A Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis

Vol. VIII, No. 3 Spring 1983


2 Contributors
3 - Sanverim - Hypnosis in the Bible Immanuel Velikovsky
6 Pharaoh Seti the (Great and His Foreign Connections - II George Robert Talbott
23 Empedocles, Healer of the Mind (Part I) Lynn E. Rose
31 The Science of Evolution (Part I) Bennison Gray
45 Observations at Kintraw T. McCreery, A. J. Hastie, and T. Moulds
52 Petrofabric Analysis: An Unreliable Archaeological Tool Thomas McCreery
62 Forum Bibby, McCreery, and Cardona
84 Vox Populi Hendrickson, Dunthorn, Ellenberger, Danelius, and Mitcham
95 Special Offer
96 Editorial Statement and Subscription News
Cover ii The Book Case: Stargazers & Gravediggers
Cover iii Notices
Cover Picture - Procession from the Temple of Seti I


Lewis M. Greenberg

Executive Editor
Warner B. Sizemore

Executive Secretary
C. Leroy Ellenberger

Senior Editors
Dwardu Cardona, C. Leroy Ellenberger, David Griffard
C. J. Ransom, Lynn E. Rose, Raymond C. Vaughan, and Roger W. Wescott

Associate Editors
Robert W. Bass, Frederic Jueneman
Earl R. Milton, Bernard Newgrosh, A. Mann Paterson,
Jan N. Sammer, George R. Talbott, and Irving Wolfe

Contributing Editor
Artur Isenberg and Thomas McCreery

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