Pensée -- Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered

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The ten issues of the Pensée -- Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered series are referenced in different ways by different authors -- a situation which can lead to confusion. The comparative scheme below should help readers identify the issue reqired, however, it is referenced; the notation used in this index appears at the far left.

1:Pensée IVR-IVolume 2, No. 2May, 1972
2:Pensée IVR-IIVolume 2, No. 3Fall, 1972
3:Pensée IVR-IIIVolume 3, No. 1Winter, 1973
4:Pensée IVR-IVVolume 3, No. 2Spring-Summer, 1973
5:Pensée IVR-VVolume 3, No. 3Fall, 1973
6:Pensée IVR-VIVolume 4, No. 1Winter, 1973-4
7:Pensée IVR-VIIVolume 4, No. 2Spring, 1974
8:Pensée IVR-VIIIVolume 4, No. 3Summer, 1974
9:Pensée IVR-IXVolume 4, No. 4Fall, 1974
X:Pensée IVR-XVolume 4, No. 5Winter, 1974

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