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A Journal of Myth, Science and Ancient History
Special Plasma Issue

AEON, 601 Hayward, Ames, IA 50014, USA

Editorial Address: 145 W. 20th. Ave, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5Y 2C4

Publisher: Ev Cochrane, e-mail:
Editor: Dwardu Cardona, e-mail:
Associate Editor: Frederic Jueneman
Science News Reporter: Tania ta Maria

Volume VI, Number 5
ISSN 1066-5145
July 2004


  1. To Begin the World Over Again - Mel Acheson
  2. Prelude to Creation - Dwardu Cardona
  3. Ladder to Heaven by Ev Cochrane
  4. The Cosmic Double Helix by Marinus Anthony van der Sluijs
  5. The Opening of the Mouth Ritual - Part II by Ken Moss
  6. Thorium Enrichment in Crater Rims: Earth and Moon by Amy Acheson