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Volume V, Number 5
ISSN 1066-5145
Copyright (c) January 2000


Front Cover

The alignment of planets in the Saturnian configuration as seen from Earth. (Computer simulation by Jeff Trom at Engineering Animation Inc., Ames, Iowa.)


By Dwardu Cardona

Vox Popvli

Our readers sound off. PAGE 5


Debates concerning polar shifts and ancient maps.

Stellar Spectra -- by Earl R. Milton

In which the late author illustrates that the spectra of stars conform much better with the electric universe model than they do with the currently accepted one.. PAGE 37

Stars in an Electric Universe -- by Wallace Thornhill

Stars, the origin of which is still an unsolved problem according to some authorities, are here argued to owe their genesis and characteristics to the electric nature of the Universe. This theory is then extrapolated in a preliminary attempt to account for certain factors inherent in the Saturnian scenario. PAGE 41

The Eye Goddess -- by Ev Cochrane

A terse study of the Egyptian Hathor and other "eye" goddesses, identified as personifications of the planet Venus, and how this general motif is applicable to the Saturn theory. PAGE 51

Typhon and the Comet of the Exodus: Rockenbach's Lost Source -- by Dwardu Cardona

An exposition on the comet called Typhon, its non-relation to the Greek demigod of the same name, and how this affects Immanuel Velikovsky's theory concerning the cosmic events he attributed to the time of the Exodus. PAGE 61

The "Timna" Test -- By Dale F. Murphie

In-depth investigation of the Timna temple of Hathor, the adjoining mines, Jezirat Fara'un, Ezion Geber, and their relation to Velikovsky's reconstruction of ancient history. PAGE 79

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New Flashes -- by Tania ta Maria


Volume V, Number 5


Earl R. Milton earned his academic degrees (B.S., M.S in chemistry, and Ph.D. in Chemical Physics) from the University of Alberta. He has been the recipient of a National Research Council Post-Doctoral Fellowship to study spectroscopy and was awarded the Chant Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada for his work on the spectroscopy of electrical charges in dilute gases. (For more, see his obituary elsewhere in this issue.)

Wallace Thornhill lives in Canberra, Australia. Discovering Velikovsky before entering Melbourne University, he began his interdisciplinary studies along with a B.Sc. in physics. Alert to those scholars with pieces to the puzzle of planetary catastrophism, his passion is to assemble the "big picture."

Ev Cochrane, the author of Martian Metamorphoses: The Planet Mars in Ancient Myth and Religion, has also published numerous articles on comparative mythology and archaeoastronomy. He previously served as an Associate Editor of KRONOS and is currently the publisher of AEON.

Dwardu Cardona has been a free-lance writer since 1968. He has, since then, acted as a Contributing Editor for KRONOS and, later, as Senior Editor for the same periodical and is currently the Editor of AEON. He was a Founding Father of the Canadian Society for Interdisciplinary Studies. He also acts as the Series Editor for the Osiris Series of books sponsored by Cosmos & Chronos. An enthusiastic researcher and writer, he has now published over a hundred articles on various subjects in various periodicals.

Dale F. Murphie was educated at Newcastle Technical High School but chose a career focused on accounting and commerce. He has traveled extensively throughout the world, particularly into and around the Middle East, on commercial assignments. Now retired, he remains a noted research consultant for one of Australia's leading genealogical service organizations who is regularly sought as regional guest lecturer on the technical aspects of the discipline in its worldwide application. Having sustained a consuming interest in historical subjects since childhood, particularly in matters of historical chronology, Murphie has spent most of his life researching a wide range of subjects related to the ancient history of Egypt. He is presently fine-tuning a 1500-page study on the chronology of Egypt and contemporary civilizations which, despite critical amendments, he describes as "unabashedly based on Velikovsky's Ages in Chaos concept," a work which has now occupied him for the last 25 years.

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