Catastrophist Geology

Year 3, number 2
December 1978

In this issue:

The next issue will be a special volume on George Cuvier and Charles Lyell - a History of Misunderstandings and Distortions, with articles by Charles Deperet, Louis Delaunay, Pierre Termier, Henshaw Ward, Chr.B.Beringer and Johan B.Kloosterman.

Also forthcoming:

a special issue on The Alchemy of Rocks - the Transmutation of Elements in Geology, with contributions by George Choubert, P.A. Korolkov, Eugene A. Velitchko, C.Louis Kervran and Solomon Goldfein.

a special issue on Psycho-Lamarckism

Catastrophist Geology

A magazine dedicated to the study of discontinuities in Earth history

Publisher: Johan B.Kloosterman, Caixa Postal 41.003, Santa Teresa, Rio de Janeiro, BRASIL

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Editorial board:

Johan B.Kloosterman  geologistRio de Janeiro
Charles FinklpedologistFort Lauderdale, USA
Albert V.CarozzisedimentologistUrbana, USA
Peter GretenergeophysicistCalgary, Canada
Pietro PasserinigeologistFlorence, Italy
Doeko GoosenpedologistEnschedé, Holland

Board of advisors:

V.Axel FirsoffastronomerGlastonbury, Great Britain
Horace C.DudleyphysicistChicago, USA
Manoel Nunes Pereira  anthropologistRio de Janeiro
Roger W.Wescottlinguist/prehistorian  Madison, USA
René ThommethematicianBures-sur-Yvette, France


Ewoud H.Bonexploration geologistAmsterdam
David J.ThomaspalaeontologistOsweqo, USA
R.n.van Everdinpen  hydrogeologistCalgary, Canada
C.Eugène WegmanngeologistNeuchitel, Switzerland
Oscar P.G. BraungeologistnRio de Janeiro
George ChoubertgeologistParis
Leendert KrookgeologistAmsterdam

In evaluating an MS submitted for Duhlication the followinq criteria are used, separately or together:

  1. does it study discontinuities in Earth history?
  2. does it clarify what catastronhist qeoloqy is about?
  3. does it focus on subJects neglected or tabooed in the main stream geological journals?

Cover. Triassic fossils, after A. de Lapparent, 1883: Traité de Géologie.

I. Voltzia heterophyl la Brongt., a conifer from the Bunter Sandstone.

II. Clockwise from upper left: Retzia trigonella Schlott; Terebratul a vulgaris Schlott; Rhynchonella Mentzeli v. Buch; Spirifer Mentzeli Dunk (Muschelkalk) .

III. Tracks of Chirotherium, a labyrinthodont reptile (Bunter Sandstone).