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Volume VI, Number 6
ISSN 1066-5145
October 2005


Front Cover: The Great Sphinx, Giza, Egypt. Photograph by Dwardu Cardona.

Vox Popvli

Our readers sound off. Page 5


Discussions/debates between Dick Gagel, Anthony Peratt, and Dwardu Cardona. Page 6
  • The Ark And Tent Of Meeting by Dick Gagel
  • Plasma Scalability by Anthony Peratt

Falling Star

Ev Cochrane
Comparative myths, mainly from North American Indians, concerning the fall of Star Woman, her association with the Warrior Hero, and their unifying cosmic relations. Page 11:

The Opening of the Mouth Ritual -- ≠Part III

Ken Moss
The conclusion of a definitive evaluation of the Egyptian rite in question, stressing comparable ceremonies and associated beliefs from Mesoamerica, and how they relate to events that transpired during the evolution of the proto-Saturnian system. Page 21

Citing the Work of Others: A Critique

Lewis M. Greenberg
A reproach to those who often fail to cite previous works, thus often appearing as if they were the first, or only ones, to address the topics they choose to broadcast. Page 35

Science, Technology and the Chronology of the Ancient World

Trevor Palmer
A general critique of Charles Ginenthalís Pillars of the Past, which book constitutes an extensive endorsement of the historical revisions proposed by Immanuel Velikovsky, Gunnar Heinsohn, Emmet Sweeney, and Lynn Rose. Page 41

Sins of the Father

Ev Cochrane
A second critique of Pillars of the Past, focusing on the two chapters which deal with Mesopotamian chronology. Page 55

Pillars of Straw

Dwardu Cardona
Yet another critique of Pillars of the Past, dealing mainly with the pyramids of Egypt and the manner in which their builders might, or might not, have been able to carve the adamantine elements that went into their construction. Page 69

Egyptian Influence Upon Early Israelite Literature

Jay DíAmbrosio
In keeping with its title, this article demonstrates the manner in which early Israelite literature was inspired by that of Egypt. Page 87

The Book Shelf

Book reviews by Frederic Jueneman and Amy Acheson. Page 115
  • 1421: The Year China Discovered America, reviewed by Frederic Jueneman
  • Kicking The Sacred Cow, reviewed by Frederic Jueneman
  • Catalogue Of Discordant Redshift Associations, reviewed by Amy Acheson

In Memoriam

  • Nancy Kelly Owen
  • Amelia (Amy) Acheson

News Flashes

By Tania ta Maria
  • Solar Neon
  • Human Sacrifice In Egypt
  • The Da Vinci Code