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131. A Maya Record of Two Thousand Years? [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... of volcanoes such as Hekla and Thera, but the most conspicuous volcanic acid fallout layer in 9000 years occurred -3150 90 in their core. This event does not correlate with any European volcano, and so applies to the Western Hemisphere. The question is, was it world wide? All sorts of evidence indicate that global things were happening at this time: the fragmentation of the proto comet Encke (Whipple), magnetic discontinuity (Smith), climatic deterioration (Lamb), ice core anomaly (Hammer), building of the pyramids (Hawkes), two calendars beginning with catastrophe-- Indian (Parker) and Maya (Thompson), and the start of the Kish dynasty (Mellart). The geophysical evidence pointing to -1561 is sensational, and generally self-consistent. Daley (1926, 177) and Kuenen (1950,538) arrive at this approximate date for a geologically rapid drop in sea level of 16 to 20 feet, but it is not implied that this drop was rapid in terms of human time scale. If the water did not ...
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132. Can Imhotep be Joseph? (Letter) [Catastrophism & Ancient History Journal $]
... has been identified by many Egyptologists as Imhotep, the architect of Zoser. 29 Hence, it would not seem possible for Joseph, if he was who the Bible says he was, to have been Imhotep. Jesse E. Lasken, Rockville, MD Notes 28 Porter and Moss, Topographical Bibliography (Oxford: Griffith Institute, 1952; reissue 1975),VII: 335-336. 29 See e.g. J. B. Hurry, Imhotep, 2nd ed. (Oxford University Press, 1928) or A. Fakhry, The Pyramids, 2nd ed. (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1969), 24-26. ...
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... From: Horus Vol. 1 No. 1 (Winter 1985) Home¦ Issue Contents Temple of the Giant Jaguar Tikal, hidden in the jungles of the PetÚn region of Guatemala until it become well known In the late 19th century, Is one of the largest and oldest of Mayan sites. Though dated at 292 AD, there Is evidence of activity In the area as early as 600 BC. The complex of pyramids found there bow witness to a sophisticated knowledge of geometry and astronomy. The Temple of the Giant Jaguar consists of nine tiers, topped by a temple platform. The face of each tier has a slope of 72. making the pyramid appear steeper than its 60. But why 72, the angle of the pentagram? And why nine tiers, the number of Lords of the Underworld? The latitude of Tikal is such that near the equinoxes (March 21 and September 21) the noon sun grazes the Northern sloped tier faces, which face the North Star. As with many other ancient sites, the location of Tikal has cosmological ...
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... his epochal work The Myth of Invariance, Earnest McClain proposed a new line of inquiry- a realm of number theory "in which music sets the problems."[11 He recognized that "musical patterns elevate certain numbers to a prominence pure number theory would not accord them."[12 Even before this engineers, mathematicians, and astronomers were finding an unexpected source of fascination in the numbers and patterns inherent in the calendar circles of North America, England, and the European mainland, as well as in the temples and pyramids of Central America, Egypt, and the Orient. The numbers and patterns in the two cases are surprisingly the same. Man may not have created numbers. Certainly many cultures believed them to be God-given. Ideas about number have changed. But the numbers themselves have stayed the same, and in many cases so have the problems to which they refer. No cataclysm of any imaginable sort could possibly act to alter the nature of acoustic science and the scale comma. they are there for all time: one of the great ...
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135. Velikovsky & Saturnists & the Gods [SIS Internet Digest $]
... they presume." Ethnocentrism at its worst. I, for one, have no reason to think that the ancients were any less intelligent than we are. When they spoke of dragons swallowing the sun --a universal tradition --this does not reflect the fact that they were primitive in their thinking; rather, they simply saw a different sky, one in which dragons (a comet-like planet) appeared to swallow the sun. After all, some of the very peoples who spoke of great dragons flying about the skies were also constructing towering pyramids requiring great ingenuity and engineering skill (the ancient Egyptians, for example). Tim writes: "remember that myth-makers did not think or feel about the sky as we do. We fly around in the sky, and above it; the notion of people doing that was not high on their list of things to believe." Nonsense. What does our ability to fly have to do with the ancient's descriptions of the planets? I suspect that their ability to comprehend the sky differed little from that currently exhibited by nomads ...
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... lines", Malville said. "During summer and fall, the individual stone monoliths would have been partially submerged in the lake and may have been ritual markers for the onset of the rainy season. The organization of these objects suggest a symbolic geometry that integrated death, water and the sun", Malville said. Although some believe the high culture of subsequent Egyptian dynasties was borrowed from Mesopotamia and Syria, Malville and others believe the complex and symbolic Nabta culture may have stimulated the growth of the society that eventually constructed the first pyramids along the Nile about 4,500 years ago. The Nabta culture may have been a trigger for the development of social complexity in Egypt that later led to the Pharaonic dynasty he said. The Nabta project was funded primarily by the National Science Foundation. The site also contains a wealth of cultural debris, including small, fire-blackened stones from ancient hearths built along the ancient lakeshore as well as manos, metates and carved and decorated ostrich eggshells. Images of the project can be downloaded from the Web at http:// ...
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137. Dark Matter Missing Planets & New Comets [SIS Internet Digest $]
... models, many viable alternative models are described. Additional topics treated: The possibility of faster-than-light travel in forward time The speed of propagation of gravity Origin of redshift and microwave radiation in the universe Reasons why black holes don't exist Evidence that quasars are nearby, and what they are About gravitational shielding The cause and nature of gravitation-- a complete model New, classical descriptions of quantum physics Planetary breakup hypothesis as the origin of asteroids and comets Satellites of asteroids and comets Speculations about the origins of man A discussion of terrestrial and non-terrestrial pyramids Surprising information about viewing solar and lunar eclipses The origin of Mercury as a moon of Venus The fission origin of Earth's Moon The origin of Martian moons and the great Martian rift "fault" A new model for Jupiter's Great Red Spot-- a floating impact site The youth of Saturn's rings The origin of black deposits, such as on the moon Iapetus The Triton-Nereid-Pluto-Charon disruption story A possible major planet beyond Pluto An exposition of Scientific Method: how to tell good models from bad. Dark Matter, Missing Planets and New Comets ...
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138. The Egyptologist's Electronic Forum [SIS Internet Digest $]
... (w)btj_, _'nx_ and _wsjr_, and literature dealing with the 'ankh' and 'was' symbols. 4. Arks and priest: musings about the side-locks and leopard-skins worn by priests. 5. Seven Shining Ones: about these godheads and the Sons of Horus, with an excursus to the Pleiades. 6. IFA Symposium report: report of the IFA symposium "Cosmological and Contextual Approaches in Egyptian Art History". 7. Miscellaneous: about medicinal herbs, the Lund Papyrus, literature on Manetho and pyramids, Djer's mummy arm, Egyptian Historiography and some other (largely unanswered) questions and unsettled matters. 8. EEF NEWS: issues 31 to 34. 9. Administrativa: announcements by the moderator, by members (personals or offtopics), by authors and publishers (new books), by institutions (jobs, lectures, etc.). ...
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139. Atlantis - The Lost Continent Finally Found [SIS Internet Digest $]
... of the Flood was consensually accepted by the naturalists of the past century. But Darwin and Lyell introduced the concept of Uniformitarianism (negation of cataclysms), which became the present paradigm of geological science. However, the better paleontologists and geologists are fast returning towards the ancient view, which is not only Sacred History, but Reality itself, as we found out in our researches on the matter. Q20: Is there a connection between Atlantis and the Great Pyramid? A: Yes. The Great Pyramid-- and indeed the pyramids the world over-- represents the Holy Mountain, which is no other than Mt. Atlas, the Pillar of Heaven that was the central feature of Atlantis. Mount Atlas was in reality the giant volcano whose explosion destroyed Atlantis, causing the Flood and the end of the Pleistocene. In India, this Holy Mountain-- which exists in most traditions-- is called Mt. Meru, the Holy Mountain of Paradise. Q24: Who are you, anyway? A: I am a professional scientist with a Doctoral ...
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140. The Immanuel Velikovsky Archive [SIS Internet Digest $]
... A Youthful Planet 3. The Venus Greenhouse Theory 4. Mercury 5. The Advance Claim of Jupiter's Radio 6. Noises 7. The Sun. Pro Domo Sua: 1. Shapley's Scientific Record 2. Worlds in Collision and the Natural Sciences 3. Answer to My Critics 4. Precursors. History and Archaeology: 1. Joseph and Potiphar 2. Hammurabi and the Revised Chronology 3. Scarabs 4. The Sulman Temple in Jerusalem 5. World Fire 6. Jericho 7. New Evidence for Ages in Chaos 8. The Pyramids. The Psychoanalytic Papers: Includes: 1. "Very Similar, Almost Identical" 2. ▄ber die Energetik der Psyche und die physikalische Existenz der Gedankenwelt 3. The Relationship Between the Emitter and the Receiver in Experimental Telepathy 4. Kritik der Freud'schen Stellungnahme zur Parapsychologie 5. Sigmund Freud and Moses the Lawgiver 6. The Dreams Freud Dreamed 7. Revision einer Analyse von Wilhelm Stekel 8. Verschiedene Intelligenzstufen in einer Person 9. Tolstoy's Kreutzer Sonata and Unconscious Homosexuality 10. Tolstoy's War and Peace 11. Casanova's Eternal Chase. ...
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