Catastrophism! CD-Rom disc Support

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Owners of the Catastrophism! CD-Rom disc should check these places for the latest information:

  1. A list of known issues can be found on the Catastrophism! CD-Rom disc on the Main page, at the bottom of the Contents menu, in the document "About the Project".

  2. Additional issues may be found with the printed documentation that comes with your CD-Rom disc (reproduced below).

  3. Further support is provided below, if and when it becomes available.

  4. Additional support is available by email only at

Latest issues appear first

[17 Feb 2018]

[17 May 2000]

Some customers are having problems running the PLWeb-CD Full Text search software. Replacement search engine software is being investigated. Until then:

[27 Oct 1999]

  1. Installing the PLWeb-CD software displays the error message:
    "Could not open the file named D:\CDROM\TOOLS\WINDOWS\DBLIST.CPL"
    (where D:\ is the location of your CD-Rom drive)

    The solution is simple, just follow these steps:

    1. Create a temporary directory on your hard drive called, for example, install
    2. Copy ALL the files from the D:\CDROM\TOOLS\WINDOWS\ directory on the Catastrophism! CD-Rom disc (where D:\ is the location of your CD-Rom drive) to your temporary directory on your hard drive.
    3. Copy the file dblist.cpl from the directory D:\CDROM\TOOLS\CONFIG\CPL\ directory, to your temporary directory on your hard drive, created above.
    4. In the temporary directory on your hard drive, locate the file SETUP.EXE, and run it.
    5. Continue the installation as described in the document "Installation Instruction for PLWeb-CD", Step 1, section 2.
[20 Sep 1999]
  1. Full Text Search software default operation description change

    When using the PLWeb-CD Full Text Search software, the following searches are different to that described:

    1. red planet searches for red or planet, and not red and planet.
    2. red and planet finds red and planet.
    3. 'red planet' searches for the phrase "red planet" (ie use single quotes).

  2. Full Text Search software: optional enhancement

    Search results are highlighted in bold text. If your browser supports Cascading Style Sheets, you can make them brighter (red on a yellow background as shown here) as follows. Locate the file plweb-cd.ini in your PLWeb-CD directory, edit it in a text editor, and in the section [Interface], add the two lines (without line numbers):

    1. HitBeginTag = <font STYLE="color: red; background-color: yellow"><b>
    2. HitEndTag = </b></font>

  3. Simple Text Search doesn't search selected publication

    The Simple Text search software works by following the hyperlinks on a particular page. For a particular publication, this is the page of "List of Issues" of that publication (ie. see the example for Aeon here). However, the late addition of the hyperlink "[Back to Home Page]" means that the Search software, instead of searching from publication to publication, is redirected to the Home page where it begins to search the whole disk. As a result, only the option for "All Journals" works reliably.