 "The year in which Iahdulim went to Hen and laid hands upon the territory of the Benjamites ... this premise is correct, then the fall of the Kassite Dynasty in 1160 to 1156[86 is the same as the fall of Ur III in 1920 B.C. If the histories of the two eras do coincide, then for the two similar events the apparent time displacement is about 760 years (1920 minus 1160). For Hammurabi the difference would he ...
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