Vol. V Number 1 1980/81

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Dr Earl R. Milton: Electric Stars in a Gravity-Less Electrified Cosmos6
In a Universe whose workings are governed mainly by electricity rather than gravity, many problems disappear, "black holes" become unnecessary and the catastrophic events proposed by Velikovsky would be likely.
Dr John J. Bimson: Dating the Wars of Seti I13
Resemblances between Seti's I's Palestine campaign records and wars in Israel under King Jehoahaz suggest a placement of Seti in the 9th century. This article completes the outline for the XIXth Dynasty as proposed by the "Glasgow Chronology", which supports Velikovsky's contentions though modifying his original scheme.
EXTRA: Problems of Continental Drift
Dr Immanuel Velikovsky: A new introduction to Earth in Upheaval
Dr Peter Smith: Wegner's Legacy
Velikovsky's introduction to a new American edition of Earth in Upheaval, in which he draws attention to his earlier criticisms of Wegener's theory; and a reprint from Open Earth assessing the current status of continental drift and plate tectonics.
New Directions in Ancient History
Annual General Meeting, 1980
Princeton Prospects

Horizons: Reviews of other journals in brief

Briefings: Cosmos Without Gravitation?

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