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Bombarded Earth

Bombarded Earth

by René Gallant

First published 1964
by John Baker Publishers Ltd
5 Royal Opera Arcade,
London, S.W.1.

Bombarded Earth


René Gallant


    Foreword by Prof. Theodore Monod
    Author's Preface

PART I Slow Evolution And Its Problems

    Chapter 1: The Geological History of the Earth
    Chapter 2: Palaeontology and Evolution
    Chapter 3: A Few Question Marks

PART II A working hypothesis: The theory of impact.

    Chapter 1: The Science of Meteoritics
  1. Stones of Heaven
  2. The Battle of the Barringer Crater
  3. New Methods of Investigation
  4. The Lunar Craters
  5. The Discovery of Fossil Meteoritic Craters
    Chapter 2: Cosmic Catastrophes
  1. Frequency of Giant Meteorite Falls
  2. The Siberian Meteorite of 1908
  3. The Krakatoa Explosion of 1883 - a Volcanic Event for Comparison
  4. "And the Terror of God was upon the Cities"
    Chapter 3: The Shift of the Polar Axis of Rotation and the Problem of the Change in the Length of the Day
  1. The Balance of the Energy Released by a Giant Meteorite
  2. The Shift of the Polar Axis and the Change in the Length of the Day
  3. Influence of the Velocity on Impact
  4. Reversal of the Earth's Spin.
  5. Orbital Changes
    Chapter 4: The Problem of the Slip of the Earth's Crust under Meteoritic Impact
  1. The Theory of Continental Drift
  2. The Plastic Layer of the Earth
  3. Elasticity and Viscosity
  4. The Slip of the Crust under Meteoritic Impact

PART III The consequences of cosmic catastrophism

    Chapter 1: Geology and Palaeontology.
  1. The Shaping of the Earth's Topography
  2. Extinction and Survival
  3. Lithological and Palaeontological Stratigraphy
  4. Faulting and Vulcanism
    Chapter 2: Palaeoclimatology
  1. The Variables in Climatic Evolutions
  2. The Astronomical Theory of Climatic Changes
  3. Milankovitch's Curves and Palaeoclimatology
  4. Conclusion
    Chapter 3: Radioactivity
  1. The Atom
  2. Radiations
  3. Nuclear Reactions
  4. Nuclear Geological Dating
  5. Radio-Carbon Dating
  6. The Biological Effects of Radiations
  7. Meteoritic Impacts and Radioactivity
    Chapter 4: Palaeomagnetism
  1. Magnetism
  2. The Earth's Magnetism (Geomagnetism)
  3. Palaeomagnetism and Archaeo-magnetism
  4. Cosmic Catastrophism and Palaeomagnetism
    Chapter 5: History and Chronology
  1. History
  2. Chronology
  3. Astronomical Computation
  4. Chronology and Cosmic Catastrophism

    PART IV General Conclusions

  1. Calculation of the Angle of Shift
  2. Calculation of the Resultant Angular Velocity
  3. The Slip of the Earth's Crust under Meteoritic Impact
  4. Maps

    Notes And References