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... . 5¦ Ch. 6¦ Ch. 7¦ Ch. 8¦ Ch. 9¦ Appendix¦ Notes The Age of Velikovsky Chapter III: The Historical Construction Egyptian history is the standard for determining the absolute dates for the ancient histories of the world. If the standard is incorrect, archaeological problems will be created in the countries which use this ... 4¦ Ch. 5¦ Ch. 6¦ Ch. 7¦ Ch. 8¦ Ch. 9¦ Appendix¦ Notes The Age of Velikovsky Chapter III: The Historical Construction Egyptian history is the standard for determining the absolute dates for the ancient histories of the world. If the standard is incorrect, archaeological problems will be created in the countries ... use this standard as a reference. In Ages in Chaos, Velikovsky describes a number of these problems and demonstrates how these problems are resolved by use of a revised chronology. Some of these points will be reviewed here, but first it is interesting to see how flaws entered this standard for world history. This was discussed by Velikovsky in an article titled ...
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... first and most obvious is the scientific climate that existed in Europe during the last half of the nineteenth century. In a word, if Lyell and Darwin were correct about the history of geology and biology, the Bible was false. If speculation about the size and age of the universe, the distances of stars and the structure of heavenly systems was correct ... narrow our focus to Russian Judaism and finally to the individual, we will be able to perceive that everything Velikovsky wrote-- his scientific and psychological books as well as his historical reconstructions-- may derive from one single over-riding impulse. This will place the entire Velikovsky story in a new light. To deduce Velikovsky's stance vis-a-vis Judaism, we begin with ... this, making them the saviours and not the scourge of the ancient Near East. It is the product of his desire to establish what he felt was the truth about the histories of Egypt and Israel, "both of whom", he says, "occupy major places in the history of the ancient world." (19) If we wish ...
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... Akkadian language, there must have been an Akkadian people. Akkadian would thus have originated with the Akkadians, for whom it was and remained named. 27. THE COPIES The history of Akkad has been compiled from textual copies originating in the first millennium B.C. No original texts from the 3rd millennium, during which the Akkadians supposedly existed, have come to ... 6 (1988) Home¦ Issue Contents The Two Sargons and Their Successors (Part II) Dwardu Cardona The following is a continuation of a two- part article critiquing the historical reconstruction offered by Gunnar Heinsohn. The specific tenets of Heinsohn's thesis are cited in italics. 26. THE LANGUAGES The Akkadians spoke and wrote in Akkadian. The Assyrians also spoke ... Hebrew founder of monotheism." (And does this not smack of the same sort of Biblical fundamentalism of which he accuses those historians who see fit to incorporate Abraham in their histories?) Granted that this belief became something of a pillar in Judaism, one should not expect later Jewish redactors to depict the venerated founder of their nation in any other light ...
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... (July 1999) Home¦ Issue Contents A Return to the Two Sargons and Their Successors Dwardu Cardona Recapitulation For years Gunnar Heinsohn had been proposing a reconstruction of ancient Near Eastern history in which, among other things, the conquest of southern Mesopotamia by the Akkadians around -2350 was shown to have been merely the chronologically misplaced conquest of southern Mesop-otamia by the Assyrians ... let me not anticipate; I'll come to that in its proper place in a later section below. Ginenthal goes on with: "One of the earliest attempts at producing an historical chronology of the region was written by Berossus who lived long after the historical periods delineated. Based on his knowledge and that of other historians of his time, he listed only ... major civilizations previously dominating Mesopotamia-- First Chaldeans, Assyrians, Second Chaldeans and Persians. There were not six or eight major empires, and no one ever recorded the history of a people called the 'Sumerians.' Why did such a state of affairs exist? Were the ancients so ignorant that they knew nothing of the Sumerians (to whom modern scholars ...
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25. Ancient Near Eastern Chronology: To Revise or not to Revise? [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History XIV:1 (Jan 1992) Home¦ Issue Contents Ancient Near Eastern Chronology: To Revise or not to Revise? Phillip Clapham Cosmic Disaster In C&AH XII:2 Sean Mewhinney (like Leroy Ellenberger previously) claims a catastrophe as described in Velikovsky's 'Worlds in Collision' simply could not have occurred in the ... associated with the Exodus from Egypt has perhaps been grafted onto the storyline, (the alternative is to deny it took place). Religio-myth seems to have been attached to an historical event-- in much the same way as the cosmic myth of Romulus and Remus has been attached to the story of the foundation of Rome. We might imagine that religio-myth ... Herodotus. It was accepted at one time that the so called Court History of David was a largely factual and contemporary description. However, such a view requires a decline in historiography after the reign of Solomon and its revival or reinvention by the Deuteronomist author during or shortly before the Exile in Babylon. Von Rad dated the so called Yahwist author to the ...
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... academic outsiders were no substitute for legitimate recognition. In 1973, Velikovsky told a Nassau Community College audience that Worlds in Collision "caused an excitement that no other book in the history of science did cause," provoking more than 4,000 articles in response. The book also stirred the scientific community into somewhat uncharacteristic censoring activities. As a psychoanalyst, ... out that even life itself is a precarious state of affairs that can be snuffed out at any time. In addition to intellectual inertia, social stratification, archaic unconscious motivation, historical circumstance, shared cultural response to social change, individual enmity and/or ambition, the alleged worthlessness of the Velikovskian concepts themselves, or some other explanations for the ill treatment ... of Chicago Oriental Institute, called Worlds in Collision an "example of the apologetic procedure," looking for evidence to fit a preconceived theory: "There is nothing we as historians can do...other than smile and go about our business." And the president of Hebrew Union College, Nelson Glueck, maintained that "biblical material...lends itself to ...
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... Oct 1993) Home¦ Issue Contents Astronomical Dating and Calendrics Gunnar Heinsohn I. The Debunked Masterpiece of astronomical dating: Sothic chronology A. The Pre-Sothic Dating Scheme of Comparative World History he most important and, at the same time, the most detrimental use of astronomical dating ever applied to ancient history was the Sothic cycle of modern Egyptology. From its very ... , the patriarch would have left a flourishing Mesopotamian city around 2100 BCE to acquaint himself with a similarly flourishing Egypt a few decades later. Following the elimination of Abraham as a historical figure-- a process that commenced in the late 19th century and was only completed in the 70's of the 20th, when it was established that Abrahamic lore dates from the ... Velikov-sky Reconsidered, University of Toronto, August 1990. 4. Genesis 11:28. 5. Ibid., 12:10-19. 6. T.L. Thompson, The Historicity of the Patriarchal Narratives (N.Y., 1974); J. Van Seters, Abraham in History and Tradition (New Haven, 1975). 7. G. Roux ...
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... J. Bimson Trinity College, Bristol Introduction "In the middle of the second millennium before the present era... the earth underwent one of the greatest catastrophes in its history. A celestial body that only shortly before had become a member of the solar system- a new comet- came very close to the earth. "... Mountains ... , and the conquest of Canaan are of crucial importance to his argument. Indeed, I do not think it would be an exaggeration to say that the biblical traditions provide the historical and chronological framework to which other traditions are attached in order to construct the Velikovskian scenario of mid-second millennium events. The chief aim of this paper is to examine the biblical traditions ... current scholarly trends. Suffice it to say that the arguments for the late origins of the traditions are by no means compelling, and that complex rhetorical devices are not incompatible with historiography (on the latter point see Younger 1990). My own view, put simply, is that biblical narrative is not so much fiction written like history as history written like ...
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... 13) pointed out that Orestes was an established figure in religion and epic long before he was introduced into Greek poetry and tragedy, just as the Hamlet story had a long history in Scandinavian folklore, and traced 21 parallels between the Classical and Shakespearean redactions of the stories:- Plumed Serpent on stamp from Mexico City. (This and other Mexican motifs ... to it, and evidence in support will be offered through a comparative study of the play's sources. There appear to be strong lines of connection between Hamlet, its literary and historical antecedents and certain myths and religious stories in cultures widely separated from Shakespeare in place and time. The nature of these connections is the topic of this paper, for only in ... imply a catastrophic cause. Orestes and Oedipus derive from Greek myth, Oedipus-Akhnaton from Greek and Egyptian myth and Junius Brutus from Roman, all of which are Mediterranean cultures with intersecting histories, while the Norse Amleth may derive from the Mediterranean stories by way of Constantinople, as we have seen. The Popol Vuh, however, appears across an ocean some seven ...
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... than two years before his death, he published a rather slim book entitled Sybillinischer Sternkampf und Phaėthon in naturgeschichtlicher Beleuchtung, 'The Sybilline Battle of the Stars and Phaethon Seen as Natural History, '( Munster, 1927). He who rested his fame on tomes which, in spite of their intrinsic clarity, are comprehensible only to the few who can understand ... need to be totally revised; but the concrete result was that the debate shifted to controversies about generalities, obscuring thereby the more meaningful aspect that cuneiform texts provide a new exact historical documentation, more reliable than most of those that had been hitherto available. Kugler insisted that one should suspend judgment and concentrate on the careful study of specific groups of documents. ... that the basic units of length, volume, and weight were not changed from the Mycenean age, the only units that could have been changed would be time units. Greek historians report that the first basis for a yearly record of events was the list of the priestesses of the Temple of Hera outside Argos. Excavations show that this temple may well have ...
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