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... covering plants and erosion did the rest. Goats, indeed!) Paul LaViolette: 'Stellar Ciphers, Galactic Superwaves, and the Legendary Cataclysm'. LaViolette has a background in geology but talked about ancient myths encoded in astrology. As far as I can make out, he was saying that if you look at a representation of the zodiac arranged as a ... that at the Asteroid Belt a planet exploded. The type of evidence one would expect from this was found on Earth: craters, vulcanism, a single global fire. A geological boundary layer between the Cretaceous and Tertiary shows up all over the Earth except in Antarctica. Geologists accept that a large asteroid impact caused it. There are fragments near Pluto's orbit ... which appears to be another Asteroid Belt, so maybe it was not a unique event- there were probably at least 3 events. The total mass of currently known comets and asteroids is no larger than our Moon. From his remarks I think he postulates that the planet in the Asteroid Belt was large and bright, or became a huge fireball when it ...
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152. The Great Comet Venus [Aeon Journal $]
... been estimated, causing one scientist to declare that "the entire planet is one big volcano!". But what was the source of the massive planetary stresses involved? In geological terms, much of the lava flow is incredibly recent, covering vast portions of the surface, and throwing normal dating systems into chaos. Astronomers have traditionally guessed at the formative ... . On the geological time scale, for all we know, whole portions of the surface were re-sculpted only yesterday. The mystery was duly noted by Science magazine. The planetary geologists who are studying the radar images streaming back from Magellan find that they have an enigma on their hands. When they read the geologic clock that tells them how old the Venusian ... is they find a planet on the brink of adolescence. But when they look at the surface itself they see a newborn babe. (7) Indeed, a great deal of volcanic activity is apparently still going on, certainly much more than any astronomer had expected. Complementing the planet-wide lava flows are the many suggestions of crustal movement, with continental scale ...
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... Precambrian," bringing us back to the beginning of life [21. Schindewolf, Salop, and a number of other scholars, whether in the close fields of genetics, geology and paleontology, or in the general field of catastrophism, have brought forward volumes of material to support the likelihood of mutation-causing disasters. Probably the 'earth-bound' specialists are waiting for ... cosmic explosions and encounters. Finally, they may, with greatest reluctance, turn to a shorter time-scale for measuring the succession of events in natural history. For radiation storms and geological disasters not only mutate and exterminate species; they also invalidate methods of dating that assume a constant chemical and geophysical environment. The time of man and protoman now includes a Holocene ... sublimated tales) assert abundantly the priority of heavenly forces as destroyers of the world on successive occasions. The locations of large meteoritic explosions are discovered in increasing numbers. Increasingly, geologists such as Ager slip from the grasp of earth-bound uniformitarianism, and astrophysicists such as John A. Simpson conceive of their realm as explosive and disorderly. It can be asserted and ...
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... possibly Venus, had encountered Earth. The Princeton Libraries listed the 1932 book but when I searched for it, I discovered that it had been lost or otherwise removed from the geology library stacks. I asked Velikovsky whether he knew of it and he told me that he, too, had sought it out but found it missing. Some years ago, ... , a recent eruption besides, and for more recent disturbances. The list of legendary arguments is to be presented at the end of the chapter, in the light of further geological evidence. THE GLOBAL FRACTURE SYSTEM (See Figures 19 and 20) Heezen and Hollister, in their late work in oceanography, begin by quoting a passage from the Roman Seneca ... unadjusted layers and heat in the interior, are frequent [28. 10.* The crystalline rocks of the surface when cracked open appear extremely fresh to the practiced eye of geologists [29; a recent metamorphosis is suggested. 11. There is a general glaze over all surface features [30 indicating exposure to a recent immense radiation flare. 12. ...
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155. The Nature of Venus' Heat [The Velikovskian $]
... a planet that much, particularly that of a planet believed to have a similar, early geological history as that of the Earth. What is required is based on a uniformitarian geology that is impossible. The entire concept lacks support. James Oberg deals with a similar problem --getting rid of all the oxygen in Venus' present atmosphere --and concludes that this concept ... and mantle remelted to a depth of 280 miles, or 451 kilometers. But even at a depth of 100 miles, or 161 kilometers, of melt, there is no geological method presently known that would remelt the entire surface of a planet that much, particularly that of a planet believed to have a similar, early geological history as that of the ... [turned over or selectively exposed to air so as to absorb the oxygen. On Earth, this process is accomplished by water erosion of mountains raised by tectonism over eons of geologic time. Something different would be needed on Venus. (23) To remove an ocean's oxygen content from Venus by ordinary volcanic processes would take much longer than the lifetime of ...
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156. New Evidence for Ages in Chaos [Velikovsky Archive Website]
... for the synchronization of the histories of the ancient East; in Worlds in Collision these cataclysms were reconstructed from historical documents and traditions of ancient races; in Earth in Upheaval the geological and paleontological evidence was presented to substantiate the same claims, and only some scattered archaeological evidence was adduced. The task of collecting and interpreting the archaeological evidence of a great natural ... view that Papyrus Ipuwer describes a natural catastrophe was repeatedly presented by A. Galanopoulos, geologist at the University of Athens, and by B. Heezen and D. Ninkovitch, geologists at Columbia University. (4) Moreover, these scientists followed my interpretation of the papyrus as describing the plagues of Egypt known from the Book of Exodus and thus also my ... W. F. Albright agreed with this verdict. (3) Since several years the view that Papyrus Ipuwer describes a natural catastrophe was repeatedly presented by A. Galanopoulos, geologist at the University of Athens, and by B. Heezen and D. Ninkovitch, geologists at Columbia University. (4) Moreover, these scientists followed my interpretation of the ...
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157. GODS FIRE: CHAPTER ONE: PLAGUES AND COMETS [Quantavolution Website]
... Exodus are the social sciences, such as the anthropology and psychology of religion, the history of science, and the sociology of organization, and even the natural sciences, especially geology, the atmospheric sciences and astronomy. All are usable at various stages of investigation. When the facts are few, and their reference, the Exodus, is still only a ... had consequences. The question is not beyond the capabilities of geophysics to resolve. A research team would obtain a set of measurements showing the angles of stress of disturbed monuments and geological features; it would postulate several chronological settings; it would calculate a number of possible movements of the crust resulting from combinations of decelerating and tilting forces; and significant statistical correlations ... the world. Among them are such well-known figures as Eusebius, Pliny, Plutarch, Ovid, Seneca, Varro, and Augustine [3. Further, every modern archaeologist and geologist whose investigations can be indisputably fixed in the period have reported serious physical upheavals [4. I use this insistent form to express the generality of agreement; contemporary egotism, we ...
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158. Letters [Pensee]
... date regarding the problems raised by Velikovsky. I feel certain that the undertaking Pensée is presently carrying out will come to a fruitful conclusion. E. E. Angino Chairman, Geology Department University of Kansas Image of Scientific Community To The Editor: The history of scientific thought is marked by significant breakthroughs which, at the time, were either neglected or derided ... has been committed throughout his life to the scientific enterprise --that dialectical interplay between thought and reality which continuously tests hypotheses by an appeal to evidence rather than authority. His grappling with geological and astronomical problems in such works as Worlds in Collision is marked throughout by a responsible concern for objective evidence. Such concern surely deserves a critical evaluation by scientists even though their ... they are still questionable. I cite, for one example, the reference in some of the articles to the article by Smith in the Bulletin of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists relating to petroleum found in very young sediments. As you know, Velikovsky and A. T. Wilson have both said that the petroleum came as a rain from above. ...
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... was directly connected to a highly political issue: the legitimacy of the Monarchy. Almost thirty years earlier, Charles Lyell had paved the way with the publication of his Principles of Geology, in three volumes, between 1830 and 1833. Geology was in its infancy, but Lyell and others had labored diligently to lay the foundations of the new science and, ... the extent that success is the approval of later generations, they succeeded with honors. In 1807, a small group of amateurs had formed the London Geological Society. In the words of one of its founders, they were starting "a little talking geological dinner club." Of the original group of thirteen, four were doctors, two booksellers, one ... member had training in geology, but did not pursue it as a livelihood. In fact, an amazing aspect of the London Geological Society is that none of its founders were geologists experienced in or prepared to do field work, but gentlemen inclined to meet for dinner and talk. Even so, in its second year, the London Geological Society was joined ...
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160. Catastrophist Geology [Catastrophism Geology $]
... From: Catastrophist Geology Year 3, No. 1 June 1978 Texts Home¦ Catastrophist Geology Home Catastrophist Geology Year 3, No. 1 June 1978 In this issue: Letters Frank B.Whiting, Manfred Warth, Eric W.Crew Radiation and the Paleontological Record- the Stroboscopic Model Peter Gretener Radioactive Fossil Bones Johan B.Kloosterman, Jaime E Powell, V. Bogoslovsky, ... In forthcoming issues: Albert V.Carozzi on chert breccias and tornadoes Roger W.Wescott on anomalistics Charles W.Finkl on the stability of cratons Louis de Launay (anno 1906), the history of geological ideas Eugène Wegmann on a glacierlake spill in Greenland also forthcoming: a special issue on THE ALCHEMY OF ROCKS- on the transmutation of elements in geology, with articles by George ... , for airmail. Please send money-orders in favour of Catastrophist Geoloqy through Panco Holandes Unido S/A, Caixa Postal 1242-7C-00, Rio de Janeiro. Editorial board: Johan B.Kloosterman geologist Rio de Janeiro Charles Finkl pedologist Fort Lauderdale, USA Albert V.Carozzi sedimentologist Urbana, USA Peter Gretener geophysicist Calgary, Canada Pietro Passerini geologist Florence, Italy Doeko Goosen pedologist Enschedé, ...
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