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... Lightning Brothers, Tcabuinji, killed his younger brother Wagtjadbulla "with his stone axe." [19 "In the painting the twelve-foot figure of the young brother towers over the elder who carries a forked object beneath his left arm. One inquirer was told by his aboriginal informant that this was Cananda, but others claimed it was the axe used as the weapon and that Tcabuinji could split whole trees with it when he struck as lightning." [20 Jewel of thin gold plate from Lydia in the form of a double axe-head ... , symbolic of the thunderbolt, is attached. [16 Decorated double axes from Minoan Crete. A West-African thunder and fertility god, Xevioso, is pictured with the thunder axe in his mouth-- and it is a double axe [17. "The Australian aborigines depict their lightning and weather spirit as a demon framed by a double arc springing from its head." [18 One of the North- Australian Lightning Brothers, Tcabuinji, killed his younger brother Wagtjadbulla "with his stone axe." [19 "In ...
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... Darwinians since in such cases there can be no question of selection favoring them inasmuch as they would have no influence on survival rate or reproductive success. (60) As an example of such non-utilitarian characters we might consider the case of the tibular facets found among certain aborigines. Early anthropologists called attention to the strange fact that natives of Oriental descent customarily assumed a particular posture when squatting. The Oriental's mode of squatting may be contrasted with that typically assumed by Australian aborigines (see Figure 2). These respective modes of squatting, ... are absent in all people who know the habitual use of chairs or of some other contrivance upon which to sit. Moreover, among those peoples who do not know the use of chairs there are various elected postures in squatting. It is well known that the Australian aborigine squats in his own peculiar, and for us very uncomfortable, position. He does not, as a habit, Sit on his heels with his buttocks raised clear of the ground, like an Asiatic; but he flexes his lower limbs completely, turns the ...
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23. Monitor [SIS C&C Review $]
... have taken place entirely in Scandinavia. We have pointed out before just how easy it is to find places on Earth to fit the mythical descriptions of the ancient heavens and this case seems no exception. MYTHOLOGY The Rainbow Serpent The Rainbow Serpent by Dick Roughsey The Australian Aboriginal story of the Rainbow Serpent has all the hallmarks of creation myths around the world, together with a fair smattering of characteristics which fit the 'Polar Configuration' extremely well. The huge serpent created the landscape and inaugurated a Golden Age which was later shattered by catastrophe ... years, and shows characteristics not of the mongoloids but of the South Sea Islanders. Also a problematical carving of a Caucasian-type head has been found high up a cliff in north western Australia. It seems to have been there a long time and is totally unlike modern Aboriginals. Dog domesticates man Channel 4 The domestication of dogs 15.9.98 A consideration of the history of man's association with dogs led to the conclusion that perhaps the dog domesticated man instead of the other way round. Thought to have been domesticated around 14,000 years ago ...
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... examine this belief at arm's length we find that it is a rather arbitrary one. We tend to have a Chauvinistic attitude toward our European-based culture of high technology and rampant materialism, and we assume so-called primitive cultures (such as those of the Amerindians, the Australian Aborigines and the African Bushmen) to be inferior. Yet the evidence could be interpreted just the other way around: Western civilization has resulted in poor eating habits (as a result of the use of processed and refined foods), psychological degeneration (showing up in ... is so central to the religious mythology of the vast preponderance of ancient peoples, that historian of religion Mircea Eliade considers nostalgia for paradise to be at the very core of humankind's spiritual impulse: for the shaman as for the Christian; for the Taoist as for the Aborigine, it is the longing for a lost paradise that motivates ritual, ceremony and belief. In the face of the unanimity of the ancients' belief in an original Golden Age, proponents of the non-historical approach to myth interpretation are more or less forced not so ...
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... of the Blest: Primitive and Savage," in ERE, vol. 2, p.680. 68. MIFL, vol. 1, p. 220. 69. "Twins," SDFML, pp. 1134-1136. 70. M. A. Czaplicka, Aboriginal Siberia (Oxford University Press, 1914), p. 268. 71. Francis Huxley, The Way of the Sacred (New York, 1974), p. 190. 72. Bronislaw Malinowski, The Sexual Life of Savages (New York, 1929 ... a family consisting of a mother with her children in which no adult male has ever been a member. The presumptive reason for the lack of social paternity in this type of family is that physiological paternity is either unknown or disregarded. (Among unacculturated Melanesians and Australian aborigines today, physiological paternity is considered illusory on the grounds that pregnancy is caused by philoprogenitive ancestral spirits. But the social paternity of a husband with regard to his wife's children is considered real and institutionally binding.(76)) Although none of the family structures ...
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26. The Reality of Extinctions [Aeon Journal $]
... forty or fifty thousand years of successful livestock management prior to this extinction. This extinction was also a couple of thousand years prior to any sudden decrease in temperature on this continent associated with the last Ice Age. Incidentally, these giant animals are still remembered in the Aboriginal tales of the Dreamtime, but no doubt they would have been dismissed as wild exaggeration had they not been given substance by modern paleontologists. The woolly mammoth which became extinct ten or eleven thousand years ago. If we take another step back in time, to ... logical to blame a voracious human appetite for these disappearances. If we step back an additional ten thousand years, we come upon an extinction event which accounted for 90% of the giant marsupials in Australia. Again, over-hunting carries no logic as an explanation; the Aborigines already had forty or fifty thousand years of successful livestock management prior to this extinction. This extinction was also a couple of thousand years prior to any sudden decrease in temperature on this continent associated with the last Ice Age. Incidentally, these giant animals are still ...
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27. Letters [SIS C&C Review $]
... early date?'. It is generally accepted that the human race originated in East Africa and that successive waves diverged therefrom, one of which spread across Southern Asia as far as Melanesia and Australia becoming, about 60,000 years ago, the ancestors of the Aborigines. The theory was developed that 'Lucia' belonged to this group which, historically, inhabited the Indian Ocean periphery and then it was speculated that, somehow, they had crossed the Pacific Ocean and inhabited South America. At this point I diverge from their conclusions ... combat and interbreeding with the conquering Mongoloids. The first is attested to by the violent scenes depicted in the numerous Rock Painings, the second is surmised by Walter Neves who has examined and measured the skulls of recent Fuegoans and found they displayed characteristics of both Mongoloid and Aborigine derivation. Apparently the remnants of the Negroid population retreated to Tierra del Fuego and their descendants interbred with the descendants of the Mongoloid conquerors. This is a perfectly feasible scenario for it mirrors the recent history of the last 2-300 years in Southern Africa. The indigenous ...
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28. On Thundergods and Thunderbolts [Maverick Science Website]
... popularity of this motif, Frazer remarks that "it is a common notion with the American Indians that thunder and lightning are caused by the flapping of the wings and the flashing of the eyes of a gigantic bird." Similar beliefs are also to be found amongst aboriginal peoples of South America. Thus, the Desana of the Colombian rain forest hold that lightning is "a glance the Sun casts upon the earth." How are we to understand this widespread belief whereby lighting is thought to emanate from a celestial eye? The ... the sky." Numerous cultures compared the Milky Way to a giant serpent winding across the sky. The natives of the Nyassaland in Africa hold that the celestial band of stars is a great python. The Maya compared the Milky Way to a Fer-de-lance. The Australian aborigines likewise described the Milky Way as serpentine in nature. Other cultures compared the Milky Way to a ladder spanning heaven. Such ideas are attested in the New World among the Navaho: "In Acoma sandpaintings the Milky Way appears as a ladder, for it is ...
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... , pp. 217-229. 49. R. Faulkner, op. cit., pp. 147-148. 50. R. Van Den Brock, The Myth of the Phoenix (Leiden, 1972), p. 271. 51. R. Haynes, "Aboriginal Astronomy," Aust. J. Astr. 4:3 (1992), p. 134. 52. S. Kramer, Sumerian Mythology (New York, 1952), p. 86. 53. In what follows, I assume the identity ... . More than one culture, however, ascribed just such a role to the planet Venus. On the stele of Albano, for instance, the star of Venus is depicted as accompanying the soul of a child during its ascent to heaven. (50) Australian aborigines likewise preserve memory of Venus' role as escort of the departing soul: "When a person dies, his/her spirit is believed to be conducted by the star [Venus to Bralgu [the Australian netherworld, its last resting place." (51 ...
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