Catastrophist Geology
1976 - 1978

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Catastrophist Geology Year 1 No 1
  • Scientific Censorship and Thought Control, Horace C. Dudley
  • Whimsical Aspects of Scientific Theory, Norman MacBeth
  • Actualism in Geology and in Geography, W. J. Jong
  • Geophysical Time Series and Catastrophism, Vít Klemeš
June 1976
Catastrophist Geology Year 1 No 2
  • Ferralite events - a discussion
  • What has happened to Worzel's deep-sea ash? Johan B.Kloosterman
  • Catastrophism and Uniformitarianism, Alistair F.Pitty
  • Horizontal Landslides during the 1960 Chile Earthquake, Haroun Tazieff
  • Mass movements in level areas, Doeko Goosen
  • Overnight Valley Formation in Siă Nicolau, Johan B. Kloosterman
  • The Yuty crater on Mars, V.Axel Firsoff
  • The Martian Deluge, Johan B.Kloosterman
December 1976
Catastrophist Geology Year 2 No 1
  • Worzel's Deep-Sea ash is Vocanic, Johan B. Kloosterman
  • Flow slips, Ocean Bottom Currents and Subaqueous Dunes, Gerrit van der Lingen
  • An Allerřd Conflagration? (a discussion)
  • The M.I.T. Earth Sciences Building, William Irwin Thompson
  • The Neutrino-Sea -- Hypothesis or Reality, Horace C. Dudley
  • Free the Crust from Mantle Surfdom, Phillip T. Flowler
  • Continuous Versus Discontinuous and Self-Perpetuating Versus
    Self-Terminating Processes, Peter Gretener
  • The Perception of Continuity and Discontinuity, Peter Chadwick
June 1977
Catastrophist Geology Year 2 No 2
  • Bone Breccias
  • Fossil Cemeteries, V.A. Obruchev
  • USGS versus Fringe, Johan B.Kloosterman
  • Earthquake Lights, USGS News Release
  • Neocatastrophism?, Otto H.Schindewolf
  • Glaciations, Biologic Crises and Supernovae, L.J. Salop
  • Galactic Domains, G Fluctuations and Geomagnetic Reversals, Harold Aspden
December 1977
Catastrophist Geology Year 3 No 1
  • Radiation and the Paleontological Record - the Stroboscopic Model, Peter Gretener
  • Radioactive Fossil Bones
  • Fossil Radioactive Bones, J. Saxon
  • References on Mass Extinctions and on Radioactivity
  • Knowledge and Entropy - an Evolutionary Outlook, Pietro Passerini
  • Ootek's Tale, Farley Mowat
  • Plate Tectonics and Catastrophe Theory, René Thom
June 1978
Catastrophist Geology Year 3 No 2
  • Earth's Gaseous Core (comments)
  • Late Paleozoic Tornadoes and Synsedimentary Brecciation of Chert Nodules,
    Albert V.Carozzi, Murry S.Gerber
  • Coldwater Carbonate Sedimentation, C. Prasada Rao
  • Cratonic Stability and Rapid Erosion Events, Charles W.Finkl Jr
  • Anomalistics - a New Field of Interdisciplinary Studies, Roger W..Wescott
  • Science Frontiers 1977-1978
December 1978

Ceased Publication