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The Night of the Gods. Vol. 1

An Inquiry into Cosmic and Cosmogonic Mythology and Symbolism


John O'Neill

Volume I


Printed by Harrison & Sons Saint-Martin's Lane


Published by Bernard Quaritch
15 Piccadilly



Now entertain conjecture of a Time
when creeping murmur and the poring Dark
fills the wide vessel of the Universe. (Hen. V iv, I,I.)
    Axis Myths;

  1. The Axis as Spear, Pike, or Pal
  2. The God Picus
  3. Divine names in Pal-
  4. The Rod and Rhabdomancy
  5. The FIeur-de-Lis at the Axis point
  6. The Trident
  7. The Dorn and Arph of Kronos
  8. Divine names in Harp- and Dor-

    The Stone.

  9. Natural Magnets, Meteorites, Bêth-Êls.
  10. The Loadstone Mountain.- Crete
  11. Medea and Maia Touchstone
  12. The Oedipus myths
  13. The Cardinal Points
  14. The Four Living Creatures

    The Pillar.

  15. The Axis as Pillar
  16. Divine names in Lat-
  17. The Tat of Ptah. The Tee and Umbrella
  18. The Heavens-Palace and its Pillar
  19. The Colophon
  20. The Dual Pillars. Pillar Wind-gods
  21. The Dokana or Gate of Heaven

    The Pillar-Axis as Tower.

  22. The Round Towers of Ireland.-Pillar-stones
  23. Some other Towers [The Tomoye.] (This section is omitted for the present.)

    The Axis and the Universe-Tree.

  24. The Tree-trunk
  25. The Christmas-tree
  26. The myths of Daphne and of AgLauros
  27. The Gods of the Druids ...

  • The Axis as a Bridge
  • The Dogs at the Chinvadh Bridge
  • The Boat
  • The Ladder
  (These sections are omitted for the present)

    Polar Myths.

  1. The Navels-Navel Hearthfire.-Sanctuary
  2. The Rock of Ages.-The God Terminus
  3. The Arcana
  4. The North
  5. The Eye of Heaven
  6. The Polestar


  1. Additions and Subtractions
  2. Skeleton of the Argument
  3. Lapses and Relapses