Student Academic Freedom Forum

Publisher: Student Academic Freedom Forum, David N. Talbott, President
Editor: Stephen L. Talbott
Associate Editors: Ralph Juergens, William Mullen
C. J. Ransom, Lynn E. Rose
Volume 4, Number 2. Spring, 1974
Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered VII
3"Velikovsky and the Recent History of the Solar System" -- A Symposium
9Three Additional Symposia

San Francisco, February 25, 1975

10My Challenge to Conventional ScienceImmanuel Velikovsky
15Mechanics Bears WitnessIrving Michelson
23"Velikovsky's Challenge to Science." The story of a symposium
24The Genesis of a Symposium
25On the Need for "Serious Scientific Meetings"
31San Francisco, February 25, 1974
35Mulholland's Arguments: A Brief Assessment
38Electricity Absent from Sagan's Astrophysics
43A Letter to Science
44For the Benefit of the Press

47Review and letters
51The Atom and OilImmanuel Velikovsky

Coverfrom Philadelphia Magazine, April, 1968, Robert Byrd, artist