Catastrophist Geology

Year I, No. 1. June 1976

A magazine dedicated to the study of discontinuities in Earth history


Founder: Johan B.Kloosterman, field geologist, Caixa Postal 41.003 Rio de Janeiro / BRASIL

Price for four quarterly issues Cr$ 100,- in Brazil, US$ 10,outside Brazil. If desired add US$ 2,50 for airmail. Please send money-orders in favor of Catastrophist Geology through Banco Holandes Unido S/A, Caixa Postal 1242-ZC-00, Rio de Janeiro.

This introductory issue has been composed by the founder. In the future, editorial responsability will be shared; permanent collaborators will be organized in the following groups:

  1. an editorial board composed of people working in various branches of geology and palaeontology;

  2. a board of advisors composed of people working in non-geo logical sciences: physics, mathematics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, history, archaeology, anthropology, etc.;

  3. a group of correspondents composed of geologists, palaeonto- logists and others, who have some special knowledge and may occasionally be relied upon for advise or help.

The following persons have manifested their willingness to sit on these boards or to act as correspondents:

Doeko GoosenpedologistEnschede/Holland
Alistair PittygeomorphologistHull/Great Britain
V.Axel FirsoffastronomerGlastonbury/Great Br.
Horace C.DudleyphysicistChicago/U.S.A.
G.W.van Oosterhout   chemistDelft/Holland
E.Nunes PereiraanthropologistRio de Janeiro/Brazil
Ewoud H. Bonexploration geologistAmsterdam/Holland
David J.ThomaspalaeontologistOswego/U.S.A.
Ron Middletonexploration geologist  Rio de Janeiro/Brazil