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51. For the Record. . . [Kronos $]
... catastrophes and sudden inundations and glaciations destroyed multitudes of living things. The wonder is that organisms did survive the stress.... 'It must be said, however, that biology, as a whole, denies Catastrophism in order to save Evolution'." A provocative comparison is then made by Lippman between embryological metamorphosis and evolutionary change. "From the ... and sometimes carrying a potential of a hundred billion electron volts... it is conceivable that, where a cosmic ray or charge hits a gene of germ plasma, a biological mutation takes place, comparable to the physical transmutation of the elements. After all, the genes, like any proteins, are biochemical compounds composed of carbon, nitrogen, and ... time.'' Then, at the end of his brief essay and almost in passing, Urey suggested-- "It seems likely that interesting studies could be made by biologists and palaeontologists in regard to the selection of survivors of such catastrophes." That Urey failed to acknowledge either Worlds in Collision or Earth in Upheaval is more than disingenuous. Recently ...
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52. Science Frontiers 1977-1978 [Catastrophism Geology $]
... noted. No debris was ever discovered. (Maccabee, Bruce S.; "UFO.Related Information from the FBI File", APRO Bulletin, 7-8, March 1978). BIOLOGY AUSTRALIAN MISTLETOES MIMIC THEIR HOSTS Many species of Australian mistletoes closely mimic their hosts in leaf form and general appearance, blending deceptively into the host's foliage. Plant mimicry for purposes of ... Steven J.; "Radiohalos in Coalified Wood: New Evidence for a Young Earth", Creation Research Society Quarterly, 14:101-102, 1977). HOW REAL ARE BIOLOGICAL EXTINCTIONS IN THE FOSSIL RECORD? Much has been made by catastrophists of the apparent wholesale extinctions of many forms of life from one geological period to another. Some uniformitarians have been ... OF INSECTS AND THEIR WINGS The earliest fossil insect is a wingless springtail found in Scotland's Devonian cherts, which conventional dating schemes tell us are about 350 million years old. Some biologists doubt that springtails should be classified as true insects. In any event, these ancient springtails are considered too specialized to be the ancestors of modern winged insects. The next insects ...
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... strata by simpler and less ornate forms. Many later forms of dinosaur were less ornate in their anatomy than their ancestors. Turning to the extended meaning of evolution, outside of biology, an often-quoted example is the evolution of chemical elements in the nuclear processes in the interior of stars. The energy radiated by stars comes from the fusion of hydrogen atoms into ... with natural selection has from its inception been welcomed as an extremely powerful tool of explanation. It has travelled far from being used merely to explain physical heredity and the development of biological characteristics. It has been adopted by some of the most distinguished scientific and philosophical minds of the twentieth century to explain phenomena as diverse as animal and human behaviour, social movements ... because of some stroke of bad luck- as when disease strikes down the farmer's prize dairy herd. Politicians are reluctant to accept the implications of this unpleasant fact (just as biologists are). It is that the world is fundamentally chaos-related and its effects on our political and economic systems are unpredictable. There are just as many entrepreneurs of intelligence and skill ...
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... adapt. The biologist will probably agree with this and go in search of other advantages afforded these handicapped species in natural selection. When his search fails, he must grant that biology has always had an in-grained prejudice for the complex 'higher' animals, especially man. Man, like other advanced mammals, and indeed like all specialized as opposed to primitive, ... powerful, as with the crash of a large body into the Earth. Such is quantavolution. It appears to be easier to discover death than new life. The literature on biological extinctions is getting heavier all the time, but little is forthcoming on genesis. We wonder why. Could it be a taboo against one kind of creation? Perhaps. Might ... feature of a species in "natural selection," then the human and many another 'advanced' species should be regarded as handicapped in the struggle to survive and adapt. The biologist will probably agree with this and go in search of other advantages afforded these handicapped species in natural selection. When his search fails, he must grant that biology has always had ...
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55. A Comprehensive Theory on Aging, Gigantism and Longevity [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... in origin and sudden in advent. 2 This catastrophic ice age, then, is seen as the motivating factor behind a reorganized climatology, which in turn is linked to the biology of gigantism and longevity. Before diving into the pool of data, however, the authors think it appropriate to address, head on, some rather nebulous-- but certainly ... primarily ozone, is not dismissed out of hand, but our analysis indicates that it is not adequate for our purposes by many magnitudes. Solar Spectrum and Wave Length of Light Biologically, the effect of solar radiation on life is much the same as that of ozone. Short-wave radiation penetrates the skin and produces cellular aberrations. Perhaps these bombardments accumulate over a ... a third and seemingly unrelated question, are the ancients' claims of longevity on the order of 900 years to be taken seriously rather than considered as mythology? Is there a biological mechanism resulting in ancient gigantism or longevity? The theme of this work consists of heterodox, but defensible answers to these and similar questions. It is fairly well known that the ...
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... Species by Means of Natural Selection (London 1859, repr. Cambridge, Mass., 1964), p. 280. 30. C. Singer: A History of Biology (New York, 1931), p. 487. Although the recapitulation theory is totally discredited among informed biologists, in popular literature vestiges of it still subsist. 31. ... the so-called Neanderthals, contemporaries of Homo sapiens who until recently were believed to have flourished from 120,000 to 35,000 BC [9. Not only is there no biological evolution towards any later type of man during this time, there is also no significant development in tool-making: for 85,000 years these 'robust' human beings with brains some ... . 280. 30. C. Singer: A History of Biology (New York, 1931), p. 487. Although the recapitulation theory is totally discredited among informed biologists, in popular literature vestiges of it still subsist. 31. G. H. R. Koenigswald: Meeting Prehistoric Man (London, 1956), p.55. 32. ...
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... et al, of SUNY Stony Brook, who pushed the origin and development of vertebrate precursors back from 545 million years ago, at the beginning of the so-called Cambrian Explosion of biological lifeforms, to the undifferentiated Proterozoic era 1.2 billion years ago. This is substantially earlier than the opening of the Phanerozoic period that takes in the three major Paleozoic, Mesozoic, ... sure they're preparing to address this contingency even if it resurrects Hoyle and Wickramasinghe's idea of panspermia, [1 which puts everything off-planet and into the realm of "skyhooks." Biologists in general have previously considered this to be "Hoyle's Howler." [2 Well over a century ago, Charles Darwin did not have any such futuristic acumen or knowledge at ... argumentative buffers, a goodly number of them treated in a humorous vein. In fact, I'm moved to say that Dennett writes equally as well as his contemporary from Harvard, biologist Stephen Jay Gould, and with whom Dennett is not in total agreement by any stretch of the imagination. Nor, for that matter, is there much agreement with MIT linguist ...
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... began using the term "quantavolution." Not only the increasing number of cosmic heretics, but also restless and probing scientists of the several large fields of geology, astronomy, biology, and the historical sciences had been publishing new materials in which global disasters figured, sometimes mentioning possible exoterrestrial causes, at other times remarking on the shortening of time scales implied ... of cosmic quantavolution. All of these were far ahead of, or let us say distinct from the heavy empirical work beginning to appear concerning meteoritic impacts, clay chemistry, and biological extinctions. Perhaps the tides of particular studies will wash away most of the substance of the models. Such a fate has befallen the model of the victorious biological team, as ... just the dying out of the old, but also the more or less sudden emergence of new phyla." Later, Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History hosted a conclave of biologists called by Eldredge, an officer of the Museum, and Gould. Well-reported in Science, it did not precipitate an organized movements, even in the single field of paleontology. ...
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... heavens are made of a nobler substance than are the humble objects on Earth, and that the science that studies the heavens is therefore a nobler science than the mundane sciences of biology, geology, chemistry, physics, history, and psychology. Thus we have the view that astronomy is 'the queen of the sciences'. This view that astronomy is the ... new oceans develop, just as we today are unaware of these developments. Thus neither the biologists nor the geologists have given adequate consideration to the possibility of cataclysmic evolution of new biological and geological forms and cataclysmic extinction of older forms. The astronomers have prohibited the biologists and geologists from invoking a solar system that has intermittently had its Worlds in Collision and that ... unless there is a passivity or a willingness to be ruled and to be led on the part of the subjects. And that is the case here. The geologists, the biologists, and especially the historians have passively accepted the thesis that the astronomers can tell them what has been going on on this Earth, and they have then sketched in those details ...
Terms matched: 3  -  Score: 482  -  06 Mar 2003  -  22k  -  URL:
60. Psychoceramics [Aeon Journal $]
... affected our way of thinking about the world in which we live: Shifts in thinking about cosmology and evolution, and in subsets of scientific disciplines as computers and microelectronics, molecular biology, nucleonics, paleoarcheology, and the like. What is even more interesting is that there have been no major scientific breakthroughs in the physical sciences during this same period of time ... finding of high-temperature ceramometallic superconductors in 1986 by Nobelists Georg Bednorz and Alex MÜller of IBM Zurich was really a remarkable developmental advance rather than a fundamental discovery.) Only in the biological sciences have we seen anything more than developmental advances in this time slot. However, all the changes we have otherwise witnessed and which have affected our view of the world have ... in the rocks represented an evolution of species as the "great ladder of nature," curiously penning his approach to the mystery in an epic poem, Zonomia. The French biologist, Jean Baptiste de Lamarck, was the first to devote an entire book to evolution as the "march of nature" in his Philosophie Zologique (1809), (26 ...
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