A Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis

Vol. VII, No. 4 Summer 1982

Evolution, Extinction, and Catastrophism


1 How to Defuse a Feud Norman Macbeth
5 Editorial Postscript C. Leroy Ellenberger
8 Alternatives in Science: The Secular Creationism of Heribert Nilsson Bennison Gray
26 Ever Since Darwin: A Review Peter J. James
33 Darwin's Unfalsifiable Theory Tom Bethell
38 On Velikovsky and Darwin Lynn E. Rose
40 Beyond the Mountains of Darkness. The Search for the Ten Lost Tribes Immanuel Velikovsky
48 On Comets, Comet-Like Luminous Apparitions and Meteors Ilse Fuhr

SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT - Catastrophism and the Mammoths

62 Forum White, Ellenberger, Cardona, and Price
Cover iii Contributors
Cover Photo: "The Mammoth " From the painting by Charles R. Knight; courtesy of the American Museum of Natural History, N. Y. (Also appeared as the Frontispiece in B. Digby, The Mammoth and Mammoth-Hunting in North-East Siberia, London & N.Y., 1926.)


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Robert W. Bass, Frederic Jueneman, Shane H. Mage,
Earl R. Milton, Bernard Newgrosh, A. Mann Paterson,
Jan N. Sammer, George R. Talbott, and Irving Wolfe

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Artur Isenberg and Thomas McCreery

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