May 1972, Volume 2, Number 2

Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered

The man who told us that the earth, Mars and Venus suffered catastrophic collisions in historic times, that the sun really did "stand still" in Joshua's day, that our history of ancient Egypt contains 600 imaginary years -- the man who wrote the 1950 bestseller, Worlds in Collision -- was nearly laughted out of science during the Fifties. Today, some scholars are calling him the scientific genius of this century, and many others acknowledge his vindication at numerous crucial points. The evidence is coming in, and the tale it tells is the subject of this special isssue.

David N. Talbott
Student Academic Freedom Forum
Stephen L. Talbott

Associate Editors
Bert Farrar
Andrew Kaplan

Philip Fehrenbacher

Mike Youse

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May, 1972
Volume 2, Number 2

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