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11. Velikovsky and Tangun [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History XI:2 (July 1989) Home¦ Issue Contents Velikovsky and Tangun Duane Leroy Vorhees 1. Introduction Immanuel Velikovsky and his successors, the so-called Saturnists in particular, have challenged conventional notions about the history of our solar system. According to their analyses of ancient myths and other records, within human memory the Earth ... Tangun's capital, in order to perform ancestral rites. Today, according to Zong In-sob (1982), "Tangun's Cave" is honored at Mt. Myohyang and Tangun's "historical relics" can be seen on Kanghwa Island at the mouth of the Han River, near Seoul. The importance of Tangun to the Korean national psyche has continued to grow. ... -- have examined the story of Tangun, the mythic founder of Korea. This is somewhat surprising, not only because Koreans claim for themselves one of the oldest continuous cultural histories in Asia, but even more so because Tangun is directly associated with Yao, Velikovsky's Far Eastern benchmark figure. The oldest extant Tangun story claims that he founded Korea in 2333 ...
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12. In Search of the Exodus [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Catastrophism and Ancient History VIII:2 (July 1986) Home¦ Issue Contents In Search of the Exodus Phillip Clapham Gods and Kings I am loath to become entangled in the complexities of biblical criticism, literary or historical, or the determination of which scribal source was responsible for the writing or editing of what section, subsection, or sentence ... the biblical narrative, and which dates are to be assigned to the various portions. It may not seem unreasonable, for instance, to adopt the premise that a standardization of the Israelite entry or conquest is pertinent to the format of the Book of Joshua, [l and that it might explain the various differences with the account in the Book of the ... The Bible and the Ancient Near East. Routledge& Kegan Paul, 1964, 86; G.E. Wright, The Archaeology of Palestine. 56. T.L. Thompson, The Historicity of the Patriarchal Narratives. New York: 1974. 57. J. Van Seters, Abraham in History and Tradition. New Haven: Yale University Press, 1975, 24 ...
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13. On "the Year -687" [Kronos $]
... and fifth months, say, it would be called the fourth intercalary month. The starting point for the numbering of months in the civil calendar was changed several times in Chinese history. Exact knowledge of the calendar dates only from Han times (ca. 202 B.C .-220 A.D.). Intercalations in the T'ai ch'u calendar were regulated in such a way ... assume the existence of a year zero. Thus, the astronomical year +687 equals 687 A.D., but -687 is actually 688 B.C. Velikovsky here was referring to the historical year 687 B.C. He employed a number of locutions including "minus" to avoid "B.C.", with its religious connotations. But in verifying astronomical data from publications ... 4) Both authors took their information from Chapters 291 and 292 of Ma Tuan-Lin's thirteenth-century Wên Hsien T'ung K'ao, being a compilation of Chinese records of meteors and meteorites from dynastic histories and ancient books.(5) It is the earliest observation in the list. Ma got it from the Ch'un Ch'iu (or Spring and Autumn Annals), edited by ...
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... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 2000:1 "Proceedings of the SIS Silver Jubilee Event" Home¦ Issue Contents Ancient History Revisions: the Last 25 years- a Perspective By John Crowe John Crowe studied civil engineering at Manchester University and hydrology at Imperial College, London, before starting a career in the public water supply industry. He took ... second life as a full-time student of ancient history. He is interested to apply the principles of civil engineering, such as foundation testing and quality control of building blocks, to historical reconstructions offered by fellow revisionists. He has been an SIS Council member for 4 years and was elected deputy chairman this year. [Noted: A revised and update version of ... pharaohs of the 18th Dynasty (D18), which include Queen Hatshepsut and Tutankhamun, are made too ancient by around 500 years. He reached this conclusion after comparing the early histories of the Hebrews and the Egyptians. In the Old Testament, the ancient Hebrews recorded their Descent into Egypt and such events as the Sojourn, Oppression, the Exodus and later ...
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... . The first and most obvious is the scientific climate in Europe in the last half of the nineteenth century. In a word, if Lyell and Darwin were correct about the history of geology and biology, the Bible was false. If speculation about the size and age of the universe, the distances of stars and the structure of heavenly systems was correct ... narrow our focus to 19th-century Russian Judaism and finally to the individual, we will be able to perceive that everything Velikovsky wrote, his scientific and psychological books as well as his historical reconstructions, may derive from this single over-riding nexus. If true, this will place the Velikovsky story in a significant new light. To deduce Velikovsky's stance vis-a-vis Judaism, we ... the modern Jew is to be seen as at least having one foot in each camp, the shtetl and the laboratory, the Torah and the textbooks. When he defends the historicity of the Bible, he is championing a deeply felt cause. That takes us to the 1920's, after which there arose what I think may have been the greatest provocation behind ...
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... From: The Velikovskian Vol 2 No 1 (1994) Home¦ Issue Contents Early History of the Israelite People: Biblical Fundamentalism in History (I) Gunnar Heinsohn See Note 1. At the 40th Rècontre Assyriologique Internationale in Leiden, Holland, I obtained Dr. Thomas L. Thompson's Early History of the Israelite People, (2) an erudite ... work. I believe the book gets very close to correctly portraying the problems of Israelite history given that historical narratives of biblical Israel were written in the Persian and Hellenistic periods (3) Thus, it is extremely difficult to select the portions of the history which really correspond to the evidence and, therefore, can possibly be matched with the archeological strata in ... , Pennsylvania (June 3-6, 1993). 17. Thompson, op. cit., p. 12. 18. Thomas L. Thompson (B), The Historicity of the Patriarchal Narratives (New York, 1974). 19. Georges Roux, Ancient Iraq (Harmondsworth, England (?), 1980), p. 43. ...
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17. The Reconstruction of Ancient History [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... The Reconstruction of Ancient History The history of the ancient East is an interwoven nexus, embracing Egypt, Israel, Syria and Mesopotamia, known also as the Biblical lands. The interconnections extend to Asia Minor, to Mycenaean Greece, and to the Mediterranean islands Cyprus, Crete, and the Aegean archipelago. The histories of many of these nations are, ... Egyptian texts no reference to calculating by Sothic observations was ever found. Archaeological work in Egypt showed that besides the so-called pre-dynastic times, from which the data are incomplete, the historical past was twice interrupted for centuries when the land fell into neglect. The First Intermediate Period intervened between the epochs that received the names of the Old and Middle Kingdoms; the ... known also as the Biblical lands. The interconnections extend to Asia Minor, to Mycenaean Greece, and to the Mediterranean islands Cyprus, Crete, and the Aegean archipelago. The histories of many of these nations are, for most of their existence, devoid of absolute dates and depend on interrelations with other nations. The chronologies of the Mycenaean civilization in Greece ...
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... Bithynian who became a Roman senator whose consulship is dated to approximately 129 ACE, also wrote in the second century ACE. (8) Modern historians are still debating whether his history of Alexander constitutes one of his earlier or later works. (9) We do know, however, that his main sources, Ptolemy and Aristobulus, both participated in Alexander's ... groups of questions surface in the account of Alexander the Great's two reported encounters with these Amazons. The first group of questions concerns the very existence of Amazons: are they a historical people? Did these encounters really occur? The second group concerns their mythological basis: how can Alexander have met these Amazons if several earlier writers describe the race's destruction at the ... of Alexander the Great (N. Y., 1983), pp. 27, 59, 79-80. 3. Ibid., p. 27. Cleitarchus wrote the Histories of Alexander and was well-known by the end of the Republican era; only fragments of his works survive. 4. Ibid., pp. 28-46. Hammond argues that, ...
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19. GODS FIRE: [Quantavolution Website]
... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS GODS FIRE Moses and the Management of Exodus by Alfred de Grazia APPENDIX TECHNIQUES FOR THE ASSESSMENT OF LEGENDARY HISTORY The Book of Exodus reminds one of the Iliad and other great epic poems. But Iliad and Odyssey chanted of much later events [1. I am ready to believe, with Cassuto, that ... so that no despot, no matter how powerful, could afterwards rewrite it with impunity. Apart from the theological miracles that the Books of Moses describe (which we translate into historical and scientific miracles), the book in itself represents a set of historical miracles. First there was Moses who believed in historiography. Then there was Moses' Yahweh whose imprimatur ... , involving other shepherds and the damsels Rachel and Zipporah, suggest a deliberate embellishment to tie Moses to his ancestor Jacob. Nonetheless Cassuto explicitly denies that his book aims at establishing historicity. In 1957, Greta Hort published two articles on "The Plague of Egypt," [10 there tying together skillfully much scientific knowledge pointing towards the actuality and sequence of ...
Terms matched: 7  -  Score: 3346  -  03 Apr 2004  -  67k  -  URL:
... course of the past billion years. A Youthful Science At the outset of our discussion of Velikovsky's particular theory it may prove illuminating to view it from the perspective provided by the history in the field. The scientific roots of comparative mythology can be traced back to the 17th century, when the likes of Samuel Bochart, Bernard de Fontanelle, and Sir William ... , heaven/hell. (12) The function of myth, consequently, is to provide a logical form of mediation between apparent or real contradictions. Viewed from this brief historical perspective, Velikovsky's thesis can be seen as forming a logical variation upon the nature-allegory school of comparative mythology. Like that school, and in stark contrast to that which grew up ... as history. Indeed, as numerous scholars have come to recognize, it is not always easy to distinguish between cosmological myth per se and sacred history as found in the local histories of many cultures. In early Rome, for example, Dumezil found that although much of its ancient mythology had been lost it resurfaced as "history" in the accounts of ...
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