S.I.S. Review

Journal of the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

Vol. II No. 2 December 1977


Focus, Contact, Notices29, 51
Forum: Letters29
Harold Tresman & B. O'Gheoghan:
The Primordial Light?
Michael Reade: Senmut and Phaeton: Supplementary Notes41
Thomas Barnes:
Recent Origin and Decay of the Earth's Magnetic Field
John Milsom: A Commentary on Barnes' Magnetic Decay46
S.I.S. vs. Ralph Juergens: The Critics and Stellar Energy46
The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies
Notes to Contributors
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COVER: The planet Saturn, "encircled with A RING, donned of SERPENTS", a plate in Vol. VII of "Indian Antiquities" by Thomas Maurice (London, 1800). Testimony for the serpent motif in ancient cosmologies - and for an early knowledge of the rings?

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