Catastrophist Geology

Year 2, No. 2.
Decemher 1977

A magazine dedicated to the study of discontinuities in Earth history

In this issue:

Publisher: Johan R.Kloosterman,
Caixa Postal 41.nol / Santa Teresa Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL

Price for four half-yearly issues is Cr$ 180, in Brazil, uss in,outside Brazil. If desired add US$3, for airmail. Please send money-orders in favour of Catastrophist Geoloqy through Panco Holandes Unido S/A, Caixa Postal 1242-7C-00, Rio de Janeiro.

In forthcoming issues:

also forthcoming: A special issue on THE COMING GEOCHEMISTRY

Editorial board:

Johan B.Kloosterman  geologistRio de Janeiro
Charles FinklpedologistFort Lauderdale, USA
Doeko GoosenpedologistEnschedé, Holland
Alistair PittygeomorphologistHull, Great Britain
Peter GretenergeophysicistCalgary, Canada
Peter Chadwickgeologist/psychologist  Glasgow, Great Pritain
Pietro PasserinigeologistFlorence, Italy
Albert V.CarozzisedimentologistUrbana, USA

Board of advisors:

V.Axel FirsoffastronomerGlastonbury, Great Britain
Horace C.DudleyphysicistChicago, USA
Manoel Nunes Pereira  anthropologistRio de Janeiro
Roger W.Wescottlinguist/prehistorian  Madison, USA


Ewoud H.Bonexploration geologist  Amsterdam
David J.ThomaspalaeontologistOsweqo, USA
G.W.van Oosterhout  chemistnelft, Holland
R.n.van EverdinpenhydrogeologistCalgary, Canada
C.Eugène WegmanngeologistNeuchitel, Switzerland

In evaluating an MS submitted for Duhlication the followinq criteria are used, separately or together:

a) does it study discontinuities in Farth history? b) does it clarify what catastronhist qeoloqy is about? c) does it focus on subJects neglected or tabooed in the main stream geological journals?


Photomicrograph of thin section of dunite (nicols //) from the Gardiner intrusion, E. Greenland. Dendritic magnetite within olivine (foresterite). From: Frisch W., Keusen H.¸ 1977. Gardiner intrusion, an ultramafic complex at Kangerdlugssuag, E. Greenland. Grønl. Geol. Unders. Bull. 122, p.14. Scale: |--------------------| = 0.1mm

Euphemistically speaking...

This journal is a low-budget venture (euphemistically speaking), so I have to do most of the dirty work myself: correcting, running to the setter, running to the photographer, correcting again, measuring, cutting, gluing, running to the printer, and then - so help me God! - correcting again. It is a miracle that the journal reaches you at all, so please don't become too impatient when it reaches you a couple of months late (euphemistically speaking).

Han Kloosterman