A Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis

Vol. VI, No. 4 Summer 1981


2 Contributors
3 Orphic Hymns and Astronomy Livio C. Stecchini
4 On "the Year -687" Sean Mewhinney
28 Calendars Lynn E. Rose
40 The Destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah Immanuel Velikovsky
57 Cuban Prehistory Aurelio Ruiz-Lafont
66 Asimov's Guide to the Velikovsky Affair Ralph E. Juergens
71 Documents...
Heretics, Dogmatists and Science's Reception of New Ideas (Part 4)
C. Leroy Ellenberger
85 Forum Parker, Rose, and Mage
91 Vox Populi Hagman, Vaughan
94 Venus's Greenhouse: Premature Sufficiency? C. Leroy Ellenberger
95 Editorial Statement
96 Corrigenda et Addenda


Lewis M. Greenberg

Executive Editor
Warner B. Sizemore

Executive Secretary
C. Leroy Ellenberger

Senior Editors
Dwardu Cardona, C. Leroy Ellenberger, David Griffard, Peter J. James,
C. J. Ransom, Lynn E. Rose, Raymond C. Vaughan, and Roger W. Wescott

Associate Editors
Robert W. Bass, Richard F. Haines, Frederic Jueneman,
Sigmund J. Kardas, Jr., David Lorton, Shane H. Mage, Earl R. Milton,
A. Mann Paterson, Jan N. Sammer, George R. Talbott, and Irving Wolfe

Contributing Editor
Artur Isenberg and Thomas McCreery

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