Student Academic Freedom Forum

Publisher: Student Academic Freedom Forum, David N. Talbott, President
Editor: Stephen L. Talbott
Associate Editors: Ralph Juergens, William Mullen
C. J. Ransom
Volume 2, Number 3. Fall, 1972
Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered II
2Student Academic Freedom Forum / Pensée Magazine
4The Future of A Publishing Idea
17On the Discoveries Concerning Jupiter and VenusV. Bargmann, Lloyd Motz

6Reconciling Celestial Mechanics and Velikovskian CatastrophismRalph Juergens
13Velikovsky: Science vs. Anti-scienceW C. Straka
16Straka: Science vs. Anti-science. Anatomy of a CriticismImmanuel Velikovsky
19Velikovsky on the Formation of CoalWilfrid Francis
22H. H. Hess and My MemorandaImmanuel Velikovsky
30Oedipus and AkhnatonCyrus Gordon
31Akhnaton: A Geneticist's ViewCyril D. Darlington

NASA - Ames * Lewis and Clark Symposium * Science and Decency
* Velikovsky: Bonds of the Past * Censorship * Planetarium Show
* Loren Eiseley * Pensee in the Classroom
39The Breaking Edge
Cosmic Violence * Atmosphere of Venus * The Moon * Mars
* Carbon 14 * Fluctuations * Anatomy of Pharaohs * Ben Franklin

42Notes on Dr. Immanuel VelikovskyP. P. M. Meincke
42Velikovsky's Critics and CatastrophismIan Maclver
43A Classroom ExperimentH. B. Keller
43Is Asteroid Toro a Remnant of Comet-Planet Collision?Robert Treash
45Apocalypse, a poemAnn Deagon
47A Call to ActionJoseph May
49Personal Notes