A Journal of Interdisciplinary Synthesis

Vol. VI, No. 3 Spring 1981


3 The Secret of Baalbek (Concluded) Immanuel Velikovsky
18 Velikovsky in Collision David Stove
33 Omega Monograph Series
34 Sagan vs. Sagan Shulamit Zogan
42 Krupp and Velikovsky Thomas McCreery
55 Saturn and Voyager Earl R. Milton
63 Electromagnetic-Gravitational Coupling Phenomena in the Saturn Ring System Michael E. Brandt and Michael Simon Bodner
71 "The Seasons Alter": Catastrophism in A Midsummer Night's Dream (Continued) Irving Wolfe
93 A Note On Shakespeare's Cataclysmic Imagery Richard J. Jaarsma
95 In Memoriam: Zvi Rix
96 Venus's Internal Heat: An Update C. Leroy Ellenberger
Cover iii Contributors
Space photos courtesy of NASA


Lewis M. Greenberg

Executive Editor
Warner B. Sizemore

Executive Secretary
C. Leroy Ellenberger

Senior Editors
Dwardu Cardona, C. Leroy Ellenberger, David Griffard, Peter J. James,
C. J. Ransom, Lynn E. Rose, Raymond C. Vaughan, and Roger W. Wescott

Associate Editors
Robert W. Bass, Richard F. Haines, Frederic Jueneman,
Sigmund J. Kardas, Jr., David Lorton, Shane H. Mage, Earl R. Milton,
A. Mann Paterson, Jan N. Sammer, George R. Talbott, and Irving Wolfe

Contributing Editor
Artur Isenberg and Thomas McCreery

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