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Proceedings of the SIS Silver Jubilee Event

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Foreword (with photographs and crosswords)2

Friday Evening Discussion Welcome and Introduction


Harold Tresman reflects on the formation of the SIS - and its future
Ancient History Revisions: the Last 25 years - a Perspective10
John Crowe provides a summary and review of revisions of ancient history and their authors.
A Survey of Archaeological Evidence for a Revised Chronology22
John J. Bimson catalogues archaeological problems throughout the Iron Age in Palestine which provide consistent evidence in favour of lower dates.
Question Session 1: Chairman - Brian Moore30
Evidence from the Moon, Newgrange and Stonehenge Indicates Lunar Disturbance31
Leonard Saunders presents a new analysis of ancient stone carvings.
The Importance of Outsiders in Science45
Bernard Newgrosh presents a roll-call of the scientific outsiders responsible for some of the most important discoveries in science.
Archetypes Showing the Presence of Anomalous Electromagnetic Activity 53
Charles Raspil presents evidence of unusual plasmic activity in the atmosphere.
Sirius and Saturn60
Lynn Rose argues that Earth once orbited Saturn, always keeping one face towards it.
The Demands of the Saturnian Configuration Theory66
Dwardu Cardona analyses the demands of the Saturn Configuration theory.
The Electric Universe78
Wal Thornhill presents the case for a radical new model of cosmology.
The Saturn Theory87
Ev Cochrane outlines evidence that a colossal configuration of planets dominated the ancient celestial landscape, leaving an indelible mark on primary belief systems of ancient man.
Discussion on Wal Thornhill & Ev Cochrane's papers30
The Saturn Problem95
Peter J. James offers a simple alternative mechanism to account for many of the characteristics attributed to Saturn-deities.
Catastrophes: The Diluvial Evidence108
Trevor Palmer reviews the evidence for large-scale catastrophic floods in the Earth's history.Crossword answers.

Brains Trust - Chronology and Ancient History

Crossword answers

Note on the History of Easthampstead Park


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