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... a whole, or for the most recent millennia a very heavy general eruptive activity. In the end, so far as concerns genesis, we hold to quantavolution in biology and geology. The holospheric principle continues to be productive; the lithosphere, atmosphere, hydrosphere transact continually with the biosphere: all are affected by high-energy forces ultimately originating exoterrestrially. Genesis or ... are utterly silent as to what the cause of the evolution may have been. I have studied the country from which these bones came, and am able to make this suggestive geological commentary. Between each two successive forms of the horse there was a catastrophe which seriously altered the climate and configuration of the whole region in which these animals lived. Huxley and ... , which despite repeated extinctions, have led to new and different forms of life. Nonetheless, biological quantavolutions appear to have a large creative element. One of the rare early geologists to perceive this was Clarence King, and, in his attempt to assail evolution on its firmest historical ground, he penned several passages of beauty and importance [2: Greek ...
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... in his review of Worlds in Collision in the Saturday Review of Literature [10, Brown assured his readers that 'the combination of modern astronomy, geophysics, geochemistry, paleontology, geology, and physics can state the following: 'The earth did not stop rotating 3,500 years ago. [Brown, too, disregarded Velikovsky's alternative explanation for the visual effect ... ranging from unequivocal statements in written documents, through remembrances expressed in myth and legend, to mute archaeological evidence in the form of obsolete calendars and sundials- and his examination of geological and paleontological reports from all parts of the globe led him to conclude that modern man's snug little world, set in a framework of celestial harmony and imperceptible evolution, is but ... ..' Velikovsky was in the audience at the same meeting, and he was permitted to come forward to offer a rebuttal to arguments presented earlier by archaeologists astronomers, and geologists. The audience listened attentively and responded warmly. But when he requested that his remarks be reproduced along with Gaposchkin's in the society's Proceedings [14, his bid was rejected. ...
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123. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... find a publisher for his books, and instead of making snide remarks about him we should encourage the discussion of the possibility of cosmic catastrophes having had a profound effect on the geology and life of Earth." In this letter, the S.I.S. and Kronos are mentioned for continuing to discuss the works of Velikovsky, and Robert Forrest is noted for his ... Strengthened", Richard A. Kerr tells of the developments at a recent meeting on the relationship between the Milankovitch ice ages theory and climate. It is claimed that "the geological evidence is stronger than ever", but is it? Scientists are seemingly so thoroughly convinced of the model based upon orbital changes (Milankovitch model) to explain climate that they ... up against: the uniformitarian programmed computer versus the unfunded amateur. A New Model for Crustal Deformation source: Open Earth No. 17, 1982-B, pp. 30-2 Not all geologists are unquestioning followers of the current dogma of plate tectonics. Peter M. James, an Australian engineering geologist, points out the weakness of a theory which relies on entirely hypothetical ...
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... by geologists, proved long exposure to the elements. When Professor Whittaker wrote "Ohman carved the stone," (46) he must have assumed that Ohman knew enough about geology to have induced enough weathering in his chisel cuts, so expertly, that he fooled the geologists who had spent their lives learning and understanding this phenomenon; also, with only ... where the stone was unearthed had actually been an island before Minnesota was drained for agriculture." (47) It would not have been called an "island" given the geological conditions at the time the stone was found. Professor Whittaker apparently assumed that Ohman must have had expert knowledge of geology to understand that, some 500 years earlier, the hill ... 43) He was also impressed by the fact that the stone was found in situ and published several articles about his findings. As a result, the Minnesota Historical Society authorized geologists, an antiquarian and other learned men to do a complete study of the stone. "After much study in every possible direction, the committee in April, 1910, rendered ...
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125. Book Review [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... notable for its rich fossil deposits- indicators of a vast difference of climate in former times. The very earliest deposits, contemporary with those of Itaborai (as judged by comparative geology and animal types) indicate a low flood-plain with water-laid sands, many trees and shrubs and a sub-tropical climate. Immediately above this stratum we find a drastic change: by the ... than South America and also seemed to affect a larger proportion of very large animals. Simpson is by no means a catastrophist. However, should one question the nature of the geological time scale Simpson sets his story against, then some kind of catastrophic conclusion is inescapable. Simpson, in orthodox tradition, obviously regards fossil deposits as normal events, and hiatuses ... exchanges and consequent Darwinian struggle for existence the northern types proved superior and caused the extinction of many southern types. Myers, after incorrectly inferring that Simpson is telling how the "geologic joining of South and North America during the Pliocene" was responsible for "a climax of extinctions and speciation some 5 million years ago", finally laments Simpson's lack of comment ...
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126. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Earth's magnetosphere has also been under observation by military satellites which show that it does not have the expected tear drop shape but 'fluctuates wildly in shape from hour to hour'. GEOLOGY Recent sudden climate shifts confirmed New Scientist, 24.7.93, p. 14 The evidence from Greenland ice cores indicating that very sudden shifts in climate occurred at the end of the last ... ,500 years ago. Human artifacts dating back over 9000 years have been found in the area. One of the research teams' leaders is struck by the similarity between the geological events and Haida legends which tell of lands and people who were flooded and islands rising from the sea. Recent impact? Discover, April 1993, p. 18 A geologist ... archaeologist Knut Fladmark that the Pacific coast was the likely route were dismissed in the 1970s by other archaeologists, who postulated an ice free corridor east of the Rockies. Now marine geologists who have been mapping the coastal region between the British Columbian mainland and the Queen Charlotte Islands have come to the conclusion that it was a rich area of diverse ecosystems as recently ...
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... D. A. Evans, Division of Geological and Planetary Sciences, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA 91125, USA. R. L. Ripperdan, Department of Geology, University of Puerto Rico, Mayaguez, Mayaguez 00681, Puerto Rico. ** end**---- NEW WEEKLY CABLE SERIES TO FEATURE PLANETARY CATASTROPHE...BUT ... >From New Scientist, 2 August 97 Twist of fate By Jeff Hecht The crust and mantle of the Earth twisted 90 degrees around its liquid core in a mere blink of geological time around half a billion years ago, claim geologists in California. The repositioning of the continents may have caused the unprecedented Cambrian explosion in species diversity. Evidence for the theory ... from the directions of magnetic fields in the minerals in rocks. The magnetic fields in molten rocks align with the Earth's and become frozen in as the rocks cool and solidify, providing a permanent record of the position of the rocks at that time relative to the Earth's field. Geologists had already looked at the magnetic signatures in Australian rocks that solidified between about ...
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128. Sagan's "Ten Plagues" [Kronos $]
... , 1952) that "Cometary encounters may well be considered as having been responsible on the earth for the puzzling succession of geological revolutions which form the principal time divisions in historical geology" (Nininger, p. 294, Dover edition, 1959); Urey (Nature 242, 32, March 2, 1973) almost parrots Velikovsky:".. ... idea advanced earlier by Nininger (Out of the Sky, 1952) that "Cometary encounters may well be considered as having been responsible on the earth for the puzzling succession of geological revolutions which form the principal time divisions in historical geology" (Nininger, p. 294, Dover edition, 1959); Urey (Nature 242, 32, March 2 ... Velikovsky assigns for the near-contacts between the Earth and Mars and Venus. There is impressive evidence already in hand suggesting that volcanism has been strongly episodic on a global basis in recent geologic history (Cf. A. McBirney et al., Geology, December 1974, p. 585; J. Kennett and R. Thunell, Science 187, 497 [ ...
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129. On Saturn And The Flood [Kronos $]
... the Earth" in Dokl. Ac. Sci. USSR 116 (2): pp.197-199; L. J. Salop, "GIaciations, Biologic Crises and Supernovae, Catastrophist Geology, Vol.2, no.2 (1977), pp.22-41. JS 15. see N. D. Newell, "Revolutions in the History of Life," Geological Society of America ... Saturn's connection with the new forms in the plant kingdom that appeared following the Deluge. There is one important phenomenon which the supernova theory does not explain, however, namely the geological upheavals that accompanied the great extinctions. The Midrashic sources relate that, during the Deluge, all volcanoes erupted;(19) and other ancient accounts assert the same. Changes ... of the Flood as being warm;(13) in addition the waters may have been rich in chlorine, an element which in combination with sodium forms common salt. Marine geologists are unable to trace the origin of the huge amounts of chlorine locked in the salt of the Earth's oceans, the Earth's own rocks being rather poor in this element and incapable ...
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... was a member of the museum's board of directors. Atwater's review, however, was anything but inflammatory: You may have heard that Dr. Velikovsky's astronomy is rubbish, his geology nonsense and his history ridiculous. You will be hearing those things again and again. I do not intend to say that all Dr. Velikovsky's findings are correct-- in ... first time. Speaking for "his fellow astronomers," Shapley was quoted as saying that the theories in question were "rubbish and nonsense." The director of the American Geological Institute, David Delo, said that Velikovsky "appears to be bypassing all the sound, scientific observations of a multitude of geologists made during the past 100 years." Carl ... , director of the University of Chicago Oriental Institute, called Worlds in Collision an "example of the apologetic procedure," looking for evidence to fit a preconceived theory: "There is nothing we as historians can do...other than smile and go about our business." And the president of Hebrew Union College, Nelson Glueck, maintained that "biblical ...
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