Student Academic Freedom Forum

Publisher: Student Academic Freedom Forum, David N. Talbott, President
Editor: Stephen L. Talbott
Associate Editors: Ralph Juergens, William Mullen
C. J. Ransom, Lynn E. Rose
Volume 4, Number 4. Winter, 1974-75
Immanuel Velikovsky Reconsidered VIII

3Notes on this issue
5Megalithic Astronomy and CatastrophismEuan W. MacKie
21The Scandal of EnkomiImmanuel Velikovsky
24Rejoinder to VelikovskyWilliam H. Stiebing, Jr.
26A Concluding RetortImmanuel Velikovsky
27Of the Moon and Mars, Part 2Ralph E. Juergens

40Why Pensee?. Reflections upon completion of our tenth issue. Looking to the future.
42On the Symposium Trail. Duquesne History Forum. Philosophy of Science Association.
46"Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia". The University of Lethbridge sumposium.

50Scientitifically Speaking. 19-year lunar calendar cycle: accurate adjustments to 365-1/4-day civil calendar.Irving M. Michelson