Catastrophism and Ancient History

Vol I:1


Editorial Statement

Paleoclimatology and Infrared Radiation Traps:
Earth's Antediluvian Climate
.. 1
John H. Fermor

Problems of Early Anatolian History Part I .. 14
Marvin A. Luckerman

The Chronology of the Late Kings of Egypt .. 25
Donovan A. Courville

    Conquest of Canaan, and, Hyksos and the Archaeology of Palestine

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Articles in this issue...

For the premier issue of our journal, we have selected an article by Dr. John Fermor, a geographer teaching at the Glasgow School of Technology. This article discusses the possibility of a canopy in our atmosphere before 3,000 B.C. This challenges the precept of the uniformitarians that nothing existed in the past that does not exist in the present. The article also deals with the problem of the Flood -- a subject which we will continue to pursue in forthcoming issues.

The second article, by Marvin Arnold Luckerman, tackles the question of the identities of the Hurrians and the Mittanians. While it agrees with Dr. Velikovsky in that Hurrians and the Carians might be the same people, it disagrees with Dr. Velikovsky's identification of Mitannians as Medes. It also challenges the authorities' assumption that the early Bronze Age Culture around Mount Ararat is the culture of the Hurrians.

Dr. Donovan Courville, in our final selection, continues his work on the reorganization of Egyptian history. He disagrees with Dr. Velikovsky on the reorganization; therefore, this article should give us material for discussion and debate.

Cover: Corinthian Columns at Baalbek, Lebanon


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