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... impressed by the uses to which a long history of mankind might be put: knowing as we do the enormously greater speed of psycho-social evolution as compared with the slow rate of biological evolution, then a larger absolute time span of, say, 5,000,000 years, may allow an even greater amount of relative evolutionary time for the evolution of ... of the neolithic and beyond, when the need for a dating instrument becomes increasingly acute [22. Geologists bought evolutionary time to preserve themselves from alternative catastrophic hypotheses. Whereupon the biologists and anthropologists, together with the geologists, were persuaded of radiochronometry by geo-physicists. The Potassium-Argon test claims validity over a time span of a billion years and more, beginning at ... , permit a set of crucial human changes to occur together in the same moment and perhaps by the same instant mutation. The issue has been hotly argued. A plurality of biologist are point-by-point evolutionists; very few are saltationists, quantavolutionists or systemists; many are puzzled over the great variety of points to be covered over time, no matter how long, ...
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... No. 1 under the title "Darwinian Man". It is reprinted here by the permission of the author.- LMG Stephen Jay Gould, Professor of palaeontology and evolutionary biology at Harvard University, has already established himself as a popular science writer through a regular column in Natural History, and is now reaching a much wider audience in Britain in the ... ... broke sharply with the synthetic theory, however, in arguing that new species arose abruptly by discontinuous variation, or macromutation". In this article Gould examined the biological evidence for assuming, within an evolutionary scheme, that new species must have arisen suddenly. This would account for the embarrassing absence of key intermediary forms in the geological record. ... Untimely Burial", Gould answers the bold claim made by Tom Bethell in "Darwin's Mistake" (Harper's, February 1976) that Darwinism has already been laid to rest by biologists, and in particular the suggestion that Darwin's concept of natural selection by "survival of the fittest" is not an explanatory principle but merely a tautology (or, as put ...
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73. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Review $]
... We advocate understanding catastrophism with deux (sic) ex machina. In fact we observe design in catastrophism.... Design suggests a designer. This magnificence of design in biology demands our attention be turned toward the Creator. We are creationists as well as catastrophists, over-awed with the magnificence of nature. And we are amazed at a parallel, design ... but it is slightly misleading: the book offers no explanation as to how living cells developed from inanimate matter; rather, it is chiefly concerned with the origin of the complex biological molecules which are the components of living cells, but which are not in themselves alive. The authors' central thesis is that Earth could never have provided an environment suitable for ... through the cometary tail of the protoplanet Venus as far back as 1950. In Worlds in Collision Velikovsky wrote (I, ix: "Baal Zevuv"): "Modern biologists toy with the idea that micro-organisms arrive on the earth from interstellar spaces..." and he went on: "Whether there is truth in this supposition of larval contamination ...
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74. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... establishment has the Kuhnian revolution already taken place and is Catastrophism waiting in the wings about to be crowned a worthy successor? A summary of current major changes of thinking in evolutionary biology by Michael J. Benton of the University of Oxford would indicate that this is indeed so. In the "News and Views" section of Nature, under the title " ... to many major replacements" (see also Workshop 3:4, pp. 18-19). Although random extinctions are seen to be the result of complex interactions of physical and biological factors, including even a degree of competition, Benton concludes that competition "will rarely be the sole cause, whereas it could be postulated that a catastrophic change in the physical ... is sufficient on its own". It has been so postulated, Mr Benton, but unavailingly until now. Dare we hope that these enlightened evolutionary biologists will soon prevail? Earthquake Electrics source: Nature 3.3.83, pp. 28-32 We reported in the past two issues on the interest being taken in the phenomenon of earthquake lights, and in Workshop 5: ...
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75. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... The World About Us, 5.12.82 (2) New Scientist 25.11.82, p. 503 (1) Biologists are certainly very touchy these days after the attacks on neo-Darwinism. Every biology article or programme, it seems, has to throw in the magic words "natural selection"- one suspects this is in order to bolster their own subconscious doubts. The ... . Oceanic Rings of Truth? source: Scientific American March 1982, pp. 50-60 Large areas of the oceans are usually considered to be uniform in their physical, chemical and biological properties. This assumption lies behind the interpretation of many core samples taken to ascertain past climatic conditions as indicated by Earth's oceans. However, this assumption has been shown to be ... meteorites hitherto recovered. Naturally-selected Illogicalities sources: (1) BBC 2, The World About Us, 5.12.82 (2) New Scientist 25.11.82, p. 503 (1) Biologists are certainly very touchy these days after the attacks on neo-Darwinism. Every biology article or programme, it seems, has to throw in the magic words "natural selection"- ...
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... believe that he tried every possible way to disprove them before publishing. Almost 18 months later, they still stand. Bob Blanden, head of the division of Immunology and Cell Biology at the John Curtin School of Medical Research, is also a highly regarded figure in his area of science. When Peter Doherty and Rolf Zinkernagel won a Nobel Prize for Medicine ... "threatening to fundamentally alter the nature of the rainforest". The story will quote Dr Dennis O'Dowd, "director of Monash University's new Centre for the Analysis and Management of Biological Invasions". "This could be catastrophic," he says. "I can think of no impact as large as this by a single invader in such a short period ... Blanden co-wrote a book, Lamarck's Signature, which proposes that acquired characteristics can be inherited. This defies Darwinian evolutionary principles, evoking jaded eyeball- rolling and head-shaking whenever senior molecular biologists gather together. Despite its radical nature, the work of Blanden and Schmidt is at the cutting edge of recognised scientific discovery, earning prominent positions on the safe side (just ...
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... of these discoveries university departments are popping up with new names such as geomicrobiology. Some of these startling findings challenge our understanding of certain laws of physics and thermodynamics as applied to biology, because it appears that the nuclei of elements may be altered and recombined so as to produce other elements. Henry Ehrlich, author of the textbook GEOMICROBIOLOGY said "we're still ... ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** MICROBES IN GEOLOGY By Earl Staelin THE AMAZING ROLE OF MICROBES IN GEOLOGY: ARE BIOLOGICAL TRANSMUTATIONS INVOLVED? Copyright, July, 2002 EXCERPTS: The past twenty years has witnessed a revolution in geology-the discovery that microorganisms or microbes play a major role in many geological processes ... vitro formation of placer gold by bacteria", Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol. 58, No. 20, pp. 4527-4530, 1994). (Southam is a biologist at Northern Arizona University, and Beveridge is a microbiologist at University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Thomas Gold points out that gold in mineral deposits is concentrated "a million ...
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78. Freud and Velikovsky Part I [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... translation of Moses and Monotheism, by Ernest Jones's wife, which appeared March 1939, we would probably still be blundering in the Egyptian darkness which prevailed in astronomy, physics, biology, psychology, and history before Immanuel Velikovsky delivered Worlds in Collision and Ages in Chaos. Velikovsky set out to explode the foundations of Freud's myth about monotheism. Velikovsky came to ... father." Bruecke warned young Freud there was no prospect of his earning a splendid salary, nor become the husband and father of his ambitious dreams, while employed in his biological laboratory. Freud had detected in the impediments to his career a secret anti-Semitic virus, although Henri Ellenberger has demonstrated that the suspicion was more paranoid than empirically proven. 13 Freud ... . What he called a congress was a meeting of minds which can now be seen as bordering on amorous communication. They talked about Fliess's darling theory of bisexuality. The Berlin biologist had speculated on the fate of mankind if there was but one eye in the middle of the head, Cyclops-like. Freud's imagination was enchanted with these words on the night he ...
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79. The Cautious Revolutionary [SIS C&C Review $]
... its competitors- if only because systems in steady state are not only common but also so highly resistant to change. We believe that the punctuational view will become important to evolutionary biology at levels both lower and higher than the events of speciation covered in our model of punctuated equilibria. Dodson (1975, 1976) has made a promising start, partly in ... general knowledge of arts and sciences but carries his learning lightly (" I am tradesman, not a polymath. What I know of planets and politics lies at their intersection with biological evolution."). Subjects range from immense but perhaps not-so-dumb dinosaurs to the mite which dies before it is born, and it is a pleasure to travel the highways and ... since 1974, have a deserved reputation for sparkle, perception, controversy and common sense. Gould is on the faculty of Harvard University, and is primarily a palaeontologist and evolutionary biologist, although he also teaches geology and the history of science. For relaxation he sings baritone with the Boston Cecilia Society, and has a liking for Gilbert and Sullivan as well ...
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... the Theory of the Desiccation of the Mediterranean Sea by Cándido Manuel García Cruz Candido Manuel Garcia Cruz was born in Sidi Ifni (Morocco) in 1952 and is a teacher of biology and geology. He has published several articles about the history of earth sciences. He has also translated works on continental drift and plate tectonics and the theory of the earth, ... les révolutions de la surface du globe. Paris, Ch. Bourgois, 335 pp., 1825 (ed. 1985). 29. The relations of de Maillet with biological evolution can be seen, mainly, in: 29a. Benítez, M. (1983). Entre le mythe et la science: Benoît de Maillet et l'origine des êtres ... . Archives Internationales d'Histoire des Sciencies, 33, 161-167; 29f. Kohlbrugge, J.H.F., 'B. de Maillet, J. de Lamarck und Ch. Darwin', Biologischen Zentralblatt, 32,1912, 505-518; 29g. Neubert op. cit. [26; 29h. Neubert, F. (1921). Das Weltsystem des Benoît de ...
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