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81. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... is a strong case for the Universe being 'clumpy' rather than smooth, and with recent discoveries of ever bigger clumps of matter the case gets stronger. The alternative, Alfven's view, is that 99% of the Universe consists of plasma- ionised gas that can conduct electricity- and 'that the Universe is criss-crossed and sculpted by titanic electric currents and magnetic fields.' Alfven points to photographs of nebulae such as the Veil or Orion which often take the form of delicate, lacy filaments. They have an earthly counterpart in the aurora borealis, or northern lights- and does anyone doubt the electromagnetic origin of these? Similar filaments or vortices can be produced in laboratory vacuum equipment and are produced by a magnetic 'pinch effect'. The current flowing through a plasma surrounds itself with a cylindrical magnetic field, attracting other currents flowing in the same direction. In this way, tiny current threads tend to 'pinch' together, drawing the plasma with them. 'The converging threads are twined into a plasma rope, much as water converging toward a drain generates a swirling ...
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82. Letters [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... one of Thor's red beard. He was a god of the thunderbolt, wore a belt of strength, had goats to draw his chariot through the sky, and wore a horned helmet. The Oresteia has many references to the net of doom in which Agamemnon was caught. Homer describes the net which trapped Ares and Aphrodite as being extremely fine and strong. Artemis, so similar to her brother Apollo, bore the epithet Dictynna (Greek diktys, a net). Apollo was devoutly worshipped by the Hyperboreans, which suggests the Aurora Borealis. There may be a link here with the trident, a lightning symbol. The Roman retiarius or net man had a trident to finish off his victim in the arena when he had him entangled. Altars, structures with horns, to which victims were brought (oxen with horns gilded) to be consumed by fire from the sky if possible, were sometimes decorated with reliefs of serpents. There is a Celtic example, showing a ram-headed serpent, at Lypiatt Park, Gloucestershire. The Celtic horned god (Hern the ...
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83. Monitor [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... scientists are at a loss to explain it. Those trying to use the "dynamo effect" (for which see WORKSHOP 5:4, p.28) have the core of the planet spinning in a different direction to the surface! This could be effected by having a planet the size of Earth hitting Uranus to alter its spin axis...- is catastrophism really that respectable? The electrics of the system are remarkable. There is a huge and mysterious "electroglow" only on the sunlit side of Uranus (and an aurora near the magnetic pole on the night side) but the Sun's energy is too weak to accelerate the electrons required to produce such a glow. Just as inexplicable is the finding that the temperature of the stratosphere above the dark pole is greater than that above the illuminated pole (shades of Venus?) and a staggering hot proton plasma which lies just outside Miranda's orbit. Alistair Beal has written to indicate that Juergens had predicted space probes beyond Jupiter would find "thermal electrons are much less in evidence there and that the positive ...
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84. The Electric Universe [SIS C&C Review $]
... . 12. E. Lerner, op. cit. There is a sub-culture in the plasma physics fraternity that has developed a new cosmology based on the ideas of the Nobel Prizewinning plasma physicist, Hannes Alfvén. It successfully models galaxy morphology and energetics without the need for missing mass and black holes. 13. Peratt, Anthony L., 'Advances in Numerical Modeling of Astrophysical and Space Plasmas', Astrophysics& Space Science, 1998, 256, pp. 51-75. 14. Kristian Birkeland experimented with electrical models of the Earth's aurora and showed that it must have a connection to the sun. His early death unfortunately allowed the views of the influential geophysicist, Sydney Chapman, to dominate. Chapman proposed an isolated Earth in which the ionospheric currents were self-contained. After the discovery of the Van Allen radiation belts and a space filled with plasma, physicists ignored Alfvén's admonitions that plasma is not a superconductor and cannot sustain 'frozen in' magnetic fields. Electric currents in space are required- as Birkeland proposed. 15. A. Assis and M. Neves, ...
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... anomalies were simultaneously occurring is, of course, important and leads one to ponder over the cumulative effects of widespread electromagnetic excess.) It seems that one of the functions of the Earth's magnetosphere and tail is to partially absorb excessive waves of electromagnetic radiation, perhaps of solar origin. However, too rapid buildups of plasma in the Earth's magnetosphere and tail may cause a spillage of this plasma into parts of the Earth's atmosphere. We know this occurs today, especially at solar maximum, when excess plasma causes more spectacular displays of the aurora in the terrestrial ionosphere. However the visibility of apparently larger sun spots in the past suggests enhanced solar activity may have led to even greater plasmic spillage and hence an even greater increase in electrical activity and subsequent births of magnetic fields ever closer to the earth. We have seen examples of plasmoidal fire balls. Were other phenomena visible as well? There are many reports describing what is happening in the sky. Though many are overlaid with myth, others are not, or seem to be amalgams of fancy and realism. One ...
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... , he wrote and published Poor Richard's Almanac. He became a member of the Pennsylvania Assembly, was sent to Britain to lobby Parliament about tax grievances and then to France as an ambassador to enlist French help for the American Revolution. After independence he became President of Pennsylvania and worked to abolish slavery. A polymath, he taught himself Spanish, French, Italian and Latin; mapped the Gulf Stream; invented such things as bifocal spectacles and the lightning conductor; proved that lightning is a form of electricity. He also recognised the Aurora Borealis as an electrical phenomenon and speculated on the existence of the ionosphere. Antoine Laurent Lavoisier (1743-1794), occupation tax collector. He is famous as a chemist, naming the part of air used in combustion 'oxygen' and destroying the then-prevalent theory of phlogiston. He demonstrated that water is a compound of hydrogen and oxygen; that organic compounds contain carbon, hydrogen and oxygen; that carbon dioxide and water are normal products of respiration. He effectively did the first experiments in quantitative organic analysis and later became the director of ...
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... and Italian peasant populations fuelled the war machines of Alexander and Rome. Phoenician expansion and the spread of Carthaginian colonies took place during rapid population growth. Germanic tribes expanded in mid to late 1st millennium BC, movements associated with the term 'Celtic' despite their origin in the Danube basin. The cycle of (diminishing) catastrophe brought this to an end. Baillie has located tree ring signatures (dust veils) at 208 BC and 44BC. They have been linked with volcanoes, yet the dates are interesting. 208 may connect with aurora phenomena featured in the Maccabees story [18. After 200 BC Greek and Roman records mention abandoned villages and empty countryside. A medical student, Rufus of Ephesus, described symptoms of an epidemic in Egypt and Libya around 200 BC in terms reminiscent of plague. In China the 'Era of the Warring States', 403-221BC, ended with the victory of Chi'un but in 202BC he lost the 'mandate of heaven' and the Han dynasty began. This matches the dust veil event of 208BC, supporting the dendrochronological dating. The early ...
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... which is particularly remarkable in view of its publication four years before Worlds in Collision. He reported 'an unforgettable phenomenon' which he had observed while on a cycling tour in the southwest of England in the summer of 1908. One night he and his companion noticed that it was strangely light: 'At 11.30 p.m. one was able to read the print of a newspaper... without any difficulty; and it was clear to both of us that the situation was quite abnormal.' This was not the flickering light of an aurora. 'There was, rather, one steady diffused radiance suggestive of a sunset afterglow or the light from an invisible full moon.' Later he learned that the cause of these unusual conditions was the Siberian meteorite event of June 30th 1908, which had produced even more dramatic lighting effects over Russia and northern Europe. Phythian-Adams drew a parallel between this atmospheric phenomenon and the prolonged day of Joshua 10:13. He also brought into his argument the shower of stones reported in verse 11. He noted that the expression used here ...
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... 54 Perseids, and their radiant lies 20 degrees further east (as well as further to the north), doubling the target area. Cf note [31. 35. ibid: p. 159 36. 'Winter', p. 110 37. The Beta Taurids were only discovered by radar, which detects the ionised gas in a meteor trail. Lightning is not a normal accompaniment of a meteor shower, and accompanying clouds would hide the display even if it were night. Flying dragons seems more like a description of an aurora if it is not a flight of fancy. 38. op. cit. [33, p. 93 39. Peter Lancaster Brown: Comets, Meteorites and Men (Scientific Book Club Edition, 1975), p 16: "( according to Pingre) the chronicles recorded in good faith comets which were never actually seen- such as the one of AD 814 which allegedly heralded the death of Charlemagne." In correspondence, Bernard Newgrosh suggests that such an expectation of cometary activity at a time of disaster may itself ...
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... Spaniards, whose rule they announced had ended; and some led the tribe from its home territory to seek the legendary Land Without Evil.(5) Near the center of the area over which the Prophet Dance later was to spread, lived the Southern Okanagon. This apprehensive tribelet believed that falling stars, earthquakes, and other anomalous events in nature were all signs of the coming destruction of the world.(6) The Modoc greatly feared the world's end. Every year in the fall they danced at the coming of the aurora borealis. This was the sky on fire, set by Kumukamts the Creator, his son, and Red Fox. Its smoke or flames would cause incurable sickness... Then they danced to ward off the great burning of the world, lest the earth catch flame from the sky at the edge of the world, and make deep fires to consume them all from beneath the ground. The Modoc also greatly fear the dreams that come in their anti-sunwise shuffle dance, and sometimes faint from these dreams. But they must ...
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