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181. Classified Advertisements [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... and Barry Page from Israel. The price will be $50.00 (or $40.00 if registration is made by 1st November). The lectures will be published in a book rather than in Catastrophism and Ancient History. Further information concerning venue etc. will be provided in due course. FOR SALE The following paperbacks (Pelican, etc.) are available at 30p. each to cover P& P: W. F. Albright, The Archaeology of Palestine (1949); I. E. S. Edwards, The Pyramids of Egypt; Sir Leonard Woolley, Ur of the Chaldees; Walter Fairservic Jnr, Ancient Kingdoms of the Nile (broken back- repaired). Please apply to: D. Livingstone, "Ferndale", Somerton Hill, Langport, Somerset, TA10 9AD, England. WANTED An original copy of Indaba, My Children by Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa of the 1st/3rd standard edition, Oct. 1964/May 1965, published by Blue Crane Books, Johannesburg, S.A.- Nel Kluitman, "Al Girasole", ...
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182. The 1989 ISIS/SIS Nile Cruise [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... skies, but the luxury of an airconditioned boat and airconditioned transport to and from sites not situated right by the water's edge made the heat a minor inconvenience to those entranced by the magnificence of tombs and temples only viewed previously in two dimensions on the pages of books. In fact, there eventually proved to be more suffering caused by the over-efficient airconditioning in the lounge during afternoon lectures, than there was by the sun outside. The heat did prompt some, however, to question the climate of the region at the time the pyramids were built as it seemed inconceivable that people could have laboured many hours under those conditions. For those with a mind to relax, the setting of the 'Nile Rhapsody' was ideal as it slowly forged its way upstream between palm trees and banana plantations alive with egrets, and maize fields and mudbrick villages where the children rushed to line the banks to whistle and wave at our luxurious passing. Needless to say, however, that that half of the passengers with a background of revised/new chronologies and unorthodox curiosity were soon ...
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183. C&C Workshop 1991, Number 2: Contents [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... Workshop 1991, Number 2 Texts Home¦ SIS Workshop Home Society for Interdisciplinary Studies CHRONOLOGY& CATASTROPHISM WORKSHOP 1991, Number 2 Society News 1 ARTICLES In Defence of the Gods by Derek Shelley-Pearce 5 Egyptian Monumental Evidence by Tony Rees 7 Some References to the Use of Iron Before the Iron Age by Bob Porter 12 The Goddess of the Stones and the Charged Cosmic Body by Eric Crew 13 FORUM: New Chronology Issues, continued from Workshop 1991:1 16 Horizons: Ian Johnson's Address to the Haliburton Seminar 19 MONITOR 22 REVIEWS: The Pyramids: an enigma solved- reviewed by Jesse Lasken 32 Moses Pharaoh of Egypt- the mystery of Akhenaten resolved- reviewed by Derek Shelley-Pearce 32 The Rise and Fall of the Third Chimpanzee- reviewed by Jill Abery 33 LETTERS A. R. Andrew, M. Rowland, G. Heinsohn, P. Clapham, E. Cooley, D. Shelley-Pearce, H. Wiencke-Lodz, M. Brooksbank, M. Grant& J. E. Lasken 34 Tailpiece: Report on the Potomac Excavation by Duane Vorhees 41 Copyright (C ...
Terms matched: 1  -  Score: 15  -  01 Sep 2004  -  4k  -  URL:
... some charcoal to measure the stars in their courses and keep a record of what they found. I am not aware of any professional work of astronomy that tries to piece together the most likely sequence of discovery and observation that took place among the peoples of the middle East on this subject. Obviously relatively stable countries, such as Egypt, had a distinct advantage over weaker states, whose cities were often conquered in warfare and their temples and observatories torn down. In Egypt many useful alignments were included in the design of temples and pyramids, such as cardinal points, the solstices, and equinoxes. The ability to refer back to this kind of permanent record was not possible for nomads unless they had a fixed annual pattern of grazing such as exists in Iran, where summer pastures are in the Zagros Mountains and winter is passed on the plains giving the official keepers of religion repeated access to fixed observation posts. The constant search for fresh grazing means that nomadic pastoralists are constantly making and breaking camp. Even though the Israelites had no flocks or herds during their ...
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... the major evidentiary conflicts which the 'conventional' and 'new' chronologists persist in ignoring (such as Herodotus or Velikovsky's Greek letter problem discussed at the beginning of Peoples of the Sea) and all the little problems, of which there are many besides the two discussed above, is one in which all or the great preponderance of the material now assigned to the 'New Kingdom' and much else besides is placed in a Ptolemaic context. Most of the rest of the material will almost certainly date after c.700 BC, although some of the pyramids (but not necessarily the temples and cemeteries near them) are probably from somewhat before that time. I would like to see the new chronologists act upon the lament at the end of Rohl's comment on page 29 and 'give up the contest'- except that it would be a shame if this were to entail throwing in the towel and conceding the validity of the conventional chronology. I would hope that they would redirect their knowledge and studies to perfecting the even more radical solutions that are being suggested in my work and also ...
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... Thus Lugh (whom he equates with Mars) battled with Balor (Baal/Venus) in a legend which almost exactly matches the Greek myth of Perseus and Medusa. There were even Irish athletic matches, the Aonach Tailteann corresponding to the Greek Olympiads held, like the Greek ones, in August and apparently founded at a similar time, shortly before the arrival of the Gaels. The building of the great megaliths and stone circles is dated by Sweeney to the 8th and 7th centuries BC (to which centuries he also dates the Pyramids) and he refers to Irish tradition that the circles are 'beltanies'- dedicated to the 'Fire of Beal' (help!). Beal corresponds to Baal, Belinos and the Greek Apollo. Not only is there Irish tradition to support this identification, but the 6th century BC Greek writer Hecataeus is also quoted in confirmation. The book does not just rely on mythology- language and alphabet are also analysed to demonstrate strong links with the Phoenicians, with a written Irish alphabet predating the Greek adoption of the Cadmean alphabet. ...
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187. Bookshelf [SIS C&C Workshop $]
... From: SIS Chronology and Catastrophism Workshop 1993 No 2 (Jan 1994) Home¦ Issue Contents Bookshelf Archaeo-astronomy- Venus rules Conversing with the Planets: How Science and Myth Invented the Cosmos, by Anthony Aveni. Times Books, 1992 ($ 21). Aveni started as an astronomer but became drawn to the study of pre-Columbian astronomy via a survey of the astral orientation of the pyramids of ancient Teotihuacan. This latest book is a readable account of what he sees as the ancient search for celestial order seen basically through both Old World and New World examples of ancient obsession with the planets, in particular, Venus. Natural Selection and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics are Dead The Origins of Order: Self-Organization and Selection in Evolution, by Stuart A. Kauffman. Oxford University Press (£ 75). Kauffman argues that the Darwinian view that natural selection could have produced the complex order in nature is inadequate. The new science of complexity suggests that complex dynamic systems are self organizing and that natural selection only has a small part in the subsequent evolution of ...
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188. Geology Anomalies by Subjects [Science Frontiers Website]
... Anomalies of Island Arcs ETL3 Patterns of Lineaments ETL4 Relative Velocities of Continents ETL5 Indications of an Expanding Earth ETL6 Continental Fits-- Good and Bad ETL7 Topographical Anomalies and Continental Drift ETM MOUNDS AND HILLS ETM1 Mima Mounds ETM2 Mounds in Gilgai Country ETM3 Mudlumps and Mud Islands ETM4 Drumlin Anomalies ETM5 Mounds of the Missoula Flood Surface ETM6 Fluid-Vent Mounds ETM7 Sandhills and Anomalous Dunes ETM8 Doughnut-Shaped Mounds ETM9 Dirt Cones on Ice Caps... ETM10 Ice-Cored Mounds in the Arctic ETM11 Blister-Like Structures ETM12 Curious Columnar Structures ETM13 Andes Ice Islands ETM14 Natural Beach Pyramids ETP PATTERNED GROUND... ETP1 Patterned-Ground Anomalies ETP2 Rock Cities and Block Fields ETP3 Giant Expansion and Contraction Polygons ETR ANOMALOUS RIDGES, MEGARIPPLES, ESKERS ETR1 Ridges and Ripples in Glaciated Regions ETR2 Esker Anomalies ETR3 Megaripples ETR4 Moving, Gravity-Created Ripples in Rock ETR5 Unusual Natural Dams ETR6 Lake Walls and Ramparts ETR7 Buried Ridges within Continental Margins ETR8 Desert Ridges of Unknown Origin ETS CREVICULAR CRUSTAL STRUCTURE ETS1 Biological Evidence for Wide spread Crevicular Structure ETS2 Fluid-Filled Crevicular Structure at Great Depths ETS3 Seismic Evidence for Deep Crevicular Structure ETV VALLEYS, CHANNELS, ...
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189. Enigmatic Stone Forts Of The American Midwest [Science Frontiers Website]
... Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues This Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Enigmatic Stone Forts Of The American Midwest From diverse sources, J.D. Singer has drawn together a fascinating compendium of large stone forts and walled structures west of the Alleghenys. From Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and all across the Midwest come descriptions of stone structures of almost heroic proportions: A wall 5 to 12 feet high and almost a mile long at Fort Hill, Ohio; Two big walls at Fourteen Mile Creek, Indiana; Two massive stone walls or pyramids under Rock Lake, Wisconsin; and many more. Ignorance surrounds these structures. Who built them and when? Some are likely forts, for they are paralleled by ditches. Others seem to have no defensive value. The Moundbuilders may have hand a hand in some. Madoc and his wandering Welshmen are blamed for at least one wall! (Singer, Jon Douglas; "Stone Forts of the Midwest," NEARA Journal, 13:63 and 13:91, 1979. NEARA= New England Antiquities Research Association. ...
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190. Science Frontiers #30, NOV-DEC 1983 [Science Frontiers Website]
... Science Frontiers ONLINE No. 30: Nov-Dec 1983 Other pages Home Page Science Frontiers Online All Issues Last Issue Next Issue Sourcebook Project Sourcebook Subjects Contents Archaeology The Rock Lake Pyramids What Happened in 2345 B.c.? Astronomy Cosmic Rays Not Random Biology Cancer: the Price for Higher Life? The Problem of the Precocious Parr Hot Plants The Aortic Arch and Evolution A Weak Missing Link Geology The Arctic Womb Non-lethal Tektites Geophysics The Throbbing Earth Soil Temperatures Forecast Rainfall Patterns Giant Ice Block Falls in China Psychology Apathy and Cancer A Delusion of Doubles Other Sites of Interest SIS. Catastrophism, archaeoastronomy, ancient history, mythology and astronomy. Lobster. The journal of intelligence and political conspiracy (CIA, FBI, JFK, MI5, NSA, etc) Free resource for people thinking about working at home. ABC dating and personals. For people looking for relationships. Place your ad free. ...
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