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101. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... 1995, pp. 32-41 The Magellan mission to Venus has painted a picture of the planet's surface which has planetary scientists hopping from one theory to another in attempts to explain a geology which appears to be totally alien to any processes on Earth. The planet formerly regarded as our twin is covered in an unexpectedly thick layer of basalt which apparently indicates that there ... . (Because there was no time?) The mid-Cretaceous episode doubled the world total rate of oceanic crust production which must have raised sea levels, causing a whole cascade of geological and climatic effects. If the Earth's diameter remained constant (which some would consider an unjustifiable assumption), then sudden subduction of older material thrust under the continents would give rise ... gas in our region of the Galaxy is apparently ionised, not so much by the 3 million stars near it, but by the influence of a single very distant star. Geologists have recognised the influence of 'giant bolts of lightning or magnetic flares' in the Solar System as they have shown that dark, fluffy inclusions in chondrules in meteorites were probably formed ...
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102. For the Record. . . [Kronos $]
... must take place. Therefore we are led to the belief that evolution is a process initiated in catastrophes. Numerous catastrophes or bursts of effective radiation must have taken place in the geological past in order to change so radically the living forms on earth, as the record of fossils embedded in lava and sediment bears witness [Cf. W in C, pp ... Newell claimed that "although it is well established that the earth's crust has shifted and that climates have changed, these changes almost certainly were more gradual than Hapgood suggests. Most geologists, following the 'uniformitarian' point of view expounded in the 18th century by James Hutton and in the 19th by Charles Lyell, are satisfied that observable natural processes are quite adequate ... surface" from such an event. Specifically, Urey felt it "possible and even probable that a comet collision with the Earth destroyed the dinosaurs and initiated the Tertiary division of geologic time.'' Then, at the end of his brief essay and almost in passing, Urey suggested-- "It seems likely that interesting studies could be made by ...
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... Algonkian, Killarney, Appalachian, Laramide and Cascadian Revolutions, each marked by profound unconformities in the rocks. Naturally a quantavolutionist will wonder why these never evolved into a new catastrophist geology. First, there was the obstacle of ideology, which a social psychologist can appreciate more than a natural scientist: the social atmosphere of the times, the breakaway from religion ... ranges until at least and at last all that are spectacular have been moved up in time to the age of humans. Velikovsky published a brief survey of this evidence citing the geological works of R. A. Daly, G. M. Price, R. F. Flint, B. Willis, A. Heim and A. Gausser, H ... E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS THE LATELY TORTURED EARTH: Part V: Rifts, Rafts and Basins by Alfred de Grazia CHAPTER TWENTY THRUSTING AND OROGENY When nineteenth century geologists departed from their original simplistic uniformitarianism, they found it useful to identify in Earth history several points of great diastrophism (" turnabouts" in Greek) or revolution. Whence came ...
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104. Ice Core Evidence [The Velikovskian $]
... Michael J. Oard discussed the complex subject of taxonomy and biostratigraphy of foraminifera in ocean sediments: The above two fields [taxonomy and biostratigraphy are based on many assumptions from historical geology. Just the classification of oceanic microorganisms is very complex, with many problems....There is a prolifeMtion of different names for the same organism, and much species-splitting [of ... ,281 feet) since Eocene times or the sea level has altered drastically. (5) Coral reefs and platforms grow so rapidly that their growth outstrips sea floor spreading, geological subsidence of the sea floor or gradual rises in sea levels. This, then, is the problem. All over the oceans, the record indicated deep coral platforms, suggesting ... submarine canyons, we learned that the immense canyons running off the continental shelf and deep into the oceans from all continents were carved by subaerial water. According to Shepherd, Pleistocene geologists are wrong to deny that many of these canyons were above the ocean surface, were cut by rivers and then sank below the present sea level. (8) Douglas W ...
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... well have been a radioactive element with a reasonably long half-life, such that it could survive periods of cooling and crystallization in once-molten rocks. NOTES AND REFERENCES 1. Glossary of Geology and Related Sciences (Washington: American Geological Institute, 1960), p. 225. 2. In the late 1960's R. V. Gentry referred to pleochroic halos as ... much more fundamental way. In some of his earlier papers on pleochroic halos, Joly argued that halos of varying sizes indicated that decay rates for uranium had not been constant throughout geological time. But later he reversed himself and insisted that pleochroic halos actually proved what everyone else had always assumed- that radioactive decay rates have always been constant.(6) ... , now of the Chemistry Division of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, found himself wondering: "Can the earth's age be measured by radioactive dating of its rocks, as most geologists and geochemists believe? For some time I had been intrigued with the thought that certain scientists were using the terms 'age of the universe' and 'age of the earth' quite ...
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... Suppose the Falls to be of the same age as Niagara Falls; this would place a spectacular bit of Africa within reach of 3500 years of age. A quantavolutionary view of geology tends to bring more and more features more and more together; the Earth's surface tends to be hologenetic and is seen in holistic perspective. Olduvai Gorge could have been created during ... Quantavolution.Org E-MAIL: TABLE OF CONTENTS THE BURNING OF TROY By Alfred de Grazia Part Two: Geological Issues CHAPTER THIRTEEN THE LATECOMING OLDUVAI GORGE In September 1976, I happened to meet Ofer Bar-Yosef, Ernst Wrestler, and other archeao-anthropologists from Israel on an excursion through the caves of Southwest Aquitaine. There I learned of the work that had been ... man may have witnessed the later developments of the rifting to which the valley owes its character. If so, we shall have to change the time scale, either by hurrying geologic processes or by greatly prolonging the stone age of man's evolution" [7. The latter course has been taken [8. Yet since Olduvai Gorge fractured open after hominids and ...
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107. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... used by hammerhead sharks which congregate daily around a basaltic mountain in the Gulf of California, apparently following lines of high magnetic gradient. Sharks are extremely sensitive to electrical fields. GEOLOGY Earthquakes past, present and future New Scientist 20.7.96, pp. 37-40, 24.8.96, p. 20, 13.4.96, p. 20, Discover Sept. 96, p. ... like a bell for days or weeks. Where they reinforce each other they can trigger off other small earthquakes. Vibrating surfaces also generate patterns, which could explain Mima mounds, geological curiosities that are scattered in thousands in various regions of the planet. An intense swarm of earthquakes heralded a recent burst of activity from Hawaii's youngest undersea volcano. Less easy to ... From: SIS Chronology& Catastrophism Review 1996:2 (May 1997) Home¦ Issue Contents Monitor NEWS Scientific Mafia strikes again BBC science programme, details unknown. Geologists and palaeontologists Charles Officer, Tony Hallam and Professor Dewey MacClean (Virginia Polytechnic Institute) revealed an unpublicised background to the current popular theory of the demise of the dinosaurs following a massive ...
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... lost forever. The ancient writings that survive to this day can be carried on the shelves of a large bookcase. Almost all of the lost works that dealt with astronomy, geology, anthropology, and the history of religions must have treated of catastrophes and possessed a catastrophic viewpoint. I venture this from the fact that the great majority of the works that ... efforts to discredit Velikovsky may serve to supplement this example. Incongruous though they may appear at first sight, the suppression of the word "stratum," an election of the Geological Society, and the downfall of the English Tories were at one moment in history tied together. A uniformitarian English activist of 150 years ago, George Scrope put the first two ... strata. Which they may do. But Lyell failed. The word "stratum" was essential to geological description and classification and he went back to it himself. Yet many geologists see in the discontinuities of strata only a gradually eroded former body of rock that would, if only it were still there, exhibit a nicely graded continuum into what is there ...
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... the late 70's Deg began using the term "quantavolution." Not only the increasing number of cosmic heretics, but also restless and probing scientists of the several large fields of geology, astronomy, biology, and the historical sciences had been publishing new materials in which global disasters figured, sometimes mentioning possible exoterrestrial causes, at other times remarking on the shortening ... within the establishment-- should be enough to lift the level of debate considerably. To summarize briefly: most of Clube's published work deals with the possibility of extra-terrestrial catastrophes in geological time; the book proposes them continuing into historical times at dates very close to those of Velikovsky. His mechanism (though we might not agree with it) is sufficiently well ... ; otherwise he must be using some narrow and antiquated definition of science, or worse, using the term science for name-calling. It is widely believed that all astronomers, all geologists, all physicist, all historians, and all archaeologists have for thirty years been close-minded to the arguments continually brought up by the cosmic heretics. This is not so. And ...
Terms matched: 4  -  Score: 1259  -  03 Apr 2004  -  87k  -  URL:
... is so rare on Earth.) "Water must then have been released as a liquid sometime during the first billion years of the earth's history, for which we have no geological record." Bullard follows this with further apologies for the myth but says that the past decades have revolutionized oceanography and have "unlocked the history of the oceans." The ... rotate with the Earth, descending only when terrestrial electrical conditions permitted or were "seeded" by exoterrestrial fall out (which is also an electrical phenomenon). Professional courtesy grants geologists not only their huge oceans but also the basins to hold the waters. "God" must have made the basins to hold the water, and even if gods are dispensed ... the ocean waters come from? Since she sees the streams and puddles after a rain, a child reasons that all water comes from the sky, that is, unless a geologist gets to her quickly to tell her that the oceans have always been here from the time the Earth was formed, or almost as long. An eccentric geologist might say that ...
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