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91. Scientific Dating Methods In Ruins [The Velikovskian $]
... John Flamsteed, reported that the Pole Star had a parallax of at least [40 seconds. Hooke and Flamsteed, outstanding scientists of their day, are leading lights in the history of science. But they fell victim to an effect that, to this day, has continued to trap...scientists in its treacherous coils. It is the phenomenon of experimenter ... all tools which can be devised to assist in arriving at results as close as possible to the truth. (2) So as to overcome the inherent difficulties associated with using historical documentation in its broadest sense, that is, comparison of writing, architectural forms, pottery shapes and designs, etc., the modern historian has turned to science to overcome ... Courville: The problems involved in setting up a credible chronology of the ancient world are immense. This fact is indicated by the failure of any of [20 or more outstanding historians of the last half-century to propose a chronology which would be generally acceptable to his associates. At times, the discrepancies in the opinions of these various authorities are so marked as ...
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92. Society News [SIS C&C Review $]
... kings as a possible partial explanation. Rohl, in Test of Time, postulates a non-canonical Ashuruballit to coincide with an eponym of that name in 1007BC and also implies that Assyrian history should be shortened by having parallel dynasties. Bernard Newgrosh then explained how Assyrian history had been reconstructed from the various sources. These included the Eponym Canon, which listed each regnal ... Mackey's paper concludes that 'Velikovsky brings back some much needed perspective to the study of Moses, Akhenaten and Oedipus. By revisionist standards, there can be absolutely no question of a historical link between Moses and Akhenaten, the two being separated in time, one from the other, by about half a millennium'. This conclusion is reached after a discussion which ... years had actually passed than suggested by the difference in dates. The history of the Jews shows centuries of darkness and discontinuity that support the thesis. For the Carolingian period, historians find only written sources, with no supporting archaeology. The paper also set out objections to the recent 'scientific' dating methods, such as radiocarbon dating and dendrochronology. Niemitz finally ...
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93. The Albrecht/Glueck-Aharoni/Rothenberg Confrontation [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... From: Proceedings of the First Seminar of Catastrophism and Ancient History (1983) Home¦ Issue Contents The Albrecht/Glueck-Aharoni/Rothenberg Confrontation: Who was Right and Who was Wrong about What? Donovan A. Courville I. Introduction A vigorous-- but informal-- debate was carried on during the 1960's between William Albright and Nelson Glueck on ... Whatever the nature of the event, it must have included both the Negeb and Palestine. He recognized that the absence of any Late Bronze remains in the Negeb raised "difficult historical problems." This is the very era to which the incident of the Israelite entrance had long been placed conventionally. But if there was no sedentary occupation of the Negeb during ... opinion of either would normally be considered final. A correct solution to the problem is of primary importance since a totally different background in the two cases must be recognized in the histories of both Egypt and Assyria. If Glueck is correct, the background in Egypt is conventionally that of dynasties XXII and later. If Aharoni is right, the background is that ...
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... , Fundamentalism and the Revised Chronology Clark Whelton In the summer of 1977 I spent a day at Immanuel Velikovsky's home in Princeton. We sat in the living room and talked about history. Peoples of the Sea had just appeared in print. Velikovsky was brimming with optimism. By following volume I of his "Ages in Chaos" series with volume V, ... They should return part, but not all," he said. "Why do you say that?" "You have read Ages in Chaos. You know that the historical borders of the Israel of David and Solomon were the Euphrates in the north and El Arish in the south. We are in El Arish now. To give up historical borders ... period (conventionally anchored in the 2nd millennium BCE by archaeological ties to the 18th dynasty) forward until it fades out in the 12th and 11th centuries BCE. Because these converging histories fail to converge, the resulting gap is called a "dark age." It occurred to me that Velikovsky, by sandwiching his revision between the unbending bookends of volumes I ...
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... swept the earth; a pall of darkness shrouded it, to be followed by a deluge of fire. This picture of a period of intense turmoil within the period of recorded history is supported by a wealth of quotations from the Old Testament, from the Hindu Vedas, from Roman and Greek mythology, and from the myths, traditions and folklore of many ... to enlist the help of scientists in arranging for certain experiments that would constitute crucial tests for his thesis, which was essentially three-fold: (1) There were global catastrophes in historical times; (2) these catastrophes were caused by extraterrestrial agents; and (3) these agents, in the most recent of the catastrophes, can be identified as the ... five centuries, an inconceivable premise- or Egyptian chronology, a proud joint achievement of modern historians, archaeologists, and astronomers, and the standard scale against which all Near Eastern histories are calibrated, is too long by an equal number of centuries. The latter alternative seemed just as inconceivable; all the excess centuries would have to be found and eliminated from ...
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96. Velikovsky's "The Dark Age of Greece" [The Velikovskian $]
... . During our interview at his home in Princeton, he showed me a letter from a man in North Carolina, begging him to complete his Ages in Chaos reconstruction of ancient history. "I am getting old," the man wrote. "If you don't publish soon, I will die without knowing the answer." It is probable the man ... not so long ago" he tended to consider the Trojan War as "more mythology than history: neither in its cause nor in its conduct did this conflict seem to reflect historical traditions." Velikovsky raises an eyebrow at the idea of Helladic chiefs sailing off to Ilium for ten years to rescue the wife of a compatriot while leaving their own spouses behind ... problem is encountered in trying to align the Cadmus myth with the evidence. The current issue of KRONOS (XI: 3) has a detailed article on Cadmus which investigates the historicity of his legend. In a chapter called "Competing for A Greater Antiquity," Velikovsky investigates the assertion by Eratosthenes, a scholar of Greek origin who lived in the third ...
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97. Index of Authors [Uncategorised]
... Prophecies by Maurice Cotterell Alasdair Beal, When the Gods Came Down by Alan F. Alford Alasdair N. Beal, A Bit Creaky?- Tree Rings, Radiocarbon and Ancient History Alasdair N. Beal, Einstein and Relativity Alban Wall, A Calendric View Of Stonehenge Alban Wall, An Ancient Celtic Water Cult: Its Significance in British Prehistory Alban Wall, ... reviewers reviewed Bernard Newgrosh, Enheduanna and the Goddess Inanna Bernard Newgrosh, Falls of Blood from Venus Bernard Newgrosh, Ice Cores And Catastrophism Bernard Newgrosh, The Case for Catastrophe in Historical Times Bernard Newgrosh, The Importance of Outsiders in Science Bernard Newgrosh, Thera: Chronology at a Crossroads? Bernard Newgrosh, Venus and the Jubilee Bi-monthly Periodical ARK UPDATE, The ... The Dating of Hammurabi Dale F. Murphie, After 200 Years It's Time to Get Serious About Dynasty XVIII and Tuthmose III Dale F. Murphie, Another Velikovsky Affray: the Histories Dale F. Murphie, Critique of David Rohl's A Test of Time Dale F. Murphie, It's Time to Get Serious About Manetho Dale F. Murphie, Testing Rohl's Test ...
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... Hitler and the Third Reich Lewis M. Greenberg INTRODUCTION The emergence of Adolf Hitler on the world stage unleashed an ensuing conflagration and rain of ruin unparalleled in the annals of human history. Yet, all attempts to comprehend Hitler and the complexities of World War II, in a wholly satisfactory man-ner, fail by traditional historical method-ology. In the words of Robert ... : "The rise of Adolf Hitler to supreme power is one of those events in world history which are almost totally inexplicable in any rational terms...He erupted like a force of nature, a tornado or a hurricane, destroying everything in his path, and even now, though the evidence of his destructive fury lies all around us, it seems unbelievable ... The worship of healing gods (e.g. Apollo, Hermes, Thoth) and deified human beings (Imhotep-Asclepius, Amenhotep), who were also considered gods of healing, is historically traceable to the Greco-Roman world, ancient Egypt, and the Near East. (60) Likewise, the gesture of the saving right hand "can be traced through Hellenism back ...
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... been Gordon Atwater, who was dismissed from his position on 1 April 1955 as Curator of the Hayden Planetarium and Chairman of the Department of Astronomy of the American Museum of Natural History in New York for daring to publicly discuss Velikovsky's predications. He was given a standing ovation by the conferees. By a quirk of planning Lewis Greenberg, an associate editor of ... Frederic B. Jueneman (c) 1992 by Frederic B. Jueneman A Rare Encounter It is a singularly unique event in one's life to come to know with comparative intimacy an historical personage whose scholarship one has been admiring from afar for many years. Usually the closest one comes to approaching such an event is through the rather one-sided, vicarious pleasure of reading ... point to ancient historical eclipses which were documented in proof of retrograde calculations, which purport to show that the planets always held to their selfsame courses. And yet, while the historians and astronomers must lean on each other for support of ancient documentary evidence, Velikovsky had shown that this was an adventuresome and risky approach. We can no more deduce the motions ...
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100. Focus [SIS C&C Review $]
... The first public meeting of the Society was held in the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre of the University of Leeds on March 19th, taking as its theme the wide-ranging subject Velikovsky and History. Introducing the speakers, GEOFFREY GAMMON, Convener of the Society's London-based Ancient History Study Group, expressed the thanks of the Society to the University for their facilities and to Dr ... cover awkward points. There are also parallels in the interdisciplinary nature of the two cases: Galileo developed a new science of optics to support his cosmological theory, just as Velikovsky's historical and astronomical theories, though independent, are mutually supportive. The question period also produced a plea for the establishment of a "philosophy of linguistic analysis"- a clear set ... paper began by considering the "disconcerting absence of definite synchronisms" between the history of the Hebrews and the generally favoured chronology of Egypt. Despite the apparent detail with which the histories of these neighbouring countries have been drawn up, historians are still faced with great difficulty in tracing events of one area in the records of the other- even when, as ...
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