Vol. V Number 2 1980/81

S.I.S. Review

Journal of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

Bruno de Finetti: Science and Novelty40
A pressing warning from 19SP on the dangers of a narrow-minded and arrogant approach to new ideas by scientists, using the "Velikovsky affair" as an example - here in its first English publication.
Malcolm Lowery: What's in a Name? Venus "The Newcomer"46
An examination of Velikovsky's assertion that the name of the planet Venus means "The Newcomer" and thus reflects its postulated late birth.
Michael G. Reade: An Introduction to the Evidence of the Panchasiddhantika50
A preliminary study of the "strange synodic periods" in this ancient Hindu astronomical manual reveals possible evidence for a past 360-day year.
Victor J. Slabinski: A Dynamical Objection to Warlow's Inversion of the Earth54
Quantitative criticism of Peter Warlow's axis-inversion proposals from a fellow-scientist.
V. Axel Firsoff: The Anomalous Condition of Venus and the Origin of the Solar System57
Similarities to Velikovsky's scenario in a non-Velikovskian suggestion for solving the difficulties in explaining some of the more awkward Venus findings: its rare gas abundances and its retrograde rotation.
Catastrophism Old and New
Obituary: Zvi Rix
In Passing: Ebla Reconsidered, by John Bimson37
Bookshelf: edited by Brian Moore:60
  • Trevor Palmer reviews Space Travellers by Sir Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe and The Origin of Life by Clair Edwin Folsome
  • John Bimson reviews The Bible and Recent Archaeology by Kathleen Kenyon
  • Brian Moore reviews The Rebel Lands by J. V. Kinnier Wilson
  • Letters: from George R. Talbott, J. Josephine Leamer, and G. Thiers 65
    Horizons: Reviews of other journals in brief68
    Briefings: More Hot Air On Venus35
  • Anticipated Findings
  • 38
  • V. Axel Firsoff - The Other Gadfly
  • 58
  • Volatile Venus
  • 58
    Advertisement: Solar System Todayii
    Advertisement: Chaos and Creationiii

    Cover illustration: "Lion-heads" and "Weapons" rising from their underground chambers as conventionally represented on a Babylonian boundary stone - from The Rebel Lands, reviewed by Brian Moore in this issue. (Vorderasiatisches Museum, Berlin/DDR)

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